Grateful Dead

The Golden Road [1965-1973] Box

12 CD set with 15 1/2 hours of music, including 7 hours of previously unreleased material. Includes the Dead's nine Warner Bros. albums, digitally remastered in HDCD for superior quality.

Contains a new 2-disc set, Birth of the Dead, featuring rare and previously unreleased recordings from the band's pre-Warner days.

Includes a 100-page book chronicling the history of the Grateful Dead with rare photos, reproductions of memorabilia, a Grammy-nominated essay by longtime Grateful Dead publicist Dennis McNally and a completely updated discography.

HDCD provides higher resolution when played in an HDCD-equipped CD player, and offers superior sound when played in regular CD players. HDCD CDs can played in all CD players. Tracklist

Disc 1

1 Early Morning Rain
2 I Know You Rider
3 Mindbender (Confusion's Prince)
4 The Only Time Is Now
5 Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks)
6 Can't Come Down
7 Stealin' (Instrumental)
8 Stealin' (with Vocals)
9 Don't Ease Me In (Instrumental)
10 Don't Ease Me In (with Vocals)
11 You Don't Have To Ask
12 Tastebud (Instrumental)
13 Tastebud (with Vocals)
14 I Know You Rider
15 Cold Rain And Snow (Instrumental)
16 Cold Rain And Snow (with Vocals)
17 Fire In The City

Disc 2

1 Viola Lee Blues
2 Don't Ease Me In
3 Pain In My Heart
4 Sitting On Top Of The World
5 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
6 I'm A King Bee
7 Big Boss Man
8 Standing On The Corner
9 In The Pines
10 Nobody's Fault But Mine
11 Next Time You See Me
12 One Kind Favor
13 He Was A Friend Of Mine
14 Keep Rolling By

Disc 3

1 The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
2 Beat It On Down the Line
3 Good Morning Little School Girl (Full-Length Version)
4 Cold Rain and Snow
5 Sitting On Top Of The World (Full-Length Version)
6 Cream Puff War (Full-Length Version)
7 Morning Dew (Full-Length Version)
8 New, New Minglewood Blues (Full-Length Version)
9 Viola Lee Blues
10 Alice D. Millionaire
11 Overseas Stomp (The Lindy)
12 Tastebud
13 Death Don't Have No Mercy
14 Viola Lee Blues (Edited version)
15 Viola Lee Blues(Live)

Disc 4

1 That's It For The Other One: Cryptical Envelopment/Quadlibet For Tender Feet/The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get/We Leave The Castle
2 New Potato Caboose
3 Born Cross-Eyed
4 Alligator
5 Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)
6 Alligator (Live)
7 Caution (Do Not Stop On The Tracks)[Live]
8 Feedback (Live)
9 Born Cross-Eyed (Alternate Version) [Hidden Track]

Disc 5

1 St. Stephen
2 Dupree's Diamond Blues
3 Rosemary
4 Doin' That Rag
5 Mountains of the Moon
6 China Cat Sunflower
7 What's Become of the Baby
8 Cosmic Charlie
9 Clementine Jam
10 Nobody's Spoonful Jam
11 The Eleven Jam
12 Cosmic Charlie (live)

Disc 6

1 Dark Star
2 St. Stephen
3 The Eleven
4 Turn On Your Love Light
5 Death Don't Have No Mercy
6 Feedback
7 And We Bid You Goodnight
8 Dark Star [Hidden Track]
9 Radio Advertisement [Hidden Track]

Disc 7

1 Uncle John's Band
2 High Time
3 Dire Wolf
4 New Speedway Boogie
5 Cumberland Blues
6 Black Peter
7 Easy Wind
8 Casey Jones
9 New Speedway Boogie (Alternate Mix)
10 Dire Wolf [Live]
11 Black Peter [Live]
12 Easy Wind [Live]
13 Cumberland Blues [Live]
14 Mason's Children [Live]
15 Uncle John's Band [Live]
16 Workingman's Dead (Promo)

Disc 8

1 Box of Rain
2 Friend of the Devil
3 Sugar Magnolia
4 Operator
5 Candyman
6 Ripple
7 Brokedown Palace
8 Till the Morning Comes
9 Attics of My Life
10 Truckin'
11 Truckin' (Single Version)
12 Friend of the Devil (Live)
13 Candyman (Live)
14 Till the Morning Comes (Live)
15 Attics of My Life (Live)
16 Truckin' (Live)
17 Ripple (Single Version) [Hidden Track]
18 American Beauty (Promo) [Hidden Track]

Disc 9

1 Bertha (Live)
2 Mama Tried (Live)
3 Big Railroad Blues (Live)
4 Playing in the Band (Live)
5 The Other One (Live)
6 Me & My Uncle (Live)
7 Big Boss Man (Live)
8 Me and Bobbie McGee (Live)
9 Johnny B. Goode (Live)
10 Wharf Rat (Live)
11 Not Fade Away/Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad (Live)
12 Oh, Boy! (Live)
13 I'm a Hog for You (Live)
14 [Hidden Track]

Disc 10

1 Cumberland Blues
2 He's Gone
3 One More Saturday Night
4 Jack Straw
5 You Win Again
6 China Cat Sunflower
7 I Know You Rider
8 Brown-Eyed Woman
9 It Hurts Me Too
10 Ramble on Rose
11 Sugar Magnolia
12 Mr. Charlie
13 Tennessee Jed
14 The Stranger (Two Souls in Communion) [Bonus Track]

Disc 11

1 Truckin'
2 Epilogue
3 Prelude
4 Morning Dew
5 Looks Like Rain [Bonus Track]
6 Good Lovin' [Bonus Track]
7 Caution (Do Not Stop on The Tracks) [Bonus Track]
8 Who Do You Love? [Bonus Track]
9 Caution (Do Not Stop on The Tracks) [Bonus Track]
10 Good Lovin' [Bonus Track]
11 The Yellow Dog Story [Hidden Track]

Disc 12

1 Katie Mae
2 Dark Hollow
3 I've Been All Around This World
4 Wake Up Little Susie
5 Black Peter
6 Smokestack Lightnin'
7 Hard to Handle
8 Good Lovin'
9 Big Boss Man
10 Smokestack Lightnin' (Version Two)
11 Sitting on Top of the World

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