Grateful Dead

Pacific Northwest ’73-’74: The Complete Recordings Boxed Set


Digital Download

6 Complete Shows On 19 Discs
• 6/22/73 P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C.
• 6/24/73 Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
• 6/26/73 Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA
• 5/17/74 P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C.
• 5/19/74 Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR
• 5/21/74 Hec Edmundson Pavilion, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Mastered in HDCD from the original master tapes by Jeffrey Norman at Mockingbird Mastering
Masters transferred and restored by Plangent Processes
Original Art by First Nations Artist Roy Henry Vickers
Photos by Richie Pechner
Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 15,000

"We were in the Pacific Northwest...between somewhere in Washington and some other where in Oregon. The road took us to the lip on a ridge, from where we could see around us for many miles in all directions … It was breathtaking to behold, but as we watched, we had a firm realization that we were witnessing something even more beautiful than our eyes could ever take in … Life causes life. Heaven and Earth dance in this way endlessly, and their child is the forest. And so there we were, epiphanously watching that grandest and most glorious dance of life—of which we are just a tiny part—awed by a magnificence without beginning, without end..."

Bob Weir, “Sell Headwaters—Everyone Wins,” San Francisco Chronicle

The Pacific Northwest offers up a rich feast of land, sky, and water. It is ripe with influences, abundant with symbols, deep and spirited. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the Grateful Dead played some of their most inspired shows on these fertile grounds. It does, however, sometimes take a breath for the elements to re-align years later. It seems for us, they finally have and we are able to present not just a glimpse of the band's extraordinary exploratory tour through the region, but a two-tour bounty as the PACIFIC NORTHWEST ’73-’74: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS.

For PACIFIC NORTHWEST ’73-’74: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS, we've paired two short runs made up of six previously unreleased shows - P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C. (6/22/73); Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR (6/24/73); Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA (6/26/73); P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada (5/17/74); Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR (5/19/74); and Hec Edmundson Pavilion, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (5/21/74). Each show has been mastered in HDCD from the original master tapes by Jeffrey Norman at Mockingbird Mastering. The transfers from the masters were transferred and restored by Plangent Processes, further ensuring that this is the best, most authentic that these shows have ever sounded.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST ’73-’74: THE COMPLETE RECORDINGS comes in an ornate box created by Canada’s preeminent First Nations artist Roy Henry Vickers (more on this tremendous artist soon). To complement the music, the set also includes a 64-page book with an in-depth essay by Grateful Dead scholar Nicholas G. Meriwether and photos by Richie Pechner.

Due September 7th, this release is limited to 15,000 individually numbered copies and available exclusively from You'll want to grab a copy while you can and sit back, relax, and enjoy all the exclusive content we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks.

Looking for something a little more byte-sized? The collection will also be available for HD digital download in FLAC and ALAC, exclusively at, on release day. You can pre-order it now too.

Get it while you can.

First Listen: "Truckin'>Jam>Not Fade" 5/19/74

Seaside Chat: David Lemieux On Pacific Northwest

Product Details

Show #1
P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C. (6/22/73)

Disc 1
1. Bertha [6:30]
2. Beat It On Down The Line [3:41]
3. Deal [5:00]
4. Mexicali Blues [4:02]
5. Box Of Rain [5:47]
6. Bird Song [14:29]
7. The Race Is On [3:17]
8. Sugaree [8:05]
9. Looks Like Rain[7:34]
10. Row Jimmy [9:22]
11. Jack Straw [5:01]

Disc 2
1. China Cat Sunflower> [8:39]
2. I Know You Rider [5:48]
3. Big River [5:01]
4. Tennessee Jed[8:00]
5. Playing In The Band[18:59]
6. Here Comes Sunshine [12:25]
7. Promised Land [2:58]
8. Brown-Eyed Women[5:30]
9. El Paso [4:33]

Disc 3
1. Black Peter [9:23]
2. Greatest Story Ever Told [5:00]
3. Big Railroad Blues[3:56]
4. He's Gone> [11:24]
5. Truckin'> [26:06]
6. The Other One [15:22]
7. Wharf Rat[8:05]

Disc 4
1. Sugar Magnolia [9:57]
2. Casey Jones [7:31]
3. Johnny B. Goode [3:56]

Show #2
Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR (6/24/73)

Disc 5
1. Promised Land [3:43]
2. Loser[7:09]
3. Mexicali Blues[3:53]
4. They Love Each Other [5:48]
5. Looks Like Rain[7:52]
6. Box Of Rain[5:30]
7. Big Railroad Blues[4:20]
8. Jack Straw [5:02]
9. Sugaree [7:24]
10. The Race Is On[3:27]
11. Row Jimmy [8:30]
12. Beat It On Down The Line [3:30]
13. China Cat Sunflower> [6:47]
14. I Know You Rider [5:05]

Disc 6
1. Around And Around[5:06]
2. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [8:44]
3. You Ain’t Woman Enough [3:42]
4. El Paso [4:35]
5. Stella Blue[7:57]
6. Greatest Story Ever Told>[5:04]
7. Bertha[6:12]
8. Big River [4:47]

Disc 7
1. Dark Star> [27:46]
2. Eyes Of The World> [15:40]
3. China Doll [6:38]
4. Sugar Magnolia [9:40]
5. One More Saturday Night [5:16]

Show #3
Seattle Center Arena, Seattle, WA (6/26/73)

Disc 8
1. Casey Jones> [6:01]
2. Greatest Story Ever Told [5:33]
3. Brown-Eyed Women [5:47]
4. Jack Straw [5:04]
5. Box Of Rain [5:35]
6. Deal [4:23]
7. Mexicali Blues [4:08]
8. You Ain't Woman Enough [3:47]
9. Row Jimmy [9:06]
10. The Race Is On [3:34]
11. China Cat Sunflower> [8:08]
12. I Know You Rider [6:00]
13. Beat It On Down The Line [3:28]
14. Loser [6:50]

Disc 9
1. Playing In The Band [15:49]
2. Bertha [5:56]
3. Promised Land [3:27]
4. They Love Each Other [5:46]
5. El Paso [4:28]
6. Black Peter [9:18]
7. Big River [4:58]
8. Here Comes Sunshine [11:58]
9. Me And My Uncle [3:11]

Disc 10
1. He's Gone> [13:59]
2. Truckin'> [10:55]
3. The Other One> [6:33]
4. Me And Bobby McGee> [5:25]
5. The Other One> [18:06]
6. Sugar Magnolia [10:03]
7. Johnny B. Goode [3:56]

Show #4
P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada (5/17/74)

Disc 11
1. The Promised Land [3:33]
2. Deal [4:45]
3. The Race Is On [3:34]
4. Ramble On Rose [6:56]
5. Jack Straw [5:16]
6. Dire Wolf [5:28]
7. Beat It On Down The Line [3:53]
8. Loose Lucy [5:07]
9. Big River [5:22]
10. It Must Have Been The Roses [5:47]
11. Mexicali Blues [3:48]
12. Row Jimmy [8:59]

Disc 12
1. Playing In The Band [23:07]
2. U.S. Blues [6:09]
3. Me And My Uncle [3:17]
4. Ship Of Fools [6:27]
5. Money Money [4:45]
6. China Cat Sunflower> [8:20]
7. I Know You Rider [5:22]

Disc 13
1. Greatest Story Ever Told [5:27]
2. Sugaree [8:18]
3. Truckin’>[9:56]
4. Nobody’s Fault But Mine>[5:14]
5. Eyes Of The World> [13:19]
6. China Doll [6:01]
7. Sugar Magnolia [9:21]

Show #5
Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR (5/19/74)

Disc 14
1. Missisippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo[8:14]
2. Mexicali Blues[3:58]
3. Big Railroad Blues [3:57]
4. Black-Throated Wind [7:08]
5. Scarlet Begonias [5:12]
6. Beat It On Down The Line [3:47]
7. Tennessee Jed[8:27]
8. Me And Bobby Mcgee[6:02]
9. Sugaree[7:31]
10. Jack Straw [5:23]
11. It Must Have Been The Roses [5:28]
12. El Paso [4:35]
13. Loose Lucy [5:07]
14. Money Money [4:27]

Disc 15
1. China Cat Sunflower> [8:34]
2. I Know You Rider [5:40]
3. Promised Land> [3:37]
4. Bertha> [6:08]
5. Greatest Story Ever Told[6:10]
6. Ship Of Fools [6:36]
7. Weather Report Suite> [17:58]
8. Wharf Rat [10:49]
9. Big River [5:36]
10. Peggy-O [8:11]

Disc 16
1. Truckin'> [9:15]
2. Jam> [9:58]
3. Not Fade Away>[6:58]
4. Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:59]
5. One More Saturday Night [5:36]
6. U.S. Blues [5:37]

Show #6
Hec Edmundson Pavilion, University of Washington, Seattle, WA (5/21/74)

Disc 17
1. Me And My Uncle [3:25]
2. Brown-Eyed Women [5:20]
3. Beat It On Down The Line [3:47]
4. Deal [4:55]
5. Mexicali Blues [3:59]
6. It Must Have Been The Roses [5:45]
7. The Race Is On [3:34]
8. Scarlet Begonias [5:55]
9. El Paso [4:56]
10. Row Jimmy [9:25]
11. Money Money [5:01]
12. Ship Of Fools [6:18]

Disc 18
1. Weather Report Suite> [17:22]
2. China Doll[5:48]
3. Playing In The Band[46:59]
4. U.S. Blues [5:47]

Disc 19
1. Big River [5:24]
2. Stella Blue [8:40]
3. Around And Around [5:25]
4. Eyes Of The World> [13:52]
5. Wharf Rat> [9:45]
6. Sugar Magnolia [10:03]
7. Johnny B. Goode [4:08]


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Gary Farseer's picture
Joined: Aug 1 2015
I am only fluent

in Redneck, weed, and Jack Daniels...

Joined: Sep 21 2011
Glad it didn't sell out fast

Since I dorked out and did not see the email.

Joined: Sep 21 2011
Decent Choice for a set

A little new as we have 2 years here and a constant locations.

Two legit big dogs in 6/22/73 and 5/19/74. 5/21/73 is also excellent. And of course the more unfamiliar shows could be as well.

A tad too repetitive on song selection. Some tunes on all 6 and 10+ on 5/6 shows.

Still, no real complaints here.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Should have posted Dad jokes yesterday....

....What happens when a Norwegian robot scans a bird? It Scandanavian.
I went on a date with a blonde woman last night. "Do you have any kids?" she asked. "Yes", I replied. "I have one child that's just under two." She said, "I may be blonde, but I know how many one is."
My neighbors listen to awesome music, whether they like it or not. (That ones actually true).
seriously though. I want to go to Dead & Co at Dodger stadium on juth 7th, but all my usual concert buddies can't. Anyone interested in a meet up?

Joined: Jan 13 2010
father's day gift

my beloved had found a "Jimi Hendrix at Winterland" 4 CD collection at a "record store closing" sale.

She presented it to me yesterday. excellent collection.

KeithFan2112's picture
Joined: Aug 6 2014
This always makes me laugh

Never more appropriate than now, considering the PNE show is part of the new box set

Kudos to my buddy Jim in Maryland for turning me on to this timeless piece of dead humor. Thanks brother, this is pulled me through some bad days.

Dennis Wilmot's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2012
While we wait!

Told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high. She seemed surprised. Then she accused me of being immature, so I told her to get out of my fort! Women call me ugly until they find out how much money I make; then they call me ugly and poor. I went to a really emotional wedding the other day. Even the cake was in tiers. And parallel lines have so much in common; it’s a shame they’ll never meet.
A blind man walks into a bar. And a table. And a chair. A Freudian Slip is when you say one thing and mean your mother. I took the shell off my racing snail, thinking it would make him run faster. If anything, it made him more sluggish. I have the heart of a lion – and a lifetime band from the zoo. This first rule of Alzheimer’s Club is – don’t talk about Chess Club.
Someone stole my Microsoft Office; and they’re gonna pay – you have my Word! And to the handicapped guy who stole my bag – you can hide but you can’t run. And I just heard that someone in London gets stabbed every 52 seconds – the poor bastard. God said to John, “Come forth and you shall be granted eternal life,” but John came fifth and won a toaster.

boblopes's picture
Joined: Jan 13 2009
site security - guessing lots and lots of bots

I noticed since the PNW wrapper went live that my chrome browser window remains in a constant washing machine tumble showing that "not secure" message.

I attributed this to either Bolo and Jim's escape from Putin or the bots seizing on the Senator's "Make America Grateful Again" re-election plank.

Could be attributed to bad php code... But it seems to be most prevalent on this thread...

lowspark75's picture
Joined: Jul 31 2015
Oh, also

Anyone happen to remember back in late 2015 when I was pleading for the Portland ‘74 show as Dave’s Picks 16 or maybe it was 17? I even described what the cover art could look like? Well I remember if you don’t. Glad it’s finally happening, even if my cool art idea won’t be included.

lowspark75's picture
Joined: Jul 31 2015

Yes, I was just getting that message right now when logging in.

Anyway, HEY THERE FOLKS! Haven’t checked in for a long time. Maybe since Dave’s subscription? Get Shown The Light box?

Just wanted to pop in and express my enthusiasm for this new set. I could probably conceive other material for a box that would get me even more hyped, but this stuff is up there. I’ve never heard any of these shows yet. Also, doubly cool for someone like me who’s been living in the Pacific Northwest for 13 years now. Can’t wait until September!

eyes43's picture
Joined: Apr 9 2013
Site not secure?

Has anyone else experienced a warning when signing in here. I have been getting the same warning for the last 3 days. I click on log in, and before I enter my info, I get a message saying this site is not secure. Just curious if anyone else has had this experience?
Lots of GD cds have hidden tracks...more than I was aware of after looking at the listing on this site. Check it out:

JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
You'll have to excuse Bolo

Fluent in 43 languages.. but not French. Russian, Arabic, Farsi.. are ok. I could go on.

I'm actually quite excited.. I am in between jobs and Bolo took me on as an intern. I start tomorrow. My only instructions were to have a cellphone with different sim chips, one for each carrier, a valid passport, which I was told would not be used but to keep it 'taped to my person' just in case, and to show up at Dulles Airport at 4:30 tomorrow am. I'm pretty stoked.

I packed three changes of clothes, my old 1980 sony Walkman and my copy of Cornell and a pack of rainbow skittles. Roadtrip!

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Grey poupon....

....yoplait. Merci. Dijon France.

bolo24's picture
Joined: Nov 25 2009

What Farseer said.

Gary Farseer's picture
Joined: Aug 1 2015

Hey maintenant Alain!

Les choses entendent bien. Vérifiez votre pm ou email. Lequel préfères-tu. Je vais envoyer comment les choses sont. Je me souviens de ces spectacles de Ventura, je vous ai envoyé les photos de. Et le fait qu'il y a 31 ans j'étais à Berkely. En attente de spectacles grecs amusants. Beaucoup veulent une boîte Europe brisée, ça me semble bon.


JimInMD's picture
Joined: Jun 27 2011
Hell Freezes Over

Perhaps.. but some fault lies on the folks that forked over the dough. Inevitably.. prices float to the amount people are willing to pay. Stones tickets got ridiculous early too.

Anyway.. another topic that will never achieve resolution through us fickle posters.

I sort of blame us deadheads a bit too.. while we are off having the times of our lives seeing shows for (in my show seeing days) $6 to $25 a ticket the moron majority took notice and decided they wanted to have as much fun as us.. and the masses stampeded to the stadiums and the $100 per ticket revolution occurred. And now people are willing to pay $300 and up for tickets.

It might just have been the rest of the world taking notice of us fun hogs. but in way we are saying the same thing.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
The Eagles Hell Freezes Over Tour....

....that started the habit of overpricing concert tix in general. And here we are. That promoter screwed up everything. Thanks asshole.

ArthurDent's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2017
24 bit

current GD CDs are all in 24 bit HD CD if you decode them using the correct decoder. If you don't have a decoder, they are in 16 bit. I rip them to FLAC at 24 bit using the correct codec.

The problem with time travel is you may want to end up at the carousel ballroom in '66, but end up in the age of the dinosaurs (Eagles hell freezes over tour 1994) and have to spend the next 25 years to get back to where you were.

Born Cross Eyed in 1956's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2008
Dick's Picks 29 filler

On disc 2 of Dick's Picks 29, 5/19/99 The Fabulous Fox in Atlanta Georgia, after Estimated Prophet, there is filler from October 11, 1977 Lloyd Noble Center U of Oklahoma, in Norman OK.
Not Fade Away> Wharf Rat> Around and Around, from set 2.
I love this version of Wharf Rat.

And of disc 5, 5/21/77, after Brown-Eyed Women there is Dancin' in the Street & Dire Wolf from 10/11/77.

Other elements of 10/11/77 are contained on Road Trips 2.2: Let It Grow, Help On The Way> Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower and Sunrise in on the bonus disc.

SkullTrip's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2018
Re: Frosted

That entire post is wonky. Nothing about it is anchored in reality. Though I think you should pitch "Pretty Fine", "Nice Enough", and "Hey Now" to eBay as new options. Might enhance the shopping experience. Made me smile just reading them.

JeffSmith's picture
Joined: Jun 9 2014
Arthur Dent

Just noticed you here for the first "time". Trust you've crossed paths with JimInMD by now. Maybe had a chance for a little off-bypass time-travel on the Chesterfield sofa or Jim's infamous time-transcending riding lawn mower? Ever pick up hitchhikers? I'd love a lift to some of those late 60s/early 70s venues whenever. . . Onward! (and welcome!)

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

I found that hidden Scarlet/Fire as soon as I got that DP because I was using a carousel CD changer and it wasn’t changing after CD2 ended.
Kind of annoyed me because it broke up the flow of the show. So I loaded CD2 on the computer, removed the S/F, and burned it to CD-R. Now the flow has been restored.

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015

CDs are 16 bit. Putting a 16 bit CD on your hard drive at 24 bit doesn’t gain anything, it just uses up more space.

You’re right about needing a good DAC. I have my CDs in ALAC on an iBasso DX80 which has dual DACs, then I send it by fiber optic to my receiver and it sounds awesome.

philledawg's picture
Joined: Dec 12 2009
Scarlet/Fire DkP 13

AWESOME! You do have to wait, less than 7 minutes then......STEAMING "SCARLET/FIRE!

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
They also took Man Smart for a brisk jog around the block....
....the women are smarter btw. Just ask Mrs. Vguy. She'll tell ya.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Hallelujah Hatrack....
Bobby even flubs St. Stephen. Just like in the good ol' daze. Kudos to the nice recoveries though. I'll admit, there were chills....I counted four. The Eleven is one of my favorite songs. Thanks Boyz!! That was badass. Props.

FloridaBobalooToo's picture
Joined: Feb 17 2017
Spinning 12-7-71

Daves 22
for the Doc.................NYC

Joined: Jan 13 2010
everton: contact marye

via PM

poetry420's picture
Joined: Mar 9 2012

thanks-is brent on fire or what-!-was looking @ setlist (11/1/79) on base-thats also a nassau show-same arena- dicks pick 13 is 5/6/81-cool if correct-

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Grateful Dad's.....

....have an awesome day. Spent all day yesterday with my son and grand-daughters yesterday at a water park. You know what's almost as fun as the Grateful Dead? Water slides and wave pools. Hell yeah!
And if you wanna buy yourself a cool Father's Day gift, treat yourself to this!

ArthurDent's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2017
HD Downloads

I have not heard any of the HD downloads, I normally buy the CDs and rip them @24bit

I did pre-order the "Anthem" set as HD downloads as I don't care about the packaging on that and wanted to hear if the HD files were better. Since I wont have the comparable CD to test against, its not exactly a real test.

From reading the article posted near the beginning of the page, there are a lot of good points, one of which is the volume of the A/B comparison a well as the mastering difference between sources. I.e., the HD version might be mastered differently, which is why it sounds differently.

So, are the GD HD files fresh from Jeffery Norman, and then sent to Rhino to be beaten into submission as CD's for release ? Or are the HD files the CD release bumped up to 192/24 ? I don't think the magic is in the 192/24, but it the source. 192/24 should be able to hold the source in its fullest dynamic range. Assuming frequency range is the same. If the source is the CD file - compressed down from the 192/24 mixing board output, putting a size 6 foot in a size 12 shoe is not going to gain you anything.

I also use an "audiophile" type music player with FLAC (Lossless) files. The type of DAC really does make a difference no matter what you play back. Even on straight 44.1/16 cd rips they sound better than my iPhone.

Thin's picture
Joined: Jun 21 2013
Soccer and Hi_q audio

Soccer and Hi-Q audio are the two things that are "imminent", and always will be in my opinion, though I am rooting for Hi_q audio.

As someone here said, Soccer has ben on the verge of going big since I (and half my school) played it in Middle School. It makes SO much sense (every kid plays soccer > organized soccer in college, etc) yet it has too much going against it (i.e.: 0-0 ties.... )

Similarly, I've been hearing about hi-Q audio forever. SACD's launched 19 years ago, but that fizzled hard. Curiously I just looked at Wiki and the first few sentences on the topic mention that studies have shown subjects could not hear any difference between the 2 formats. Have to admit I have done the CD/SACD sound test and I couldn't tell. HOWEVER I definitely think the massive compression that is standard for XM radio and iPhones etc etc IS noticeable. In my opinion the issue is not the 44.1k sample rate that is the CD standard, but the compression consumers impose after it's been released.

I would love to know that actual sample rate Bobby used in that sound test. My hunch is they compressed the hell out of it to 128mbps to get that stark a difference. (Which one can argue is reasonable since many compress music to the small size on their iPhones in order to fit more in.) But comparing 128mbps to the TRG studio format (96k) is kind of an unfair comparison.

Gary Farseer's picture
Joined: Aug 1 2015
dicks 13

i see fourwinds got it. I remember being in passed out bliss the first time I found it. Well maybe not passed out, but buzzin good when the Saint ends, and I did close my eyes just driftin. All of a sudden here comes that ScarFire. It is a tasty one indeed. Thanks for that one Dick! Again, I am all for some 79 and 80, well and this year and that year.

Happy Fathers Day to those blessed with youngins.


PS, they were just playin the foolish heart from alpine 89 on sirius. It is quite good. I kept wondering why does that seem like deja vu. Oh yeah, I was there. Dang we have all been here before slips into it all rolls into one! Much more coffee.

fourwindsblow's picture
Joined: Oct 13 2008
dick's pick 13 cd 2 filler

Hidden tracks - from Nov 1, 1979
Scarlet Begonias (Garcia/Hunter)
Fire On The Mountain (Hart/Hunter)

poetry420's picture
Joined: Mar 9 2012
incredible article-thx getting ready to send some shows to someone one board using USB -some people dont even think about-bob makes some good points in video-thanks for the info

poetry420's picture
Joined: Mar 9 2012
dick's pick 13 cd 2 filler

- beautiful weekend in PA and was on my way to Atlantic City when i was blown away by the filler on the original release-owned this since its release -never even knew it was there,about 2min after end of saint on disc 2-scarlet/fire-check it out-anyone know the date?-brent is on fire!love this new boxset- to the guy wondering to buy box 78-sorry dont have to offer to burn for you -not my favorite year but if you need any other show-drop me a line-

mbarilla's picture
Joined: Aug 8 2013
World Cup

Anyone know of places to watch World Cup near Buffalo NY or specifically Darien Lake on Tuesday ? Games start early AM. I'm going to Dead and Co that night, but would prefer to watch the World Cup during morning and afternoon. I noticed Duff's wings is only 30 min away from Darien Lake venue , any Buffalo people have a favorite place for wings or sports bar to watch games ? Also looking for place to watch suggestions in Cuyahoga Falls on Wednesday

Some good games today Mexico x Germany and Brasil x Switzerland

Alain your exceptions - 10.28.90 will get released one of these days, listening to that show gives off a magnificent vibe , the atmosphere on that night must have been incredible, both sets are top !!

December 31, 1972 - has some portions released Winterland Bonus Disc, it certainly is one of the best New Years Performances.

For this box set show #3 and #5 I am most excited for

Artwork reminds me of a Dead tee from 1982 , I believe it also says Pacific Northwest Summer 1982 in a cryptic font. Using similar colors on the graphics, white tee with blue and red. Native American influence with smaller depictions of totem poles, the graphic is circular with many faces, artist is David Lundquist. One of first Dead tees I ever got and still have.

Joined: Aug 8 2016
everton and Skull Trip

everton, try a couple of things:

1. Look at your cookie settings. If they're not already, try setting them to accept "all" or "from visited" sites - I had problems ordering here once when I set the cookies to "never" accept cookies from third party sites. That was using Firefox. If you're using other browser types like Safari or Google's or IE, use similar settings to loosen it up to accept the widest variety of cookies when you're making the order.

2. Try it in other browsers than the one you're using, again with cookies set to accept a wider variety of cookies that may be issued by the site.

Skull Trip: I shook my head at that guy's listing on ebay too. Maybe he'll read this page and change his description from Good condition to Pretty Fine, Nice Enough, or Hey Now. Then he could double the price and promise overnight delivery too, no?

Alain's picture
Joined: Jun 8 2007
Hello Gary !

Bonjour Gary. J'espère que tu vas bien.

A year ago, I decided to stop buying CDs from the Dead because my shelves are almost full and I have so much music to listen that I will not have enough years in front of me to listen to everything enough times. I told myself that I will be an exception for some concerts that are not yet released in official and that I adore. Among them: the concert of December 31, 1972 (of which we speak little, I find), that of October 28, 1990 (because it is the last time I saw the Dead on stage) and that of May 19, 1974. What was my joy the other day when I saw this concert pre-order with five other concerts!

My Dead shelves will be quite full in September.

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impossible to order

since some days I'm trying' to order the 19 cd's box, but I can't: clicking and then the word "processing" goes on and on, but nothing happens. so how can I order? thanks. cheers from Italy.

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Re: Weird

He also lists the item condition as "Good" instead of "New". Maybe this guy moves backward through time...

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The guy on ebay says June 21-28 delivery date. ?

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World Cup update....

.... Iceland got a point! I presume that's good.
Stumbled across this.
....I'm setting my timer.

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Mr. Charile3

Mrs Deadguys email is I'm sure she will be happy to chat with Mrs Charlie3 :)

I have a finite amount of room allocated to store *my* things. Adding new things sometimes requires eliminating old things. You can see my dilemma.

Icecrmcnkd (sp?)

That was a clutch post about the HD FLACs. I barely understood most of it, except the part where he says 24/192 is actually worse where it tries to be better. I don't know enough about the physics of acoustics to argue that point. But IMHO the quality of the recording and mastering far out weighs the digital format differences anyway, We know this will be a top shelf recording; it will still sound good on a crappy streaming app.

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I got the last Cherry Garcia

I got the last Cherry Garcia at Meijer's today.

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Size/Shape PNW Boxset

After seeing these images of the box design, it makes all kinds of sense as to what Dave says about this box in his seaside chat. He says he normally does not display much GD stuff in his home. And then says that the design of this box is so amazing he has decided to display it on a certain end table. It would be cool to know if those images are the actual final design. Didn’t Dave mention something about seeing design elements, but not the finished product? Perhaps these images where just a mock-up. Maybe this isn’t what it actually looks like!!!
After some research, I do think it will be for sure this shape, as that is a common shape of a One Nation Bentwood Box. Here is an example:
Also, in doing some reading about Roy Henry Vickers, I came across this video attached to an article by the CBC. Check it out, and then checkout the comments below it...this is awesome!'s picture
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My kids are dragging me to a Jon Butler Trio concert tonight. What should I expect?

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Box set size

It seems larger than I thought, similar to 30 Trips Around the Sun and the Europe 72 Steamer Trunk
Thank you icecrmcnkd & eyes43 for finding these images.

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I’m in the middle of OMSN.
Jerry has been smiling a lot.

He’s really smiling at the end of OMSN.

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