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Welcome to the 7th year of the Dave's Picks series, as we head into 2018 more excited than ever about where this series is, and where it's going. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported the series since its inception in 2012; and to those who are new to it, we welcome you. There's plenty of room on the bus. The anticipation we feel every time we select, and later announce, each and every Pick is equal, or even greater, than this guy's excitement at seeing a train. As we head into and past our 25th release in the series, we feel a great sense of forward momentum, and we aim to keep that going in the coming years. How do we top a release like the upcoming Vol. 25, which as you've likely heard is the classic, much-requested, spectacular 11/6/77 Binghamton, NY show? With the show we're thinking about for Vol. 26, that's how! Really, we aim to equal, or top, every release by heading to great performances that you or may not have previously heard, but never in the quality Jeffrey Norman is able to produce. We've got our eyes and ears on several shows for possible upcoming Dave's Picks releases that are going to make 2018 the best year yet in the series, and that's how we honestly feel. Thanks again for subscribing. We keep doing what we do because you keep digging it. Your support and feedback is what keeps making us scream like we've just seen the train of our dreams...

David Lemieux
October 2017

Because the demand for these limited, numbered releases is so high, we've decided to bump the 2018 Dave's Picks production run to 18,000 of each of the four releases. While this means there will be more to go around, the best advice we have to give is... subscribe. When these releases go up for sale a la carte, they sell out within hours. Hours. No hyperbole here. The only way to avoid disappointment and be guaranteed all four Dave's Picks in 2018 is to subscribe.

In addition to the four CD releases in 2018, totaling 12 CDs, you’ll also get the subscription-exclusive bonus disc, which has proven to be one of the most highly sought after collectables we’ve ever released and free domestic shipping. Subscriber bonus discs will not be released outside of this offer.

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• Four Limited Edition, Numbered Releases
• Highly Collectible Bonus Disc
• Free Domestic Shipping
• Delivered Throughout The Year
• A savings of over $25.00 over purchasing a la carte

David Lemieux on Dave's Picks 2018

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dissident1980's picture
Joined: Oct 18 2009
Random Issue

trying to purchase from the store ... put items in cart ... click checkout and redirected to page saying cart empty ... unable to make the purchase ... last night and this morning

Jack Baller's picture
Joined: Jan 27 2015

You like my avatar? Praise from Caesar!

To expand upon annalee10's call for a gem from 1970 as DaP 26,here's my enthusiastic appeal: Fillmore East 9/20/70 with a 9/19/70 bonus disc.

Not sure it meets Dave's criteria for this release, though-- he seemed to intimate that 26 would be a show that was not necessarily widely known...guess we'll know soon enough.

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011

ah... I might have to join you for that jaunt.

Don't rush 5/3.. take your time... That second set is evolution put to music. Darwin would be proud.

Anyone heard from Bolo recently? He's been pretty much MIA since his interview with Muller last month until today. His passport was found in the town of Yuturi Ecuador, along with an unopened copy of Dave's Picks 23 and a cryptic note.

I have a bad feeling about this.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
all hail Europe 72!

I just re-heard 4/29/72.

Every show on this tour is potent.

4/16 (my copy is incomplete, but what's there is great)
4/21 unique

on to Paris

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Special for you, Dennis...
Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012
hbob - Hot Tuna

Still laughing over your t-shirt, I'd like one like that.

hbob1995's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007
Hot' Tuna

I have ALL of the Hot Tuna albums. I like Burgers best. I have seen them numerous times, both acoustic & electric. You can not go wrong with either. I think I am partial to their electric show.

The first couple of times I saw them we were really plugged in and I was always looking around for the second guitar! Jorma's finger picking style was just that amazing. He is truly one of a kind, and as one of my favorite t-shirts says "If you don't know Jorma, you don't know Jack"!

Rock on

Joined: Oct 29 2013
Daves Picks and RFK Boxset

It's my annual CD sale. All of these are excellent condition and are either duplicates or cd sets where I have most or all of the songs. Some have been played once. I'll combine shipping and if you buy a bunch I'll make some deals. I can also send pictures if needed. USA only. They include:

Grateful Dead- Daves Picks- limited releases-
Volume 20 12/9/81 University of Colorado (2 copies, one opened $20 and one sealed $30).
Volume 22 12/7/71 Felt Forum ($20) with Bonus disk 12/6/71 Felt Forum ($25) or $45 for both.
Volume 24 8/25/72 Berkeley Theatre ($20).

Led Zeppelin- $8 each- all of these are the recent reissue/remastered deluxe editions with extra bonus disks: for sale is: Presence, Physical Graffiti, Coda, In Through the Out Door, Led Zep II, Led Zep III. $8 each.

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Tuna / Kimock

Great that Jorma and Jack can still produce the goods at the highest level after all these years. I got to see them live (acoustic) in 1970. As for Kimock, he adds something positive whenever he plays. Been watching some Zero on YouTube this morning - found a sublime version of Catalina from GAMH '92 with Nicky Hopkins & Pete Sears on pianos. I recommend checking out the new KIMOCK album "Satellite City". Has a cool version of "Waiting for a miracle" and the whole album just has a great feel to it.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Tune in, or tune out....

....the rest of their releases ain't to shabby either. Check out Burgers Gollum. USDA prime cuts....
....edit. shows over, but is it really? Just pressed repeat....

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Bucket List

Tuna Electric is a worth adventure (no offense to acoustic).

Go Gollum. Just do it.

Gollum's picture
Joined: Nov 22 2010
Tuna/Kimock live

Man, I'm putting a Hot Tuna concert on my bucket list. How did I live so long without seeing these guys? I've always loved Airplane and the first Tuna acoustic album but just never got around to seeing them. Grate old school stuff. Really nice job all-around by Relix, too.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Heads up....

....that has a couple of connotations. Both on target. You're welcome. Kimock just came out. They sound grate....

Gollum's picture
Joined: Nov 22 2010
Tuna/Kimock live

Thanks for the heads-up VGuy. I'm watching it now. Very sweet stuff.

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Re: Jack Baller

Hong Kong Fuey was a deadhead! The best news I have heard today..

Great Avatar.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Another free show tonight....

....on relixs YouTube channel. Hot Tuna w/ Steve Kimock. Just passing the word....

Jack Baller's picture
Joined: Jan 27 2015
I'll second those emotions

Great picks all, AnnaLee10. I couldn't have said it any better! Let's hope Dave is listening...

Joined: Sep 11 2007
7-19-74 flub

I really like the show overall BUT I find the momentary breakdown at the peak of He's Gone to be a deal-breaker, devastating buzzkill. Dick, I think, might have patch substituted for that awfulness.

Ducking for cover (where the wind don't blow so strange...)

Joined: Aug 14 2013
And another thing

I don't post much, but I guess I'm on a roll.
In my humble opinion the most underrated Daves pick is 7-19-74 , Daves 17. I can't stop listening to that Playing in the Band, it takes me there and back multiple times. And disc 3 wow. All weather reports are sweet but this one then the jam that follows then a great Eyes. Really great stuff.

Joined: Aug 14 2013
Thank you and a wish list

I appreciate the advice everyone. Even if I don't understand it all. Especially confusing to me is the varied formats to store the music. I want my music to sound as good as the CDs when I pull the music off my hard drive. I'm in no real rush, just figured it would be a good winter activity since I have more inside time.
My 2018 GD release wish list:
Daves 26: a 70s gem with an Easy Wind and a killer Dark Star on the bonus disc
Daves 27: 5-19-74
Daves 28: 12-18-73
Summer 73 please
Ark 69 please please please please please please please David please

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
Formats and storage

Strong argument for......

I store the ‘master’ files as AIFF on two 6 TB drives configured as a RAID mirror, then back that up on another 6 TB drive (can’t be too cautious).
Also have other HDs for storing ALAC, FLAC, and AAC (320 kbps) files. Only use the AAC lossy because that’s what my car will play when using a USB stick. Also burn CD-R copies.
Also store backups on small portable HDs at other geographic locations.
Paranoid? No, just being safe.

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
Neal Casal

Tough being in two or more bands simultaneously with concurrent tours. Thus, he is no longer in HWA.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Neal Casel....

....I didn't know he was playing with them. That 1st set was pretty nice. Eager for more....

Erikandjenn's picture
Joined: Nov 22 2016
Vguy thanks!

Awesome distraction from my regular programming!

Erikandjenn's picture
Joined: Nov 22 2016
Re: jason wilder (deluxe scrap book)

Sorry it took so long for me to respond. I read your question on my lunch break and had to go home to see what you were talking about.


Mine was fine at the time of original release. It seems with shelf life the glue has failed!

It's just like glue spots on the Winterland '73 disks. It must be a shelf life issue.

Now that I've touched mine for the first time in years, mine no longer holds the disks either.

We should both simply carefully reglue the foam I guess.

Edit: on the upside, you paid less for yours than did I.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Live CRB stream from the Vegas Brooklyn Bowl....
....on the Relix YouTube channel happening now. Jump in!

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
That's almost exactly what I do

There is a strong argument for Flac though.. it has grown in popularity too.

Honestly.. most of the decision making comes down to what software you will be using for playback, and which you feel most comfortable using.

Take a cd and try using a few. For the most part.. the software is free, see what is easiest.

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
Oh, oh, oh Mr. Kotter....

2000 CDs x 0.7 GB per CD (approx) = 1400 GB = 1.4 TB (uncompressed, AIFF for Mac, WAV for PC).

You’ll need a 2 TB HD, plus a back up or two.

An easy way to do it is to use iTunes (Mac or PC) and go into the iTunes preferences and set the iTunes music folder to be on the external HD. Then put a CD into the drive with iTunes open, select import CD, and name the storage folder as GD 19xx-xx-xx CD1, then import the CD. The songs will be stored in a folder with the name you gave it and by naming it that way the computer will always organize them chronologically. Once you are done you can transfer the folders on the HD to other HDs to make back ups. You can also use those files to make files in other formats such as ALAC, FLAC, AAC, MP3.

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Box Sets Taken Over?

...mmm. Ask ten people and you will get ten different answers, none --rong.
Berkeley Community
I will attempt to help.

You can probably get this done by buying an external CD/DVD read/writer and plugging it into your tablet, but I have not tried it myself.

That being said.. here are my opinions.

- Figure out what format you want to store it in.
I use Apple Lossless ALAC. You can likely use Flac too, and there is a high end MP3 that is so close to lossless it might as well be. Also, WAV is lossless, it's more or less the native digital storage, but it's completely uncompressed, so it takes up about % more than Flac or ALAC.

- Pick your software.
If you're using a MAC, ITunes is probably the most integrated. That makes (Apple Lossless) ALAC a natural choice.
If you decide to use your tablet, I bet you can load ITunes for free, again ALAC is easy from here.
If it has Windows Media Player, you can use ALAC, Flac or WAV. No matter what the software you are using, there is a default setting you have to switch to save it as lossless.

- Don't, repeat, DO NOT let whatever software package run amuk. Watch what it does and be prepared to take corrective action. This is a must from day 1.

For example.. lets say you decide to Rip/Burn the latest Dave's Picks, DaP. It has three CD's, it might willy nilly create three different folders with obscure, impossible to find again names. Let it do its thing, then go back and fix whatever it did. Establish a good naming convention for the show, example.. 1972-08-25 Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley CA. This way, shows will be sorted by date on your hard drive instead of seemingly randomly. Look at how it names the songs too.

Finally, look at how the show / CD is stored in your software and get it exactly right.

If you change folder names, you will have to get the software up to speed on the new naming convention, depending on what software you are using.. it's generally not that hard, just takes a little time. Time well spent.

That should get you going.. let's what else the peanut gallery has to say. Get it exactly right though.. and make at least two backups. You will lose your hard drive at some point.. it the software will run amuk and do something crazy. Once you invest all this time, you will want to be able to get it back easily instead of redoing it.

Sorry the long message.. feel free to PM me w/ questions.

kendeadman's picture
Joined: Apr 19 2009
Tech advice

Buy an apple iMAC with the biggest hard drive you can get. If your copying 2000 CD's I wouldn't go out and get something cheap. Remember you get what you pay for you buy something cheap your going to get cheap results. If you have 2000 CD's you have quite a bit invested in them why not get something of quality to back them up on. They can all be stored in ITunes with no compression.

Joined: Aug 14 2013
Tech advice please

I have over 2,000 CDs with some big box sets as well and I'm running out of room. It doesn't help that I'm getting back into vinyl as I want to store all my CDs on a hard drive. We haven't had a home pic for years, I do all my online stuff on a mini iPad. At Best Buy today, I was advised to get cheap Lenovo lap top that has a cd drive and load up a hard drive using it.....Anyone have any better ideas, I would love to hear them. I'm not computer savvy at all and would love to know what my best option is. Also, I want to store without any compression, these old ears can tell the difference from an MP3 to full sound. If you can spare a few minutes and think you can help, please pm me.
Also hoping for some 69 or 70 for the next Daves to be announced:)

Joined: Sep 21 2011
Deluxe Scrapbook Question

The Scrapbook was on sale on the Holiday Help on the Way the other day and I decided to pull the trigger, mainly for the DVD.

It arrived today. Seems nice, for the most part. However, the book has little cut-in inserts on the back where the 2 discs are supposed to go. There are little white circular foam pieces that are glued onto the book that help hold the discs in place.

Mine have come unglued and so now the scrapbook doesn't hold the discs. My question to anyone who has this, is this the way it is supposed to be (no place to hold the discs) or is my product defective?

Please let me know.

Lovemygirl's picture
Joined: Apr 29 2016
...I have the complete

...I have the complete "Europe 72 "music only edition Boxset. A couple shows are opened, but the rest of the shows are still sealed...
If anyone's interested in any shows,please send me a PM, Ill be happy to help my fellow deadheads :)

Joined: Jan 13 2010
a nice little experience this morning

on my way to work
4/24/72 Dark Star
Mount Rainier rises above a fog bank
then a few minutes later a flock of birds flies round and round and up and down in unison

a nice thing to experience

GD: the only band that _truly_ matters

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
12/4/69 download

Grateful Dead
Fillmore West,
San Francisco
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 9496

Download: FLAC/MP3

From the original uploader:
This is one of the more muffled and hissy master cassette SBDs from the ’69 era. It sounds like there could be several analog generations in the lineage, though the lack of crisp sound quality might mostly be attributed to
the master, which is reportedly degraded. Many analog related crackles and blemishes were embedded in the recording. Sound Forge was used to smooth or reduce most of the glitches, though many minor blemishes remain. Sound Forge was also used to normalize and correct the pitch.

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002 shn em up initiative

thanks to Joe Jupille
edits/encoding by J. Cotsman

–Set 1–
101-d1t01 – Introduction
102-d1t02 – Casey Jones
103-d1t03 – Black Peter*
104-d1t04 – Big Boss Man
105-d1t05 – Announcements
106-d1t06 – Me & My Uncle
107-d1t07 – Cumberland Blues
108-d1t08 – Dire Wolf//
109-d1t09 – Dark Star–>
110-d1t10 – High Time

–Set 2–
201-d2t01 – Good Morning Little Schoolgirl%
202-d2t02 – Good Lovin’–>
203-d2t03 – Drums–>
204-d2t04 – Good Lovin’
205-d2t05 – China Cat Sunflower–>
206-d2t06 – I Know You Rider
207-d2t07 – Uncle John’s Band**

–disc 1 total time–76:51–
–disc 2 total time–42:35–

*first known rendition of Black Peter
**first known rendition of Uncle John’s Band (with lyrics)

–Dire Wolf cuts out shortly after one minute
–splice in Schoolgirl @ 7:29
–tape damage in China Cat @ 0:44
–other blemishes are frequent, though not offensive

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
12/4/69 - 2 days before Altamont

Casey Jones, Black Peter, Big Boss Man, Me & My Uncle, Cumberland Blues, Dire Wolf, Dark Star-> High Time, Good Morning Little School Girl, Good Lovin'-> Drums-> Good Lovin', China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider, Uncle John's Band

This upgrade comes from an unnameable benefactor...
Editing and mastering by The Wizard - This was a rather poor monitor mix (Heavy on vocals - little Bobby guitar) It had a good bit of hiss. I reduced the hiss to endurable levels with three different Continuous noise filters. EQ'ed a bit to bring up mids and top. Adjusted gains to level and balance things out a bit. Cleaned up the various cuts and gliches... The tuning after Black Peter and the bit of Dire Wolf were patched in from the older source as they were cut from this tape. All editing done with Diamond Cut DC5 software.

Discs 2
Identifier gd69-12-04.sbd.wizard.23975.sbeok.shnf
Lineage SBD > MC (Owlsley's) > DAT > DAT > CD > EAC > DC5 > CD
Location San Francisco, CA
Shndiscs 1
Source Soundboard
Transferred by The Wizard
Type sound
Venue Fillmore West
Year 1969

If you haven't donated yet to, now's a good time.

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
Ritalin powered outtakes

Grateful Dead
1st Album Outtakes – San Francisco CA
Studio Rehearsals

Download: FLAC/MP3
Source: sbd>mc>cass>cd>eac>shn
This is flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 23064

01. I Know Your Rider
02. Cold Rain and Snow
03. Cream Puff War
04. Sitting on Top of the World
05. The Same Thing
06. Stealin’
07. New Minglewood Blues
08. Your Sons and Daughters *
09. Fire in the City *

* Jon Hendricks and the Warlocks

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

It’s a good show and the Crazy>Playing is quite nice.....

Born Cross Eyed in 1956's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2008
DiP 17

I see a USED copy on that extremely popular auction/sales site for $24.99 USD + mailing costs.

Yes, I have this release too and I bought it when it was originally released in April 2000. I played the whole show about 6-7 times when 1st got it, then I haven't touched it since. I think the concensus is that there where was a better show in this run at Boston Garden or another show on the same tour that was more deserving for release. Very good but not great.
I'm still grateful for this release.
The Road Trips, Download Series, or this current Dave's Picks series were not conceived yet.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
how much do you think someone would pay for...



I see one price 37$.

what do they go for on other sites?

just considering it.

I've had it since it came out, but have had zero percent interest in hearing since.

Joined: Jan 13 2010

sublime show.

simply sublime.

Joined: Apr 26 2017
Confirm. Notice.

Late thanks philledawg.

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011

Has always been my favorite GD studio album. A seamless trip put to vinyl.

bluecrow's picture
Joined: Sep 21 2015
extra GSTL limited ed.

Extra GSTL is headed to a new home in the Pacific NW.

As for Dave's 2018 - spring/summer/fall 1973 in the lineup would suit me just fine.

Des Moines?? PNE?? Dane County??

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

Second CD I ever bought (around 88/89).

First CD was PF Saucerful of Secrets (87).

Those things were like $20 back then, which was a lot considering that 1/4’s were $25 then.

Joined: Sep 1 2014

That was the album that got me into the band. Not particularly because of Pigpen-just the incredible sound. Both sides of the original album were great-and every musician shines very brightly indeed. I always liked the original mix best-although both are worth having, and it wouldn't surprise me if both mixes are included in next years much anticipated re-release. Just so long as it isn't in place of a live show.

Another good thing is listening to the November 1977 shows already released. I tend to overlook Fall 1977 in favour of Spring-but the shows in November are very powerful. Estimated Prophet 2nd November comes to mind-amazing guitar solo after the vocals, and no vocal histrionics-which is a good thing. If there is a weak point, it might be the sound of Keith's electric piano. In a way, these shows seem a bit more like the first half of 1978, than the first half of 1977.

ty627's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2010
#26 & Pig, a confession

I am happy for all of the incredible music we are so lucky to have released. I am a late 80's early 90's guy just because that is when I saw most shows. I am making my way back and right now I bask in the warmth that is 1973. I will eventually get to Pigpen but I am not there yet. I can't offer an opinion because I really haven't listened to much. I do like Anthem though.

If any non subscribers would like to make a trade if 26 is a Pigpen release I am happy to oblige. These 1973 Playin in the bands. So good!

Joined: Feb 26 2014
2018/1968: something to look forward to...

Say Pigpen FOUR times and I'll haunt the board until that Anthem re-issue second disc show comes out.......

In fact, right here and now, I'll call for a 1970 Pigpen-centric show for DaP 26 with a bonus disc that's a 79:59-minute version of Alligator.

Then comes the Anthem re-issue.

Then and ONLY then I'll return to my tunneling project, Denver to wherever the hell the vault is. I think I'm under St. George, Utah, right now. I hear someone babbling about the "Angel Moroni" and there's a lot of canned goods and ammo stashed down here...

LedDed's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2017
In Defense of Slop

It's completely defensible, and accurate, and if you disagree, so be it.

It's only rock and roll! There are other bands in the world, and some were
a lot tighter and played a lot better. Without the form of PigPen's blues,
the whole thing was, oftentimes, a meandering mess. I'm not talking about the
"out" jazz explorations of Dark Star, I'm talking about trying to get through
songs in time and in key without a trainwreck.

This isn't some kind of holy sacrilege, and it's all open to debate. Maybe
some people should go hide, rather than have anyone - gasp! - post an affront
to their delicately held myths...

The really old shows betray this. Bob could hardly play rhythm. Jerry was
by far - by far - the most accomplished musician, but he grew by leaps and
bounds as well from 66 to 71 or so...

It's all out there, on tape, thanks to Owsley. They started out pretty shaky,
and ended up being a powerhouse. I love the Grateful Dead, uniquely and in my
own way like each and every other voice out there.

Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012
David 7/16/66

Thanks for the link to the update of this show. My stock only had the second set (soundboard), now I have the complete show. I checked the deadbase book, it only shows the second set. Maybe this will be officially released this year, maybe the first set has been lost for a while.

In any case, thanks.

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