Grateful Dead

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Red Rocks '83 Vine

started by Jake R

Here is a little vine I'd like to offer up in light of the recent vindex upgrade (thanks again CB). Not much 83 on there and 2 of these were never vined and the 9/8/83 show disappeared so might as well put this whole run out there.


The next Billy or Mickey?


Michael Jammin!!

Video VIne: Updated Tivoli '72

Started by Long Dead

*As per Jake R's request*

Tivoli Concert Hall
Copenhagen, Denmark

This show was vined here back in 2010 or so featuring:

1) Me and Bobby McGee
2) Chinatown Shuffle
3) China Cat Sunflower >
4) I Know You Rider
5) Jack Straw
6) He's Gone
7) Next Time You See Me
8) Monitor Mojo >
9) One More Saturday Night

Video Vine: April 6th and 7th, '87

started by Long Dead

Offering up another video vine (many more to come!) that contains the two day Meadowlands Arena run in April of '87

gd1987-04-06.sbd.mattman.dvdf -- 2 DVD's

Video: 1st or 2nd Gen VHS

Audio: Healy Matrix (shnid=19848)

Set I

01. Dancing In The Streets > **Final version according to Deadbase**
02. Franklins Tower
03. Little Red Rooster
04. Peggy-O

Mickey Hart Enjoys The Rhythm Of America's Cup Sailing

Mickey Hart has discovered the rhythm of the America’s Cup.

“This is multi-dimensional rhythm machine,” Hart said after an exhilarating sail as a guest racer on board an AC45 with Russell Coutts and the ORACLE Racing team today. “The sails, the boat, the current, the wind, the integration of the sailors. These guys are rhythm masters.

Grateful Dead Hour no. 922

By David Gans

Week of May 22, 2006

We're going to hear the complete concert of 10/28/85 over four weeks.

This week's post also includes a bit of live music from Bob Weir and Ratdog.


christian louboutin shoes,christian louboutin evening

Christian Louboutin Pumps Daffodile 160mm Beige.jpg
May 26 Strand Lyceum London

GD Garden '94


Samson & Delilah

verySMALLSamson & Delilah.jpg

Acrylic painting on wood, inspired by the Dead's arrangement of this rich biblical tale.

1969 Lossless Part 4 Vine

started by Jake R

This covers 3 months but is the smallest of the 5 Parts. I'll add some extra filler for this one to make up for it.
The ! means that they are extra good shows as rated by the Admins of Workingmans tracker.


1969 Lossless Vine Part 3

started by Jake R

Summer of 1969. The 6/21 show is the early and late shows of the Fillmore East.
The ! means that they are extra good shows as rated by the Admins of Workingmans tracker.

! gd1969-06-07.sbd.kaplan.9074.shnf

1969 Lossless Part 1 Vine

started by Jake R


This vine consists of the Early 69 Part 1 shows as well as some others from March and the 1/18 Playboy After Dark segment. The ! means that they are extra good shows as rated by the Admins of Workingmans tracker.

Family Dog Interviews

Watch interviews with Stanley Mouse, Victor Moscoso, and Wes Wilson of the Family Dog art collective.