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On August 27, 1972, fresh off their now-legendary European tour, the Grateful Dead traveled to Veneta, OR and reunited with the Merry Pranksters for a common cause – to throw a benefit concert for the Kesey family’s Springfield Creamery. A stage was erected under the hot Oregon sun at the Olde Renaissance Fairgrounds, tickets were printed on the fronts of the Creamery’s yogurt labels, and the rest is history…

  Sunshine Daydream Deluxe CD/Blu-ray (Exclusive) Sunshine Daydream Deluxe CD/DVD (Exclusive) Sunshine Daydream Vinyl (4LP 180 gram) Retail 3CD/DVD

Complete 8/27/72 Concert Audio

Sunshine Daydream Concert Film


Bonus Documentary


40 Page Book


Courtenay Pollock Tie-dye Slipcase


Individually Numbered/Limited Edition

Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 12,500

Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 12,500

Limited Edition of 5,000



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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Hey I am happy that the Dead & the Pranksters got

together to complete this project (decades in the making)
and get it out to us. That said, I am still hopeful that
alternate views (or band shots during songs) are part of
then 'final' package. Those were part of the other products
ie. the DVD of the Dead Movie and other visual projects.
That does not detract from the 'documentary' aspects of this
it only enhances the enjoyment of being able to see the
complete China Cat > I know you rider or any of the other
songs that may be included. An inclusive package, especially
for the price would be wonderful IMHO. It is sad when 'tape'
or 'film' is left on the cutting room floor (again in my
humble opinion).

One need look no further (pun unintended) than the
circulating Copenhagen '72 video (TV). Even my degraded
copy is a document of unbridled delight, but what
an exceptional treat it would be to have the second set
released. The first set (complete with hilarious Big Boss Man
ala bolo)is wonderful. But take a look at what is contained
in the second set that resides in the Copenhagen TV video
vault. Mercy, to have that available would stoke us all.

I will speak only for myself that I appreciate when an effort
like this is undertaken (Veneta) and I laud those who are
willing to place us in a position to view the available
images from that place and time. Yes, I will even take the
Gilliam collage visuals if the video is degraded/unavailable.
But I do implore those listening (PTB?) to work to include
those band visuals when at all possible/available. And I am fine with that being with those optional 'extras' at the end
of the DVD( ie. Festival Express, or NYE '78 alt shots, etc.)
Those viewing choices only enhance and do not detract from my

And candidly the extra 95 minutes of the Dead (outtakes)
from The Grateful Dead Movie (circa '74)which includes
Uncle John's Band, Sugaree, The Other One > spanish Jam >
mind left body jam > the Other One, Scarlet Begonias,
China Cat Sunflower > I Know you Rider, Dark Star
Weather Report Suite have been repeated viewing for myself
when I ache for a taste of the Dead. Seeing the Dead on
stage & playing like that hits me where I live.

My 2 cents worth. We will have to wait and see.

The truth is realized in an instant, the act is practiced step by step.

rrot's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2009

At my theater I too noticed sync errors, but I thought that the sync problem came and went at various points -- it wasn't consistently off the whole time -- sometimes there was no time error at all.

Probably because the video and audio sources don't have a common time base, that makes getting the sync "just exactly perfect" throughout damn near impossible. I thought it was pretty good work just the way it was presented in my theater. The sound mix was super, most especially the drums.

It's too bad there was so little footage of Keith -- when he first noticeably appeared there was cheering from the audience!

I rather dug the animation segments, which appeared and disappeared seemingly at random -- I assumed they were there primarily to cover for problems with bad or missing footage segments -- I liked that they weren't based on cheesy video effects like we saw in some of the From The Vault shows, but instead apparently using hand-manipulated clip-art cut-outs, stop-motion style -- it reminded me of the stuff done by Terry Gilliam for the old Monty Pythons, fun stuff!

cosmicbadger's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Real Gone

You do not have to pay their inflated prices: you can get all the Dicks Picks as lossless downloads from for a more reasonable price.

guit30's picture
Joined: May 1 2009
Real Gone

I agree with you on that, how does Real Gone get away with Doubling Show prices, it is same discs, but it is crazy. I think the Dead need to make some of these releases a bit more affordable. Veneta is the Dead at their Best, but I'm not paying 50 dollars for a DVD and 3 CDS, better than real gone would do. The Dead are releasing more music than ever. And now there is Furthur, they are good. I was real fortunate that someone bought me May,77, 77 is my favorite year, and I can't afford it, I'm on disability, it meant so much to me that someone bought it for me, and it was all great quality.

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Joined: Jul 20 2012
@ Jerry Lee...

Happy Saturday, man!!!!

great story...

sometimes, it all rolls into one :)))))))))))))))

bryonfake's picture
Joined: Aug 4 2007

Eugene rocks

Joined: Oct 7 2009
Exclusive Editions

I agree KJohnDuff1. The fact that people are raking it in on eBay for the Spring 1990 is hard to swallow. Hopefully, the powers that be in the will put the Spring 1990 set out in a downloadable format so it's available to the fans that missed out. The materials in the box set should be exclusive but the music shouldn't be kept from the people that want to hear it.

Deadicated's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Out of sync...

1/10 is close - but I think it's actually 1/30, no?

simonrob's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007 exclusive editions.

The very mention of the term "Exclusive edition" immediately suggests or implies that there are/will be other, non-exclusive editions. The email that I received from announcing these releases stated very clearly that the 40-page book and the tie-dyed slipcase comprised the "exclusive" part of the CD/Blu-ray and CD/DVD releases. It also seems reasonable that would only sell their exclusive editions, just as they did with the Warner Bros. studio albums box set. The 4LP version of this is not listed as being exclusive and it is indeed already to be found on the sites of other online retailers. As far as I know, a "standard" CD/Blu-ray or CD/DVD release (without book and slipcase) has not appeared anywhere else yet - although possibly Amazon and others jumped the gun on this a week or so ago - but I guess that will just be a matter of time. Please don't get the idea that I know any more than you - I am just putting 2 and 2 together and hopefully coming up with a 4! Keep your eyes open and keep Googling and who knows what you might find. Me? I ordered the "Exclusive edition" CD/Blu-ray variant.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Sunshine Daydream IS HAUNTED !!!

Down-Side (For Background Purposes):

According to’s records, I joined in 2007. I lost my primary hard drive years ago (my database/whatever-cortex) and couldn't log on for several years. I was only allowed to stalk others silently, which made me feel kinda creepy. My email was already in use (by me) so even Dr. Rhino couldn't help me resurrect myself. Several of his helpers were also unable to aid me although I jumped up and down and made a lot of loud noises. Logging back in became something of a hobby for me.

Major League Up-Side (As of August, 2013):

Part 1: I got home yesterday and read the email for the Summer Solstice Offering.

Part 2: Immediately, a mysterious all-encompassing (Solstice-y) force much greater than myself took over my burned out brain and proceeded to guide me through a new search (after innumerable previous attempts over the last several years) and in under 5 minutes I was able to find my old login info. I logged in (what a climactic moment) and ordered the DVD version of the show. I believe that I had very little to do with my success. Sunshine Daydream MADE ME DO IT.

Part 3: My son just came to visit and checked our mail on his way in. In his hand was Volume 7 of Dave’s Picks. I knew it was about due, but the timing was unreal.

Can life (or the Dead) get any better?
Within 24 hours:

#1 - Sunshine Daydream offered up for sale
#2 - Login worked for the 1st time in 4 years
#3 - Dave’s Picks # 7 landed in my hand

Can't all be natural occurrences!


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