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Joined: Dec 12 2009

TOT, As you see, the 2nd set was amazing. I had chalked up many tunes along the way, only 40'ish' shows, but never heard a live NSB. Attached, is the show download and a GR8 sound check conversation and UBC!

China Cat ->
Know You Rider
Samba in the Rain
Truckin' ->
New Speedway Boogie ->
Jam ->
Drums ->
Space ->
Watchtower ->
Standing on the Moon ->
Sugar Magnolia
E: Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

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Joined: Sep 8 2013
NSB? 3/17/95?


could you please elaborate on 3/17/95 and NSB?

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Joined: Dec 12 2009
My last show..

was St. Paddy's Day, 3/17/95. I thought it was a nice show, especially since they pulled out a rare NSB.

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
In And Out Of The Garden We Go

How about the VERY underrated back to back shows from MSG 3/9 and 3/10/81?

I also am less enthusiastic about the 90's material, unfortunately, even though I attended most of those 90's shows at MSG, but PLEASE ! take another listen to these two shows from 81. The entire second set of 3/10 is tremendous... including the encores.

The Smokestack tease sent an electrical shock through the crowd that night that made everyone look at eachother for like three long seconds like NOOOO!!!

The Amp surge in the opening Half-Step is shortlived and got a great crowd reprieve afterwards anyway, thus should not get lost from consideration for that one hicup.

For the record, 90+% of my collection is 66-79 so, obviously I'm not a huge post-Keith fan, but this run in 81 was stellar.

Just my .02 ...

Peace, iGrateful

Joined: Sep 5 2012
Really? 5-26-95?

Philzoner - At your recommendation, I just tried listening to 5/26/95. So what if it's the best of '95? With all due respect, it still stinks. Badly.

Joined: Apr 26 2008

Whadda' bout.....

05-26-95 Seattle Center Memorial Coliseum, Seattle, Wa. (Fri)
1: Help> Slipknot> Franklin's, Same Thing, Loose Lucy, Eternity@> Don't Ease
2: Scarlet> Fire> Playin> Uncle John> Drumz> Jam> Easy Answers> Stella Blue> Good Lovin E: Liberty

That was the hottest show of '95.... IMO...... except for the Easy Answers outta Space...... Dark Star would have made it complete

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Big Rock Pow Wow

Yes, and it would've been a ridiculous running order. If you placed the songs in the order played, Disc 2 would've opened with two 30 minute Lovelights in a row.
But if exact running order is really a must-have, all the music is right there for you to re-sequence.

Since we're on the subject, can't not repeat how fine a reading of the classic Dark Star -> Stephen -> Eleven -> Lovelight sequence resides on disc 1.

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Out of Order

JackStraw7 -

Well, it's either that or cut tunes/jams across CDs... or add additional discs (and raise prices). Can't satisfy everyone.

Overall, I think the quality of material relased via Road Trips was excellent - generally surpassing that of Dick's Picks. (IMHO, of course...) How RT compares to Dave's Picks remains to be seen, but most of the cream has been skimmed.

Joined: Jan 25 2009
Order of tracks?

I am very curious why on several of the Road Trips discs that baoast complete shows, the tracks were intentionally placed out of order so that when listening from beginning to end you in fact do not hear the complete show as it happened. It seems odd to say the least especially when highlighting the "full show" aspect of the recording. The most obvious is the Big Rock Pow Wow set. Thoughts?

Joined: Jun 4 2007
give these a try...

...3-27-95 Picasso Moon, 3-26-95 Other One->Dew, 5-26-95 Scarlet->Fire. Although the pickings are indeed slim, there are a few numbers with some redeemable musical value. This has been my experience, of course YMMV. And, hey I like Queen Jane...a nice rendition is featured on this weeks Taper's Section. On pains of vilification, I can't say the same for Wave to the Wind. I been down that road...
P.S. On listening to these numbers once again, I must restate them as merely musically passable in my opinion. I could see why some might indeed just go ahead pass altogether. The vocals on Morning Dew are quite eerie, I am struck by how fragile Jerry's voice sounds. It sounds as though a stiff wind could've just knocked him over...


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