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On August 27, 1972, fresh off their now-legendary European tour, the Grateful Dead traveled to Veneta, OR and reunited with the Merry Pranksters for a common cause – to throw a benefit concert for the Kesey family’s Springfield Creamery. A stage was erected under the hot Oregon sun at the Olde Renaissance Fairgrounds, tickets were printed on the fronts of the Creamery’s yogurt labels, and the rest is history…

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Sunshine Daydream Concert Film


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Add me to the list

I'd also like the whole video to be predominantly of the band playing (did see it last night), but I'm sure the whole thing is in the can by now (mailing in a month and a half), and there won't be any revisions- but if the feedback on this site could possibly affect editing decisions for future video releases, that would be great.

Not having seen more than snippets of the film before online, I do wonder if the whole final video mix of the film (with an abundance of creamery interviews and setup shots, plus mostly cheesy animation, etc.) is the way it is either because that's rhino's/gd production's notion of what a concert film should look like as a "full historical document," or because the people on the current release project are trying to stay faithful to general form of the the whole bootleg version that's been out there forever. I'm sure someone on this board can speak to this.

Also, although I was more interested in watching the rest of the band play, I was still surprised by how few shots of Keith there were. Was this due to editing decisions? The lack of raw footage (not enough cameras or a problem with filming angles) at the show? Just seemed a bit odd.

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Bra-less at the Movies

Jed, I can only speculate but I suspect the issues you experienced were in the sound system where you were in Mountain View, CA and not with the source material. The mix at my theatre in Danville sounded OK. Overall though, I was mildly disappointed with the sound quality, and as the reports in this thread indicate, there was a great deal of variability in the sound systems at various theatres. However, early the movie my date took her bra off and flung it away so I was pretty much oblivious to the anomalies in the sound track thereafter.

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Saw Sunshine Daydream in Mnt. View last night. Great film and performance of course (and a great upgrade to the nth generation VHS I have from 20 years ago.) But the mix was off - Jerry was buried and barely audible, and Keith's keys were annoyingly loud. Moved around to several seat locations to no avail. I can't believe that Jeffrey Norman would intentionally mix it that way, so it had to be some mismatch between encoding formats (e.g., Dolby vs. DTS). Anyone else experience that?

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My theater in Los Angeles was sold out but the audience was kind of annoying - lots of people talking over the music. Anyways, thank heavens the DVD is coming soon. I was surprised to find I enjoyed the Dark Star animation. I never liked it much before but it seemed to really work for me in the theater. Of course, footage of the band would be preferable. And I agree that "Sing me back home" was probably the highlight. I've never seen that before and it was perfect. Donna Jean just radiantly beautiful (oh, her singing, too). (eh, sorry, Musburger moment)

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Time Travel to the Past

I noticed the slight sync lag with the audio at the Danville, CA theatre where I was. There’s a lot going on in this movie that will be discovered only after multiple viewing. I’m sure most of us noticed the small kids running across the stage at various times. How precious is that?! And there’s so much going on in the crowd scenes; so many little vignettes and spontaneous interactions between and among the people there. There’s so much more to see in this movie that we haven’t noticed yet. I’m looking forward to getting this release and revisiting that incredible scene again. This movie is time travel to the past.

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Sunshine Daydream, in Toms River NJ

Seeing the Dead with the Prankster from 1972 is amazing. Watching the movie almost made me feel as though I was there, in Veneta, in 1972. I love seeing the visual communication between Jerry, Bob, and Phil.

Additionally, the naked fan bobbing on top of a pole, behind stage, was classic. Someone gave him pants about 1/2 through. It's just not something you are ever going to see at any concert.

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Sunshine Daydream Audio Sync

Yes tbmcisp, I noticed the sync issues in Mountain View, CA Century 16 Theater myself as well. In fact, that was the 1st comment I made to my wife - that it was a little annoying that "they" could not get the video/audio sync'd up correctly. At the time I was not sure if it was the theater or the source movie. Unfortunately, your initial comment leads me to believe that it is the source and not the theater.

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Re: sunshine daydream audio sync

I noticed it too, in Des Moines, Iowa. But I've downloaded videos that were much worse...

Oh, and add me to the count of folks that would like a performance-only video.

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Old copy on DVD

I have a DVD I picked up years ago of "Sunshine Daydream" I have not watched it in a long long time. I do remember that its great footage of the band. I really enjoyed the flashback to the 70's. Not sure if thats what your looking for Veghead, but it does exist. I'm looking forward to this arriving. Rumor is it will be on Amazon for a reduced price, just not have the 40 page booklet and slipcase, rumor only.



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