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30 Trips Around The Sun Box & Digital USB

"When we began discussing audio projects to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead back in 2012, we knew we wanted to do something completely unprecedented. We could think of nothing more exciting or ambitious than a career-spanning overview of the band's live legacy focused on what best tells the story: complete concerts. Our first criterion was the very best live music to represent any given year in the band’s history. We wanted to make sure that there were not only the tent-pole shows that fans have been demanding for decades but also ones that are slightly more under the radar, but equally excellent. For those who listen to the entire box straight through, chronologically, the narrative of the Grateful Dead's live legacy will be seen as second to none in the pantheon of music history." - David Lemieux

We are more than pleased to announce the Grateful Dead's most ambitious release ever: 30 TRIPS AROUND THE SUN. Available as both an 80-disc boxed set and a custom lightning-bolt USB drive, the collection includes 30 unreleased live shows, one for each year the band was together from 1966 to 1995, along with one track from their earliest recording sessions in 1965. Packed with over 73 hours of music, both the boxed set and the USB drive will be individually numbered limited editions.

The 80-disc boxed set is individually numbered and limited to 6,500 copies, a nod to the band’s formation in 1965. Along with the CDs, it also includes a gold-colored 7-inch vinyl single which bookends the band’s career. The A-side is “Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)” from the band’s earliest recording session in 1965 with the B-side of the last song the band ever performed together live, “Box Of Rain” recorded during their final encore at Soldier Field in Chicago on July 9, 1995.

The box also comes with a 288-page book that features an extensive, career-spanning essay written by Nick Meriwether, who oversees the Dead archives at the University of California, Santa Cruz, along with special remembrances of the band submitted by fans. Also included is a scroll that offers a visual representation of how the band’s live repertoire has evolved through the years.

The USB drive version* will be shaped like a gold lightning bolt with the Grateful Dead 50th anniversary logo engraved on the side. The drive includes all of the music from the collection in both FLAC (96/24) and MP3 formats and is an individually numbered limited edition of 1,000 copies. Digital version of the book also included on USB.

Shows will NOT be sold individually on CD. This release is sure to sell out quickly so pre-order your copy today and stick around as we will be revealing a mighty fine selection of music, art, and much, much more right here. FREE STANDARD U.S. SHIPPING ON PRE–ORDERS ONLY.

(Looking for a smaller 50th Anniversary commemorative keepsake? September 18th will see the release of a four-CD version of the collection titled 30 TRIPS AROUND THE SUN: THE DEFINITIVE LIVE STORY 1965-1995. More on that here.)


Head on over to for the very first listen of "Morning Dew" 9/18/87 Madison Square Garden, David Fricke's exclusive interview with archivist David Lemieux, and the reveal of 30 TRIPS AROUND THE SUN's '69 and '84 shows.

*Helpful hints for using your USB:

Running the 30 Trips Player / Reader program:

On Windows – Navigate to the USB drive and double click the PCStart.exe file to run.

On MacOS – Open the GD 30 Trips drive, and double click the MacStart to run.

Viewing the digital book:

You can either view it within the program that comes on the drive, or by opening the PDF directly.

To view the PDF, open the PDF folder on the drive and the USB_bk_spreads_08-31 file within. Selecting the option within your PDF reading application to view as a “single page” might be preferable to viewing as a continuous document.

Importing music into iTunes and other library programs:

When you import the songs from the USB into your library, the information used to identify the track will likely leave them sorted incorrectly. Please use the song list found here to re-number the songs for each show so that they playback in the correct order.



Product Details

80 discs
73+ hours of music
30 unreleased live shows, one for each year from 1966 to 1995
1 Gold-colored 7-inch featuring "Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)" 1965/"Box Of Rain" Soldier Field, Chicago, 7/9/95
288-page book with an extensive, career-spanning essay by Nicholas Meriwether and special remembrances submitted by fans
A scroll featuring a visual representation of the band's evolution

USB Specs: 3.0, 128 GB Flash Drive

The Shows

Oh boy! We intended to add announce all 30 shows throughout the pre-order period, but we got scooped! So now you have it, but you should stay tuned as we will be revealing tons of great music, artwork, and more.

1966 - 7/3, Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
1967 - 11/10, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA
1968 - 10/20, Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA
1969 - 2/22, The Dream Bowl, Vallejo, CA
1970 - 4/15, Winterland, San Francisco, CA
1971 - 3/18, Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO
1972 - 9/24, Palace Theater, Waterbury, CT
1973 - 11/14, San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
1974 - 9/18, Parc des Expositions, Dijon, France
1975 - 9/28, Lindley Meadows, Golden gate Park, San Francisco, CA
1976 - 10/3, Cobo Arena, Detroit, MI
1977 - 4/25, Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
1978 - 5/14, Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI
1979 - 10/27, Cape Cod Coliseum, South Yarmouth, MA
1980 - 11/28, Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, FL
1981 - 5/16, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
1982 - 7/31, Manor Downs, Austin, TX
1983 - 10/21, The Centrum, Worcester, MA
1984 - 10/12, Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME
1985 - 6/24, River Bend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
1986 - 5/3, Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento, CA
1987 - 9/18, Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
1988 - 7/3, Oxford Plains Speedway, Oxford, ME
1989 - 10/26, Miami Arena, Miami, FL
1990 - 10/27, Zenith, Paris, France
1991 - 9/10, Madison Square Garden, NY, NY
1992 - 3/20, Copps Coliseum, Ontario, Canada
1993 - 3/27, Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY
1994 - 10/1, Boston Garden, Boston, MA
1995 - 2/21, Delta Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Take A Look Inside 30 Trips

Listening Party: 30 Trips Around The Sun, Part 7

1975 "Stronger Than Dirt"
1984 "Cumberland Blues"
1989 "Blow Away"

Seaside Chat: David Lemieux On 30 Trips


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That'd be 4 CD @Felt Forum '71 4-CD Set!

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POST 81 was Awesome

I have listened two times through one of the main things it taught me was that post-81 still had a lot of interesting music, right up to the end.

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This offering from 30 Trips is a classic Bruce/Vinnie show! The whole fall 1990 tour really. For a band who just hired two new players this tour has some mighty fine moments. New York to the UK and more! Good stuff!

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very interesting comments (to Kate C)

especially about the final years, wich is for me best argument to get one of this "used" boxset sooner or later. 90 & 91 are great shows in the mood of the msg shows one month earlier for the previous, and more delicate & colorful for the next than the nassau's with Brandford.(due to Bruce?)
thank you for the post for the boxset on Ebay, yes the price was reasonable.

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Joined: Apr 14 2016

USB #288/1000 just landed. Haven't even listened yet and I'm blown away already. Thank you Dead, Betty, Dave L and entire crew who worked on this!! Can't wait to dive in.

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1973 - This one is basically

1973 - This one is basically colossal. It sputters a bit beginning, yet when of China/Rider, there is no turning back. Yes, that TOO stick portion looks awesome on paper and it satisfies your desires. There are a few aud patches and neither one of the ones is pitch remedied. These are minor flaws, and this show will appreciate much play around here.

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Joined: Sep 29 2014
Short Suspense

For the vigilant have-nots, there's a bit of time remaining in this 2-bidder contest...still within a reasonable $ range...

Joined: Jun 4 2007
30 Trips '91

The musical interplay between Branford and Bruce makes this High Time really special. Check out Bruce and Branford at the verse 'The Wheel's are Muddy...' and then 'Nothing's for Certain..." makes Jerry smile you can hear it. Bruce's playing is especially strong on this one. All contribute to some real tasteful harmonies, too...
Discoveries on this box will continue to accrue I'm sure for a long time to come.

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Cover Art...

Sorry for the (very) late response- This site kindly has all of the release cover art:

Joined: Jun 5 2016
CD covers

anybody know where i can find the individual cover art for the CDs.......

Joined: Sep 15 2015
Good Advice Kate C.

I hadn't revisited '92 - '95 since my first listen, so took your advice. Thank you for reminding me that the boys had some good magic those final years. 1994, in particular, is a show I would have been overjoyed to hear as a Dave's pick, the Fire is one of the best I have heard. Okay, 1995 is one I'll probably just ff through some songs, Music Never Stopped is one of those Jerry's guitar disappears we became familiar with but at least no audio patches that are becoming more familiar in the latest picks releases.

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COBO '76


Kate_C.'s picture
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Looking Back: One Year

The endless river of shows has - like most releases, be they single, box sets, or these 30 annual iterations - reduced commentary to a brief interlude between happy arrival and frenzied anticipation of the next selection. It's been a year. And for anyone on the outside, I suspect detailed analysis would be an unhelpful data dump at this point. If you wanted, but didn't get, then you've likely poured over the shows in Deadbase or the Compendiums and listened to them on the Ark.

Let me say, as I puzzle over the substantive merits of Colgate, Nashville, Selland and ColoradoU as DaP selections, my esteem for the 30T shows grows considerably with each listen. Though my personal preference runs 68-74 & 77, it is the 91-95 shows that've received my greatest return attention; in fact, I was moved to post today because I just completed my 3rd full pass at that run, w/ a couple additional listens to 94 & 95. Seriously. And it's been time well invested.

Due to their relative paucity, these great 90s' (and 80s') shows (excluding 1990, which had a surfeit) characterize a selection effort that prioritizes artistic integrity over sound source - a balance that should've been more heavily weighted when selecting #20. The targeting of strong - if not great - shows regardless of source integrity is most evident throughout the 80s' selections (I detect no great problems with the 90s).

To underscore this assertion, I confess that I ordered the box immediately after taking note of the 74&78 shows, which immediately jumped out because they are 2 of my all time favourites, but commonly run under conventional radar (I recall the discussions we had regarding these performances on The Eleven after I brought them up - having in turn been introduced by a veteran on the Ark). They indicated to me that Dave had done his due diligence with regard to comparative listening of shows. Add to that classics like The Shrine, Greek 68, Waterbury, Lindley, Cape Cod, Manor Downs, and Oxford Plains, as well as strong shows from renowned years like 69-71, 77, 89 & 90 and you have a masterpiece.

In sum, for me, this release has precipitated a paradigm shift in my listening horizon, and, along with the Winterland 73/77 and E72 sets, will draw an inordinate amount of return traffic over the years. You know your budget best, but if you have the interest, and you prefer physical media (including the USB stick, as I think everything will stream someday), then I'd suggest considering the expenditure if you can purchase from a reputable seller in the neighbourhood of $1K. They hit the mark here and but for a continual release cycle, we'd all still being having brisk discussion about it./peace, K

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who the fuck's Mollom?!?

forget Mollom...kinda dig the original one...definitely missing Jerry...and anybody that doesn't get what thick air sounds like sure as fuck doesnt get to have their name after the Grateful Dead

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been dying for this one!!!

is there hope yet? please let there be...PLEASE...desert oasis!!!

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good to see

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big river 11/14/73

Where the heck did that come from?? Most times in '71 and '72 they did that trick with El Paso, but wow here it is really effective...gotta pull out my old DeadBase and check it out...
I got a huge generous helping of 30 Trips today, and gotta say that jump from the '80's to '73 San Diego was a rather stark change. I could recognize bobby's voice, but Jerry's chops really were a step up compared to '87 (despite the amazing energy of this show), '86 and '83.

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@ Supe80

Steve Vance, an art director at Rhino.
He has been involved with the Grateful Dead releases for several years. I like his work on this one, I sort of guess you do too.

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Joined: Aug 5 2012
Box Art Work

I hope someone hasn't asked this already. Does anyone know who did the artwork for the outside of the box?

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