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Cornell '77 Steal Your Face Sterling Silver Belt Buckle Ltd Edition

Limited edition Sterling Silver Steal Your Face Belt Buckle designed by Cynthia Gale. Each buckle is individually stamped with edition number.

Product Details

.925 Sterling Silver
2 3/4” H X 2 3/16” L X 1/8” D
Fits 1 3/4” Leather Belt
Official GDP Stamp - Individually Stamped With Edition Number

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Joined: Jul 21 2016
Owsley's Buckle

Yup, I bought an Owsley buckle from from Bear himself outside Merriweather Post in 1984. I got the brass version, not the silver which was way too spendy for me back then. I still have and treasure it.

eyes43's picture
Joined: Apr 9 2013

It’s sterling silver, so....yeah, whatever! That is super expensive! Limited to 577 and individually numbered...yeah, that’s great, but $475?
And just think, in the mid 80’s, you could get a silver Owsley “Steal Your Face” buckle, for less than this! I suppose, if these do not sell, they will eventually go down in price, and the longer they remain in stock, the cheaper they will get. Look at the “Sunshine Daydream” buckle...originally $99.99(?) and now on sale for $33.75. I think I might consider this buckle, if it were to get down to 80-100 bucks, maybe....! It does look cool....just not $475-cool!

Corio's picture
Joined: Mar 18 2013

Beautiful buckle, but 475$? WTF?

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