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On August 27, 1972, fresh off their now-legendary European tour, the Grateful Dead traveled to Veneta, OR and reunited with the Merry Pranksters for a common cause – to throw a benefit concert for the Kesey family’s Springfield Creamery. A stage was erected under the hot Oregon sun at the Olde Renaissance Fairgrounds, tickets were printed on the fronts of the Creamery’s yogurt labels, and the rest is history…

  Sunshine Daydream Deluxe CD/Blu-ray (Exclusive) Sunshine Daydream Deluxe CD/DVD (Exclusive) Sunshine Daydream Vinyl (4LP 180 gram) Retail 3CD/DVD

Complete 8/27/72 Concert Audio

Sunshine Daydream Concert Film


Bonus Documentary


40 Page Book


Courtenay Pollock Tie-dye Slipcase


Individually Numbered/Limited Edition

Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 12,500

Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 12,500

Limited Edition of 5,000



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Joined: Apr 17 2009
Not Quite

I'm in Ireland. Still no sign. Getting very unhappy. Almost three weeks to deliver from the U.S. to Europe? Time for to change their postal partner!!!

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Joined: May 1 2009
Head Of The Class

I am in some agreement with One Man here, I received the Amazon basic set and it is beautiful, love the way he discs are placed in the Deluxe Digipak, but what really blows me away is the incredible Quality of the DVD and The HDCDs. The record set that turned me on to the Dead was "Europe 72", and now this is like a "USA 72", The songs are classic versions, and I have so much Dead material, I could be paring my collection back a bit too. I loved The May 77 box set too, great quality, but a lot of repeats, it has special meaning to me because of another reason too, it was given to me, and really helped me thru the summer.
The rumors of The Creamery show are no longer a rumor, but inspirational reality.

One Man's picture
Joined: May 17 2011
Head of the Class

My biggest problem with this Veneta release is that it makes nearly everything else pale in comparison. I tried listening to Dave's #2 today. Same band, two years later, and it is such a struggle. (Uh-oh. Now someone from Brooklyn is going to write a response titled "Struggle???" followed by a rant.) Anyway, how am I going to delve into the shelf full of archival CDs and come up with a winner? I foresee parts of my collection gathering some dust. I guess that is the natural course of events. Not everything can be great, thank the gods. Maybe I'll start paring the collection down to lighten the chaff. ("Chaff???") Opinions! Love 'em!

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Joined: Jun 8 2007

Has anyone in the UK received their copy yet?

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Joined: Feb 6 2008

I just got the release from the New Riders of their Veneta set. It was issued in 2004. Recorded by Bob and Betty. Transferred by Jeffrey Norman and mixed and mastered by Stephen Barncard. Perfect companion to "Sunshine Daydream". Got it directly from NRPS website. Not too many copies left according to website.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007

What I foung strange about mbarilla's post about Plangent was not whether he had the purchased and/or received the SSDD set or not, but that the information is one (yes, just one) mouse-click away from here. Scroll up to the top of this page, then click on either the CD/Blu-ray, CD/DVD or Vinyl pictures (or the text link under the picture) then look at the right hand side of the page where it shows the product details. There, clearly displayed, is the line: "Audio tapes transferred and restored by Plangent Processes". Not so difficult to find, surely.

Underthevolcano's picture
Joined: Feb 6 2008

I have some concerns about the marketing tactics used on some of the releases as well. There has been some sense of seeming to promise more than delivered( Europe 72 photos showing a lot of extras which, it turns out, weren't included) and the lack of mention that a stripped down version would also be offered( Veneta 72). Trust, once lost, is hard to regain. However, over-all I am VERY HAPPY with the release program to date. The Spring, 1990 choice of shows and packageing delivered more than expected and the May 77 box was very cool. The inclusion of a bonus disc with the Dave's Picks subscription is a positive. The sound quality on the big boxes has been exemplary in my opinion. I am not necessarily in disagreement with those who claim that multi-track should have been used when avail. but the cost vs. numbers to be sold should be considered, in my opinion as profit may quarantee future viability of the enterprise. I think Dave's more recent picks have had better sound quality as well. As far as the music-I am very happy with all of the releases to date(other than a few of the Road Trip selections)and can't wait for more of them to follow. We all have our favorite shows or eras and my opinions shift from time to time-that's one of the things that keeps it all fun for me.

tennessee john's picture
Joined: Jul 29 2013
My apologies sir

When you asked if the Plangent Process was used, I took it that you didn't own the release. The logo is pretty hard to miss on mine. Your opinions are certainly valid, and in no way did they offend me.

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Joined: Aug 8 2013
I own the the blu ray package,

Purchased from and i own vinyl, which i purchased from record store. Also saw the film in theaters. I do apologize for the the individuals, which I have offended on this board, but I think rhino still needs to hear feedback whether it be positive or negative. Unfortunately, I had some negative comments and some were wrong on my part. I also take back anything I said that may have criticized another opinion and I should formulate my comments based on my experiences. Each individual has a level of expectations for each and every event. My displeasure with rhino recently has been a lack of transparency with some of the last few releases, but not all of them though. DP5&6 were no issues, DP7 and May 77' I had concerns. SSDD I didn't understand why individuals with preorders were not given something additional for ordering from and amazon or record store purchases had add-on. None of my critiques are the actual show picked or performance. my critiques are based on methods and practices, which could get better, worse, or stay the same. and I sincerely hope a better experience in the future will happen for me based on my criteria. Some expectations are unreal or unfeasible, but I feel my expectations are realistic.

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Joined: Aug 7 2008
3749 found its home in the Netherlands

on Saturday. No time to either listen to it or watch it yet, but packaging and notes are wonderful.

Although I think the Winterland runs have the most (cost)efficient packaging, I do admit that I like the creativity in coming up with something different every time. The childrens' book design kind of transports you back to a more innocent age. I love it!


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