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On August 27, 1972, fresh off their now-legendary European tour, the Grateful Dead traveled to Veneta, OR and reunited with the Merry Pranksters for a common cause – to throw a benefit concert for the Kesey family’s Springfield Creamery. A stage was erected under the hot Oregon sun at the Olde Renaissance Fairgrounds, tickets were printed on the fronts of the Creamery’s yogurt labels, and the rest is history…

  Sunshine Daydream Deluxe CD/Blu-ray (Exclusive) Sunshine Daydream Deluxe CD/DVD (Exclusive) Sunshine Daydream Vinyl (4LP 180 gram) Retail 3CD/DVD

Complete 8/27/72 Concert Audio

Sunshine Daydream Concert Film


Bonus Documentary


40 Page Book


Courtenay Pollock Tie-dye Slipcase


Individually Numbered/Limited Edition

Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 12,500

Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 12,500

Limited Edition of 5,000



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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Vagaries of postal systems.

I finally received #4678 (Blu-ray) today in Holland. I cannot understand why it took 27 days to get here - I received a shipping confirmation on 16 September. Roland Bruynesteyn, who also lives in Holland, posted on here that he received his copy on September 28. Why did it take more than two weeks longer for me to get mine? I assume that they both shipped at the same time. I was also not happy to have to pay 21.60 Euros taxes ($29.25) which is more than half the purchase price. I do not know if Roland also had to pay this, but I do know that in the case of the May '77 box Roland received his well before I did and I had to pay import duties etc. while he did not. I find it very strange that orders shipped to the same small country can vary so much regarding delivery times and customs treatment. All this has nothing to do with of course and ranting about postal services is an exercise in futility but it is frustrating to say the least.

All that said, I now have it in my greasy paws and can settle down and enjoy the show. The packaging is just great, as others have said before me and I already know that the music and video will not disappoint.

Joined: Jun 23 2007

I saw the Dead for the first time in September '72, in Waterbury, Connecticut, a month or so after this show. For my money, '72 is the greatest year, and I shake my head in astonishment and gratitude every time I watch and listen to Sunshine Daydream. Just sublime.

Joined: Aug 8 2013
Agree, the Playin' is mesmerizing.

And one of my favorites. Will have have to listen to a few others from this era. 72' is probably my favorite year hands down. Dark Stars , other ones, sing me back home, two souls in communion (the stranger), wow Europe 72 , Morning Dew. Truckin' , Comes A Time, Cumberland Blues, wow it's doesn't get any better for me.

Joined: Mar 19 2012

I have been unable to get CD2 out of my car player for over a week, I can hardly wait for GSET to be over to start the disc again.
In my opinion 4.5 minutes into Playing is the epitomy and end-all of what the Dead is to me. I can't even describe the mesmerizing effect this has on me. I have never heard any other music by any other band that comes close to this. Between this Louisville 74' and DP31 is a toss up. Louisville had been my favorite for over 30 years, even the crappy version i had some old maxell dc90 tape. However, this relaease is close.

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Joined: Aug 29 2007

I know this is not the thread to mention this, but I was listening to the HDTracks remastered version of "Anthem of the Sun", and it happens to be the 1971 remix made by Phil Lesh and not the original 1968 mix available on CD. The original is better, at least for my taste, but it is interesting listening to a different approach to that hallucinating beast that is the Dead's second LP.

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Joined: Jul 18 2008
I agree with 1971

Bring on some more 1971. Great, great sound.

Joined: Nov 11 2010
#6962 arrived in Greece

It is the BD set. What an amazing release! Thank you.

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Joined: Feb 16 2010
Take a look at DaP-V8


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Joined: Jan 19 2011
DP8 = 11/30/80

DP8 = 11/30/80

Fox Theatre - Atlanta, GA

Joined: Sep 11 2007
Dave's #3 - love the piano, The Other One and all of it

I absolutely agree it is vastly under-loved, for sure my #2 Dave's Picks.

My fave PITB is still the burning 10 min version on the Academy of Music bonus disc.


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