Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead X Wes Lang: Spring 1990 Print

sku: GRA9000502

“The Grateful Dead for me is America at its finest. Their tales of life and death, love and loss, brightness and darkness encompass the true story of this great country of ours. Sinners are redeemed, fortunes are found, the lives we all lead or wish we did.”
— Wes Lang

Collaboration with fine artist Wes Lang yielded a collection of hand drawn art that expands upon the Grateful Dead’s classic iconography. It’s a wholly contemporary take, deeply rooted in the rich legacy and spirit of the Dead.

We proudly present new additions to the Grateful Dead X Wes Lang collection. Each product is limited edition and will not be made again.

Limited edition print reproduces Wes Lang's original painting created for the Spring 1990 box set release. The artwork depicts Wes Lang's style with Grateful Dead imagery around the Indian Skull center and small trademark details. exclusive

Born in Chatham, New Jersey and now living and working in Brooklyn, New York, 39-year-old Wes Lang has shown at galleries and museums around the world - his raw, intensely personal work defying our shared conceptions of history, music… and art itself.

In Wes Lang’s America, nostalgic ache takes on a shattered, darkly comic, triumph.

Learn more about Wes at

Product Details

Limited edition run of 250 units.
Measures 22 x 28”, includes 1" white border
Heavier weight quality paper.
Paper Details: 100# Classic Crest Smooth Cover Avon Brilliant White.
Posters are not signed or numbered.
Limited edition, available while quantities last.


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jamescarson's picture
Joined: May 29 2014
Is there any print of these

Is there any print of these that are in canvas or silkscreen hand print? $150 is right price if they are also reprinted in those materials, not only a reproduction of digital print in modern format. I need something like in quality canvas print, check the sample at Digitek in San Francisco for more info, those are types of prints that I like.

psylanced's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
No Big Deal!

When the Warrior Skull poster came out, at less than half the price of this poster, it not only Sold Out quickly without a signature or an edition number, I would say it also increased in value many times over. Considering that Wes quickly sold out another very small edition of two different sizes that were signed and numbered at a price of $250 and a $1000, I am surprised more of these haven't sold by now.
I own one of these and I had no problem shelling out this much for it and I'm broke. It's Beautiful!
If he sold these privately, with signatures, it would definitely cost 5 times (probably more) and they would be gone like THAT!
$150? NO BIG DEAL!!!

Greg Zervas's picture
Joined: Dec 17 2007
Sign and numberd

I will sign and number it for you for an additional 250.00$ *;;*

Joined: Feb 1 2012

i think is saw this doodled on the backside of a Duprees Diamond News.

Joined: Sep 18 2013
Not Signed and numbered?

I looked at Wes Lang's blog and all other prints he sells are signed and numbered. Also $250 but that's the market and well worth it.

Joined: Sep 18 2013
Signed and numbered?

You have to # them if you are going to say "limited edition of 250" . otherwise what's to say they don't do another run? and "signed by the artist" is buisness as usual. I'm an artist and a collector, that's how it goes. Either the artist isn't on board or he isn't aware of what they are selling . GD has merched the hell out of this set. All I'm saying as a collector and artist is $150 for a print that is unsigned and not numbered is awfully steep.

sugree's picture
Joined: Sep 27 2013
Signed or Numbered

I can understand not numbering them, I think that's a great thing. This way one isn't more valuable than any other but, I do think they should have been signed.

Joined: Nov 3 2010
Being concerned about whether

Being concerned about whether or not it is signed and numbered implies that you are more concerned about resale value and provenance than just wanting to have such a thing for the other value of having it.

That being said, I am not in an income bracket to spend 150$ on a nice poster.

Perhaps a few good bars or clubs or coffee shops will get them, frame them nicely and safely, then many folks can enjoy them from time to time.

Joined: Sep 18 2013
"Not signed or numbered" ?

Don't get me wrong ,it's awesome but that's a steep price to pay for a poster that has no sig or #.

Joined: Sep 18 2013
"Not signed or numbered" ?

really ? for $150? that's too much.