Grateful Dead

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Days Between: Grateful Goings On

Come on out and celebrate Jerry's 75th!

Amazon Music's "Song Of The Day" is "Truckin'." Just say "Alexa, play the Song Of The Day" to kick off Jerry's 75th right! 

NEW YORK, NY, Brooklyn Bowl

August 1st: Meet-Up At The Movies

Join us, won't you, as we celebrate what would have been Jerry's 75th birthday with the music and magic of the Grateful Dead on the silver screen. A special one-night-only cinema event, the 7th-annual Meet-Up At The Movies features the previously unreleased July 12, 1989 RFK Stadium concert.

7th Annual Meet-Up At The Movies

Jerry's Gone

Jerry's dead

An era has ended

And here we are...still.

All these years,
The Dead concerts have been spirit

Made manifest,

My Friend Jerry

“Talk to me, David…you should talk to me a little bit in my solo…” Garcia was asking me to converse with him musically during the guitar solo he’d been playing after the first verse of Blue Yodel #9, the Jimmie Rodgers classic that we had never played together before.

A Certain Connection

“To honor the Grateful Dead’s wishes, I’d like to have a moment – a moment of silence – for somebody who brought a lot of love to the world, our dear departed brother, Jerry Garcia.”

Losing Jerry

In the time since Jer shuffled off his sorry old meat and flew away, I have found myself incapable of writing about it, or even talking about it very much.

Many Small Circles

To all our very dear friends everywhere,

Your many kind letters and calls have eased our sorrow during this difficult time. To everyone who wrote to us or sent us your wonderful, compassionate healing energy, we thank you and hope these words can serve as a return communication to the many we know are sharing this loss with us.

Missing Jerry

I remember laughing so hard I got the hiccups. Of course, that might have had something to do with the big sticky buds, but we were a pair of odd ducks anyway, and we cracked each other up a lot.

Jerry, Phil Mickey, and Bill all came to Wally Heider’s many nights when I was recording “If I Could Only Remember My Name.” So much fun, so MUCH music…

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates Jerry Garcia’s 70th birthday and Grateful Dead legacy

Bill Kreutzmann appearance and weekend celebration of special events surrounding Grateful Dead exhibit powered by McIntosh

Days Between