Grateful Dead

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The New, New New Vines Topic

Since things seem to have gone a bit haywire with the old New Vines topic, I'm starting a new one. Here's the basic info on what the deal is with vines, for those just joining us:

With collaboration from various kind folks in the vining community, our own erickat prepared this handy guide explaining how vining works hereabouts. Many thanks to all involved, and vine on! --

Summer '72 SHN/FLAC Vine

started by dstache

Vine Re-seed Request Topic

by request! also by request, please try to keep the chitchat down here so it stays a fairly accessible reference. Thanks!

The Vineyard Meta-Topic

Got ideas for how things should be run differently in the Vineyard? Improvements? Suggestions? Brainstorms? Truckloads of fertilizer? Post here.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood Vine

started by JackStrawfromColorado

By request, sorry for the delay :) I have a dozen CRB shows from mainly 2014 but a couple from 2011/2012 too. Some really good stuff here. Including a couple new years shows from Denver, a show at Terrapin Crossroads,420 party at Sweetwater, etc.

I'll start off by sending this to Poncho.

Red Rocks 1982 and More Vine

Red Rocks 1982 + More Vine
Also started by JackstrawfromColorado

Dear Poncho and vine friends! By request - Red Rocks 1982!

7/27 senn421.wise.miller
7/28 senn421.wise.miller
7/29 senn421.wise.miller

This has probably already been vined but I will also include New Years 1982 run.

Happy Holidays!!

Oakland Auditorium Arena
12/26 sbd.miller
12/27 mtx.chappel
12/28 mtx.chappel

Werewolves Vine

Started by JackstrawfromColorado:

Werewolves Vine
Dear McB28 and vine friends! By request - The Werewolves wish list:

4/19/78 mtx.seamons.94522
4/21/78 sbd.miller.97501
5/5/78 sbd.miller.112180
5/9/78 sony.vernon.12184
5/11/78 sbd.miller.16333
5/17/78 mtx.seamons.109101
7/3/78 aud.wagner-minches.97601
10/31/85 sbd.miller.23590
10/31/90 sbd.lander.8070

JGB 1976 Part 2 + 1992 Vine

started by dstache
Here are the remaining shows from 1976 plus everything I have from 1992. Thank you again to Wilbags for all these great shows! This is another Flash Drive vine. Please keep it moving and return the drive to me at the end. Enjoy!

JGB 1976 Part 1 + Remainder of 1983 Vine

started by dstache

Another Flash Drive vine. I'd like to get the Flash Drive back when the vine runs its course so please be responsible. The drive contains the remaining shows from 1983 (11/27-12/13) and 1976 through 7/9 (but not including the officially released 5/21). This should be a good one and I hope everyone enjoys it.

JGB '83 Vine

started by dstache

This vine will be on a FLASH DRIVE, which I hope to have returned to me once this vine runs its course. I don't want to do a whole spiel so I'll just say to be responsible and not sign up if that is too much for you.

September 1993 Vine

started by JackStrawfromColorado

Hey friends,

'78 JGB Vine

started by dstache

Pink Floyd: Everything Under the Sun Part 3 Vine

started by dstache

Here is the final part to my Pink Floyd series. 4 discs of shows from 77, 80 and 81. I had some problems with my discs containing 4 more shows that I wanted to add, so maybe Stuman, who is thinking of doing an additional PF vine, may be able to help us out. This vine contains:


GD Fall '94 Vine, Pt.1

started by friscokid77

Greetings Gang!
It's been a while since I checked in. I have a vine
that I've been meaning to start for about a year now.
With a lot of cool bonus stuff I've been wanting to share.
It's finally ready to move:

GD Fall '94 Vine, Pt.1
4 DVD's - Flac/Shn

disc 01:

Pink Floyd: Everything Under the Sun Vine - Part 2

started by dstache

Here's a nice mix of shows from '72 - '77. Early Dark Sides, mature Dark Sides, early WYWH/Animals, and mature WYWH/Animals. Enjoy!

4/28/72 AUD A-
5/18/72 AUD A-
6/28/72 AUD A-
9/22/72 AUD A
12/5/72 AUD A
3/10/73 AUD A-
3/11/73 AUD A/A-
3/14/73 AUD A/A-
3/17/73 AUD A-
5/18/73 AUD A-
5/19/73 AUD A-
6/28/73 AUD A-
10/12/73 AUD A-
11/15/74 AUD A-/A

Crazy Quilt Vine #2

started by Oroboros

It has been a while, so how about a Crazy Quilt Vine # 2 ?

Summer 1984 Vine

started by Jake R

Since there hasn't been any new Dead vines here as of late, I've decided to offer up some Summer 1984. I have enjoyed listening to these shows and I can hear why some are among the best of 1984. I've also included some bonus discs of various years.
Long live the vineyard in the New Year!


Pink Floyd: Everything Under the Sun Part 1 Vine

started by dstache

LZ: More Than Enough Part 4 Vine

started by dstache

Here is the final part to my Led Zeppelin series. It contains:

4/27/77 SBD A
5/21/77 SBD A
5/26/77 SBD A
7/17/77 SBD A
7/23/79 AUD A
7/24/79 AUD A
8/4/79 SBD A
8/11/79 SBD A
6/17/80 SBD A
6/18/80 MTX A
6/20/80 SBD A
6/21/80 SBD A
6/23/80 SBD A
6/24/80 SBD A
6/29/80 SBD A
6/30/80 SBD A
7/2/80 SBD A-/A
7/3/80 SBD A-
7/7/80 SBD A


Farewell to the Godchauxs Vine

Started by Jake R

Pink Robert Favorites Vine

started by Lopezz

Pink Robert was one of the first to archive bootlegs and put them on line. These are some of my favorites.

Three of these have been beautifully remastered by Jesse Miller(soniclovenoize) from The Curiously Strong Peppermints.

Bob Dylan - Big Pink (Soniclovenoize Basement Tapes)

LZ: More Than Enough Part 3 Vine

started by dstache

LZ: More Than Enough Part 3

5/18/73 SBD A
3/17/75 SBD A
3/19/75 SBD A
5/17/75 AUD B+
5/18/75 AUD A-
5/23/75 AUD A-
5/24/75 SBD A
5/25/75 SBD A
5/28/77 SBD A
6/19/77 AUD A
6/21/77 AUD A
6/23/77 AUD A
6/25/77 AUD A
6/27/77 AUD A

Some Missing Pieces of 1972 Vine (Revised)

started by Jake R

This vine includes some shows that were overlooked here in the vineyard.
With Mary's permission, I am reseeding this vine without the E72 shows that were originally a part of it and adding in some extras.

Autumn 72 vine part 1 September, Take 2

started by Sunshine-daydream

Autumn 72 vine part 1 September

all the September 72 shows (except the 2 dicks picks and 23rd September which is taking too long to Download)

on 3 DVD's

Autumn 72 vine part 1 September

Lost Shows From 1971 Vine

started by Jake R

I was looking through some of my earlier 71 shows with Pig and didn't realize that these were missing from the vineyard. There is a few repeats from vines that have perished but as always some gems in the bunch.

Caveat Emptor: These auds do show the ravages of time but please give em a chance.


Summer/Early Fall 1983 Vine

started by Jake R

This includes all the shows from Summer 1983 except what was posted on the Merriweather 1983 Vine. Just like in the Spring 1983 Vine, I have included some auds and sbds. I gotta say some of these auds are as good/better than the sbds.


Spring 1983 Vine

started by Jake R

Though there wasn't much response to my post of anyone looking for some 1983, I have listened to most of these and I gotta say that I'm surprised some of these haven't been vined yet. I have provided some auds as well as sbds for a couple of shows for those who are aud seekers and those who are sbd collectors. 1983 was also when Charlie Miller started taping shows.

LZ: More Than Enough P2 Vine

started by dstache

4 more discs covering most of 1975 (there are still a couple of March shows and the May Earls Court shows to be included on the next edition) and some cleanup from earlier eras. Some of these shows have been vined before but I think those vines are long dead. Thanks to Chris for a couple of these shows! Here is what is on this one:

1/5/69 AUD A-
1/9/70 SBD A

A Beauty Hoser Vine

started by PonchoBill

Hi folk's

I'd like to finally offer up some shows by Canadian bands as a thank-you for all the music I've acquired through the vineyard. It's been giving for a long time. I hope you enjoy!

The Sheepdogs

12/29/11- Vancouver
03/26/10- CBC Radio broadcast
10/03/11- Saskatoon

The Guess Who

11/20/72- Buddakan, Tokyo Japan
01/16/75- Electric Lady Studios

LZ: More Than Enough Part 1 Vine

Started by dstache

Here are 4 discs of Led Zeppelin covering '69-'73. Before 1973, SBDs are pretty rare but all the AUDs included are really nice. The shows & sound quality grades are:

4/24/69 AUD A
4/27/69 SBD A-
10/10/69 SBD A-
2/23/70 AUD B+
3/7/70 AUD A
4/1/71 SBD A-/A
9/14/71 AUD A-
9/23/71 AUD A-
11/16/71 AUD A-
2/19/72 AUD A-/A
2/20/72 AUD A-
10/2/72 AUD A-

Summer 1986 Vine

started by Jake R

I've been listening to some summer 86 recently and there are a some really good shows here that I would like to share. Not all of these are standouts beginning to end but they all have their moments.


GD 1995 Spring Tour Vine Part 2

started by deadtaper

GD 1995 Spring Tour Vine Part 2

Adele and friends vine

started byLopezz


Live In Session On MBE - KCRW FM 2011
Live IN WXPN World Cafe 2011-02-04
8 april 2011 paradiso amsterdam.

Regina Spektor

Live In Session On MBE - KCRW FM 2009
2010-07-03 Heineken Open'er Festival 2010
Corona Capital Festival 2010-10-16
Live at Sydney Opera House, Sydney 2010-04-27
29 June 2006 BBC Broadcasting House, London.

Bob Marley & The Wailers Vine

started by Lopezz

1973-11-07 Boston, MA
1973-23-10 ?
1973-31-10 Sausalito, CA
1975-10-06 Chicago IL
1975-18-06 NYC, NY
1975-07-07 San Francisco, CA
1975-07-18 London England
1976-30-04 NYC, NY
1976-26-05 Hollywood CA
1978-31-05 Miami, FL
1978-30-07 New Orleans, LA
1978-07-07 Ahoy, Rotterdam
1979-27-04 Sydney, Australia
1979-29-10 NYC, NY
1979-11-11 Madison, WI
1979-19-11 ?

The Grateful Dead at Folsom Field 1980 Vine

started by Jake R

I was looking through some of my 1980 aud's and decided that these shows are well worth a listen to anyone unfamiliar with them. These shows were billed as the 15th Anniversary Concerts and somehow there are no circulating sbd's of these shows.


Furthur Asbury Park N.J.DVD Video 12-11-09 Vine

started by deadicatedtobobweir

Hey Now,
This show is a beautiful quality video and is on 3 dvd's.
Furthur Asbury Park N.J. 12-11-09

Set 1:Jam>Passanger>Greatest Story Ever Told>Brown Eyes Woman>Peggy O'>Ship of Fools>One More Sat. Night

Set 2: Playin' in the Band>Althea>New Speedway Boogie>Warf Rat>Jam>Golden RD.>Cassidy>Viola Lee Blues>I Know you Rider E:Gloria

Bob Weir Scaring The Children DVD Video Vine 1-5-11

started by deadicatedtobobweir

Hey Now,
This video is another GREAT, crystal clear, beautiful show and is on one DVD. I can't believe that I am blessed with a copy so I had to spread the cheer. As always, if you don't want to wait for the vine I am always open to trades.

Bobby Weir, Scaring The Children DVD 1-5-11 Jam Cruise FL.

Ratdog DVD Vine-03-03-07

started by deadicatedtobobweir

Hey Now,
In honor of Ratdog getting back together the Bobby fans here will love these dvd's. This show is on 2 dvd's & are stellar quality. Hope you enjoy!
Peace & Love to all,
Sugar Magnolia

Rochester NY

Grateful Dead Rehearsals Vine

started by Jake R

This vine is not a complete GD rehearsals list. It is, however, made up of rehearsals and some oddities not already in the vineyard. 1/1/82 for example is an unreleased/unbroadcast radio play called "The Bugs" which features Mickey Hart, Barry Melton, Bill Graham, and others. It is similar to a "War of the Worlds" kinda thing.

December '88 Vine

started by Jake R

This vine was originally going to be only the NYE Run in both mtx and sbd but I've decided to include the Long Beach Run as well to get a little more 1988 into the vineyard.


Bayfront video vine 1988

Grateful Dead
October 15, 1988
Bayfront Center
St. Petersburg, FL

A Peanut Production

Video: AUD (Tripod) > 1st Gen
Master: JVC Single Tube Camera, Nak 300 Shotguns -> 0 Decks -> Panasonic AG-7400 -> S-VHS Master
Transfer: S-VHS Master -> Sony SLV-R5UC -> Panasonic AG-7400 -> S-VHS 1st Gen

GD Summer '80 Vine pt.1

started by friscokid77

Greetings gang,
After checking the Vindex and official releases,
I noticed there are some cool shows from the
summer of '80 that I would like to vine:


1 DVD Flac/Shn and 1 DVD bonus surprise disc.


Laguna Seca '88 & More Vine

started by Jake R
Keeping with the 1988 vines, I'd like to put this one in the vineyard to fill in the gap between the Greek '88 and Cap Center '88 Vines. This has the Laguna Seca Run as well as the Tacoma and Autzen shows.


Dead Disco 79 Vine

started by ADAWGWYO

So I am sitting on all these juicy recordings from November and December of 1979. As I look at the Vinedex, there are a lot of holes in these two months. There are some really Grate shows that have never been vined, as well as some shows in vines that are no longer in circulation.

Early 1972 Vine

started by kwitt

This is 3-DVD vine of some sweet shows back in '72, supplied by our good friend, Jake R. Sign up and send me a PM.


1970 SHN/FLAC Part 4 Vine

started by kwitt

This is a 3-DVD vine supplied, once again, by our good friend, Jake R. Sign up and send me a PM.


1970 SHN/FLAC Part 3 Vine

started by kwitt

This is a 4-DVD vine supplied by our good friend, Jake R. Sign up and send me a PM.


Star Wars Video Vine

started by Lopezz

This is in honor of the Dave's Picks Volume 1 release. I think its a great show and probably my favorite year. The same night of this stellar show Star Wars A New Hope opened in theaters. This will be a DVD vine with two different movies.

GD 20 Years So Far Vine: Sept '85

started by friscokid77

Greetings Gang!
Would like to offer up some more sweet shows from '85.
I checked the vine spreadsheet, and here's what
is NOT available from official releases and
other vines for the month of September:


Phil & Friends DVD Vine 7-20-02

started by deadicatedtobobweir

Hey Now All,
This PLQ show is crystal clear & is on 2 dvds. I love Warren & thought you guys here will too after you see this show! Hope you enjoy the tunes!
Peace & Love to you,
Sugar Magnolia

7-20-02 Tweeter Center Camden, NJ.
Set 1: Jam>Brown eyed women>No more do I>Doin' that rag>St. Stephen>Not fade away>St. Stephen>Casey Jones>Night of 1,000 Stars

Bob Weir 4-28-86 DVD Vine

started by deadicatedtobobweir

Hey Now,
This is Bobby with the Whitey Melvin Quartet that ends with Bobby doing a solo. This show rocks & all of you Bob Weir fans will love it. It is on 1 dvd. If you can't wait for any of my vines I am always open to trades.
Peace & Love,
Sugar Magnolia

Bobby Weir DVD Vine 5-10-92

started by deadicatedtobobweir

Hey Now,
This show was taped in a friend of Bobby's in their backyard.
Peace & Love,
Sugar Magnolia

GD Philly '93 Vine

started by friscokid77

Well, Philadelphia is certainly getting represented
in the Vineyard lately! (Thanks JakeR!) ;o)
So ... here's some more from Philly!
9/13 was not only one of my favorite post-Brent shows,
but also one of the first times I appreciated Vince.
(check out his "Tubular Bells" jam during Space).
Here are the 3 Fall shows from the Spectrum in

Love Me Some 83 Vine

started by ADAWGWYO

Spring Tour `88 Parts 1-7 Reseed Vine

started by Jake R

By the grace of mary, I have been granted permission to combine all of the parts of the Spring 1988 Tour together into one vine. This vine will not include 4/1 nor 3/31 due to RT 4.2.
A big thanks goes to JSFC and kwitt for their contribution on gettin these good shows out there again and to good ol Ltapilot for starting these great vines.

Shoreline '88 Vine

started by Jake R


Spectrum '88 Vine

started by Jake R


November 1970 Vine

started by Jake R

I've decided to offer up this little 5 DVD vine. However, almost all of these are auds so listener beware. That being said, you will find some true gems in these shows.
This was originally going to be a 2 DVD vine with one source/transfer of each show but I have decided to include all known sources/transfers of the auds so you, the listener, can pick which you like.

1978 Patchwork Quilt Vine

started by ADAWGWYO

Here is the rest of 1978 that is not A) an official release; or B) yet available in the Vineyard.

Beat Fan Edit Vine

started by Lopezz

Keith & Donna LP to CD Vine

started by Deadicated

This one's out of print so I took advantage of the service Vintage Vinyl, a great local record shop, offers - converting LP's to CD's. Could help sway a partner...

" Steal Your Jazz "

Kingfish Vine Volume 1

started by JBH69Flyer

Here are few nice Kingfish shows I have been able to put together. The vine will consist of two SHN/FLAC DVD-R's.

kf1975-12-20 Benefit Concert w/JGB and Keith/Donna
kf1986-03-03.sbd.with Sounds Of SanFrancisco.flac16

Neil Young- Boulder 1976 & Buffalo 2010 Vine

started by Oroboros

Neil Young- Boulder 1976 & Buffalo 2010 (4 CDs)
These are both audience recordings (2 CDs each show). The 2010 recordings are the same quality as the other newer Neil vines that I have posted (very nice!), and this new solo show is Neil & his electric guitar (?). And Neil plays some tunes that you may not have heard.

Cap Center '88 Vine

started by Jake R

Since the 88's are goin well here in the vineyard, I'd like to offer up some more shows during their Fall Tour. The Cap Center saw some magic moments when The Grateful Dead showed up to play. Among them is the electric (and final) Ripple from 9/3/88, apparently a Make-A-Wish request.


Closing of the Spectrum Vine

started by JohnRParker5

Dead Liberty Vine pt.2

started by ADAWGWYO said: This is the rest of 76 not yet in the Vineyard. 6/18 will not be included in this vine as it was released as part of the Digital Download Series. Almost all of these seem to be upgrades and sound excellent from what I have listened to so far. Once Mary gives this vine a home I'll have it out the door and off to the post office.....

MSG '88 Vine

started by Jake R The Grateful Dead had one of their longest runs of the 80's here at MSG. The final show is the Rainforest Benefit Concert.

Dead Liberty Vine pt. 1

started by ADAWGWYO

I propose a two part vine to finish the year of 1976 here in the Vineyard. Two of these shows(6/14 and 6/15)have been vined before, but neither has seen the light of day since 1/7/2010. Let's get this one movin and then I'l put out Dead Liberty part 2. Let it Grow!!!

3 DVD's FLAC plus filler


1968 Lossless Vine Part 2

started by Jake R This vine will consist of all of the shows from the long deceased Eurovine #4 as well as some others. 2/2 was originally on the 1968 Lossless Vine but when I received that after it was reseeded, that show wasn't included but now it will be.

1982 Lossless Vine Part 2

started by kwitt

This is part 2 of 3 in the 1982 series. Please thank Jake R and JackstrawfromColorado for pulling all of this together – I’m just the messenger. Enjoy!

Part 2 (7 DVD's)


1982 Lossless Vine Part 1

started by kwitt

Fall 1976 Vine

started by Jake R

The Dead 2/14/2003 Vine

started by friscokid77

This was offered as a free download from the band 8 years ago.
The Bertha remaster (this version) is apparently the one to have.

The Dead
Warfield Theater San Francisco CA
(2 CD-r's - SHN)

Bertha Remaster of the fixed digital soundboard

SBD>>DAT>>SHN>>(*)>>DAW(Bertha)>>CDA/SHN -
Sound A+

d1t01-Jam >>
d1t02-Hell In A Bucket

Video Vine 6/21/71 Chateau d'Herouville

restored from previously munged content. Vine on...

Lille 5/13/72

May 13 Lille Fairgrounds Lille

Lille 5/13/72

May 13 Lille Fairgrounds Lille

The Dead/Allman Brothers, Gorge Amphitheatre 2004

SeattleTrip 130.jpg

Fun day out after camping in Oregon for a week. Weather was sweet although I remember a chill in the wind come sundown. Allman's were great and really kicked down big time, epic Whipping Post.

The Dead were right on and it was a blast.

Grateful Dead Hour no. 374

By David Gans

Week of November 20, 1995

Some great music from the fall of '77.

Grateful Dead 10/29/77 Northern Illinois U, DeKalb

1969 Lossless Part 5 Vine

The final installment of the 1969 Lossless Project.

1969 Lossless Part 2 Vine

started by Jake R

A great representation of April and May. Out of these months came Dick's Picks No. 26 (April 26 "highlights" and the enire April 27th show) and Road Trips 4.1 (complete shows of May 23 & 24)
This vine includes a great Avalon Ballroom Run (4/4—6) and The Ark Shows as well. Again, the ! means that they are extra good shows as rated by the Admins of Workingmans tracker.

Some Missing Pieces of 1972 Vine

started by Jake R

This vine includes some shows that were overlooked here in the vineyard once the boys got back from Europe. I've also included the two Europe shows that were a part of the Europe 74 Vine as a bonus.


Jerry In Red at the Rocks

1992 Compendium Picks Part 2 and G/G Bonus Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

1991 Compendium Picks Part 1 Vine

started by dstache

Here are 8 shows given to me by our fine friend RaymondMBrown. Thanks for the shows Ray!

GD Philly '87 Vine

started by friscokid77

The Grateful Dead, Philly '87 Vine

Greetings Gang!
This month is my 24th anniversary as a Dead-Head!
Two Dozen Years! Wow how time flies!
Yes ... I know the exact date that my life was changed forever. 3/31/1987.
Not my first Dead show, but the first one where I heard them in a whole new way!

Wisconsin Deadhead



Poster 7.jpg

5 Ave

5 Ave 2.jpg

Prince 2010 European Summer Tour Volume 1-5 Vine

started by Lopezz

These are some really great audience recordings. The set list's are to long to post but I have included some of the venues. There are also interveiws and after show partys mixxed in. This is in flac format and will be on 3 dvd's.

04-19-10 Club 013, Tilburg
07-04-10 Roskilde Festival, Roskilde
07-05-10 Waldbühne, Berlin
07-09-10 Arras, France

December 1972 Vine

started by Jake R:

This vine will include the 3 1972 Winterland shows that were a part of the Winterland 72/73 Vine as well as some bonus shows not mentioned.


December 1986 Vine

started by Jake R

These are all the shows played in December of 86, the 15th being Jerry' s first with the Dead since his coma.




Man is my memory starting to go. I'm not sure of the set, song or anything. I know it's Autzen Stadium because my wife was smart enough to write the date on the back of the pic way back when!

Pomo1's 78 Flash-back Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

Hey now! So I have been slacking in starting some 78 vines but I am now ready to get a vine out there by request from our friend pomo1. Included for the flash-back are:

Pittsburgh Civic Arena

Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ

9/3/77 from above

NRPS, Marshall Tucker Band, Grateful Dead

Alpine '88

Comm"unity" bulletin board

World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL - July 23, 1990 Looking Back Up From Down Front


Looking back up the pavilion to see the Taper's Section from down in front.

LAVA on a stick ....

RED HOT lava on a stick ....... the stick did not last long ...

February 1986 HJK Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

Hey now I got a hold of some nice stuff from '86! This vine starts the year out in Oakland for 5 nights. Some pretty sweet shows, all sbds of shn/flac on a dvd.





The Third Eyeball--SEVA Benefit Ontario Vine

started by erickat

By request from Kwitt - the SEVA benefit. A small, fast 3cd vine. I have not had a chance to listen to this yet.

Kingswood Music Theater
Maple, Ontario CA
June 21, 1984


Set 1
Disc 1
01. Hell In A Bucket
02. They Love Each Other
03. CC Rider->
04. Bird Song
05. Beat It On Down The Line->
06. Dupree's Diamond Blues->

Furthur Festival Vine 2010

started by Canyon Critter

Per Request of JackstrawfromColorado

JGB Moore's Egyptian Theater Vine

Jerry Garcia Band
Moore's Egytian Theater
March 6, 1976

started by Dead Man Telling Tales

I was reticent of starting a vine of this since it is only one show, but I checked the vindex and it has not been vined previously. Additionally it is a MOTB release and the sound is really nice.

If agreed to it will circulate as flacs on one DVD.

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Tore Up Over You

Grateful Dead Hour no. 1117

By David Gans

Week of February 15, 2010

Continuing the complete 8/10/82, plus a sweet "Sugaree" from Jackie Greene, from a free EP of Grateful Dead covers - well worth downloading!


Jackie Greene, The Grateful EP

Garcia and Friends 1981 Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

Dan Lampinski AUDs Part 1 Vine

started by dstache

3 More from Oct '89 Vine

started by dstache

Here are 3 more shows from the fall '89 tour. 10/25 and 10/26 are pretty well-known, and 10/19 deserves to be. 10/26 was vined previously (eurovine # 5) but that vine experienced a premature death, and reached few people. I will include both SHN/FLAC (1 DVD) and WAV files (9 CDs). Thanks to RMB for giving me the shows.

8 from Spring 90 Vine

started by dstache

Here are 8 shows from the fine Spring 90 tour. Carolina Boy requested it so he will be first. Thanks to RMB for providing the shows. Portions of 3 of these shows have been officially released on Dozin at the Knick, and those tracks have been removed from the discs here. The vine is in SHN/FLAC. The sources are:

JGB 1981 Part 1 Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

New Philly '89 DVD/CD Set Coming Soon!

Just another Hero in France...


1995 VINE Part 1

started by deadtaper

Finally to all of those people that have been waiting......Here is 1995 Vine Part 1.
I am working on part 2 as we speak. My goal is to offer almost all of the shows from 1995, as long as people are signing up and there is a good reponse. All Discs are Seamless !
All Conversion were done from DAT or Deck > CD Burner Sony RCD-W500C
All the info is below.....enjoy!

Barney and Bobby

Barney and Bobby Aiko0001.jpg

My 25th Birthday show with Barney!

Band Member: 

Watkins Glen and Other Jams EUROVINE

started by apla

Hello from Belarus!
I got some shows a couple of months ago and now I want to offer them to European deadheads. If anyone interested in it PM me your address and I'll send the discs to the first person.

This is Watkins Glen and other jams Vine.

DVD 1 -------------------------------------------------

New 1990s Part 5 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

Part 5 will include 2 great Europe ’90 shows, and Halloween ’91 in DTS Audio 5.1 Surround Sound format. Flac files on 6 CD-R’s.

Warning: You will need a stereo with a DTS converter to play 10/31/91. If you try to play it on a stereo that doesn’t have one you will get a loud horrible hiss (I found this out the hard way.)

New 1990s Part 4 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

Well I keep getting more shows so I’ll just keep these coming. Flac files on 6 CD-R’s. Includes –


03/15/90 (Thu) Capital Center - Landover, MD

Go Ahead Vine

started by Lopezz

Capital Center '91 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

All 4 Capital Center 1991 shows. 3/17 has the first ever Grateful Dead version of “Rubin and Cherise” which is pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Flac files on 8 CD-R’s. Includes –


Dec 79 Indiana Uptown Toodleloo Vine

started by gdhead77

Wilco Studio Demos Vine

started by Arkdeadhead

One of my favorite bands and these demos come from their two best albums, Summerteeth and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. These recordings are great quality, and if you are familiar with any of the songs you will notice some different arrangements.

'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' Engineer Demos
Chicago, IL

Source: Studio SBD

Lineage: unknown

Neil Young Centerstage DVD Vine

started by stuman

Neil Young Solo
Nov. 17, 1992
WTTW studios
Chicago, IL

"Centerstage" PBS TV broadcast
Two-DVD set, NTSC, with menus
Pro-shot TV: VHS (unknown generation) > ATI AIW (MPEG-2), Video: 720x480 NTSC,
3.0 M bit/sec, Audio: 48 KHz, 16 bit stereo)

Disc One:
1. Intro
2. Long May You Run
3. From Hank to Hendrix
4. Unknown Legend
5. Love is a Rose
6. Pochahontas

Weir & Wasserman Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

These are all AUD’s except for the December 91 “Happy Holidays” studio recording. 9/30/89 is an A+ audience recording. This will be Flac Files on 4 CD-R’s plus a bonus disc.

Bobby Weir & Rob Wasserman - September 30, 1989
Golden Gate Park - San Francisco, CA

Recording Info:
Unknown Mics -> Dat -> ? -> Cassette (Maxell XLII-S90)

Transfer Info:

FWGV Vine Installment #4

started by Lopezz

This installment will have David Bowie and Elton John. It will be flac files on 4 dvd's. The majority of it will be Bowie. (Thanks stuman for the additions!) Both of these artists have a lot of live shows and studio outtakes out there. I think this collection represents the "best of" the shows that I have come across in the past few years.

Elton John

"Heynow, Heynow,." Dr. John Vine 1972-1985

started by Oroboros

This is a single flac DVD that will unbundle to 13 CDs. (Sorry no wav CDs) Sources include soundboards, radio broadcasts, and audience recordings, and you can see special guests often sit in with the Doctor for some bayou boogie and to help spice up the gumbo.

11 from '85 SHN/FLAC Vine

started by dstache

FWGV Vine Installment #3

started by Lopezz

This one will focus on two great bands, Cream and The Byrds. They will also include some Jimi Page era Yardbirds. Like the previous installments a lot of this stuff does not have dates, so I wont write it all down. But take my word for it, these are great recordings sourced from SBDs, Pre FM and a bunch of studio outtakes. This will be flac files on 3dvd's.


Phil's Complete Free Soundboards Part Three Vine

started by Tommo

Phil's Complete Free Soundboards Part Three Vine
This is the final installment- be sure to check out parts one and two !

In honor of Phil's upcoming 70th birthday, we have all 36 official free Phil and Friends soundboards in a massive 3 part vine- all pristine quality, all with professional CD jacket artwork . The following paragraph is from

Phil's Complete Free Soundboards Part Two Vine

started by Tommo

Phil's Complete Free Soundboards Part Two Vine

In honor of Phil's upcoming 70th birthday, we have all 36
official free Phil and Friends soundboards in a massive 3
part vine- all pristine quality, all with professional CD
jacket artwork . The following paragraph is from

Phil Lesh continues to show his gratitude to everyone who

levi and zoe


Me and Father Time


Furthur NYE 2009 Vine + RD Bonus

started by JackstrawfromColorado

Best of '79 Spring/Summer Vine

started by dstache

New Decade, New Vines Topic

Re-posted from New Vines 2009:

With collaboration from various kind folks in the vining community, our own erickat prepared this handy guide explaining how vining works hereabouts. Many thanks to all involved, and vine on! --

Dead.Net Vines - What It Is & How It Works

(We're changing some things for 2009)

1984 SBD's Part 2 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

Well since gdhead77 just vined 7/4/84 it just makes it a little easier for me. Flac files on 4 CD-R’s. Includes –


Grateful Dead
Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA

MSP > D > CD patched with MAC > C > C > D

Postcard from the Hangover Vine - 72 & 84

started by gdhead77:

These shows are all shn/flac format on 1 DVD.

the Mouse, inside the show


at the Gorge, john III was wearing his dad's cherished tie-dye from the band's very last Shoreline show in '95

mona & johnman, the Gorge '09


New 72 SBD's Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy
3 new Charlie Miller SBD’s from 1972. I came across a Europe show that hadn’t been vined here yet. Flac files on 5 CD-R’s. Includes –
Winterland Arena
San Francisco, Ca

Bear & Dave (dpw1982) @ Kingston Canada '87


Grateful Dead Hour no. 910

Week of February 27, 2006

Requested by John Hartz - "Need to hear that Ratdog Hard Rain." The excerpts from the Uptown Theater 1/31/78 ain't bad, either. Enjoy!

Furthur Tri-State Winter 2009 Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

Hey now! I'll add another Furthur vine into the mix. The 5 east coast shows from December are included. Pretty nice aud recordings. As always, flac files on DVD's. I'll no doubt be doing NYE and Winter Tour vines also!


December 8 and 9, 2009
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York, NY

December 11, 2009
Chevrolet Theater @ Oakdale
Wallingford, CT

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame DVD Vine

started by stuman

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Neil Young, Led Zeppelin inducted
Waldorf Astoria Hotel
New York City, New York
January 12, 1995

MTV broadcast> 1st-gen stereo hi-fi vhs tape (sp speed)>Trutech dvd recorder>dvdr>nero vision >VIDEO_TS folder

No menu, 8 chapters, no artwork
EX video and sound

1) Neil Young induction (10:35)

Ratdog 1-20-97 DVD Vine

started by timgard1

Jerry Garcia Band at Macky Auditorium


Ron Tutt, Nicky Hopkins, John Kahn with Jerry in Boulder

Band Member: 

a lil further at the palace


Grateful Dead Family Reunion Alpine Valley 2002


Bob Weir. The Other Ones

Band Member: 

More Garcia and Grisman Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

2 SBD’s and 3 AUD’s. I tried to pick the most unique shows that I could find, and represent a few years. Flac files on 5 CD-R’s. Includes –


Techgirl and Paul on the Phil Side


What a cute couple! Hammerstein Ballroom

Scotty, Liz, Doug


Right before the show. Hotel b4 Furhtur

Canyon Critter and DSG Before Hammerstein


Right after I flew in.

dancin' in the grass


dancing in the grass mothers day 09

Garcia Project '74 Installment 5 Vine

started by UncleJon

Ok, this is it. Installment 5 of the complete Garcia Project from 1974. This vine will once again be in FLAC/SHN format and will include the following shows:


Neil Young Prairie Wind Vine

started by Stuman

Neil Young, Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN August 18, 2005

World Premiere “Prairie Wind”(Jonathan Demme Directs “Neil Young In Concert –
Prairie Wind Live Filming”)

Source:??? > Audio-CD > EAC > FLAC Frontend > Audio CD


CD 1

01. The Painter
02. No Wonder
03. Falling Off The Face Of The Earth
04. Far From Home
05. It’s A Dream
06. Prairie Wind

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 01_15_1993 Vine

started by Lopezz

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 01_15_1993

Featuring reunion performances by:The Cream, Creedence Clearwater Revival
and The Doors featuring Eddie Vedder.

01. Acceptance Speech
02. Sunshine of Your Love
03. Born Under A Bad Sign
04. Crossroads
05. Who'll Stop The Rain
06. Green River
07. Born on The Bayou, feat. Bruce Springsteen

FWGV Vine Installment #1

started by Lopezz

This will be an all Flac vine, Kind of styled after UncleJon's Garcia Installments. The installments will consist of 3 dvd's(or 4 at the most) with flac files. They will be the best quality shows around for each artist, usually soundboards or pre-FM. This is the first installment, two of my favorites: Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Airplane.

Dylan and the Dead Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

Here are the 3 Dylan/Dead shows that I have been able to find up to this point. The 3 shows will be flac files on 6 CD-R’s plus the audience recording of the Dylan set for 7/10 for anyone that’s interested in that. As always you guys can decode and add the audio discs if you would like to. Includes –


August 71 Part 2 + More Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

Warlocks Demo 11/3/65 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy said:

I’ve been looking for a copy of this for awhile now and I finally found it. There’s less than 20 minutes of music here but I think it’s something that everyone should hear. I’ll be adding a couple bonus shows though. I’ll post those after the vine has a home.

Autumn Record Demo – “The Emergency Crew”
Golden Gate Studios

August 1971 Vine Part 1

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

The Dead only played 9 shows in August of 1971. 8/6 has already been vined here and 8/7 and 8/24 are Dicks Picks 35. This vine will be in 2 parts and include everything else. Part one will include –


Grateful dead pumpkin (stealie)


2009 Pumpkin- I think bears next year!

Speaker controls

IMG_0489 (Small).JPG

John Mellencamp Aug 15, 2009 Bob Dylan Ball Park Tour


Willie Nelson Aug 15 2009 Bob Dylan Ball Park Tour


Bobby & The Midnites

11_15 (2).JPG

Here is a t-shirt on the Bobby & the Midnites--how many of you still have that?

Band Member: 

Talking Heads Vine

started by Lopezz

This was intended to be an all cd vine released by MarkintheDark for those who do not use flac. This will not be the same vine because I have misplaced some of the shows. This will have 7 audio cd's and 2 dvd's with flac files, so it's a heavy one! These are all great quality pre fm broadcast and sound boards.

01-25-1984 Milwaukee, WI

Playboy After Dark DVD Vine

started by Dead Man Telling Tales

This vine will consist of one DVD containing a copy of the Grateful Dead appearance on the Playboy After Dark television show.

Specific items in the show are:

Heff interviewing Jerry
Mountains of the Moon
St Stephen
show closing over Turn on your Lovelight

Hopefully this will last a while until the Playboy Police show up.


Lil' Bit of Everything Vine

started by gdhead77

dead 09



allmans II.jpg

Dark Side of the Moon Odyssey Vine

started by Ursa Minor

I found this on another trading site; thought you guys would like's one DVD in flac format, audio conversion is those involved...

This DVD-[tisdu] has about six hours plus of music on it, all drawing on or exclusively featuring Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album. More complete details can be found below.

Live Nirvana Vine

started by Lopezz:

Live Nirvana Vine
On September 24th, 2009 Lopezz said:

There are a lot of good Nirvana shows out there, audience and sound boards. I picked these two because of their set list and the sound quality.

August 27, 1991
Aladin (Überschall 91)
Bremen, Germany

DISC #1/1 (43:59)
01) Something In The Way (cut)
02) Negative Creep

Paul Simon 9/27/01 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy:

Here’s something different. This is the first live Paul Simon show that I’ve heard and its really nice. It’s also a really good recording. It might be a few days before I can get this sent out.

2 audio discs.

Paul Simon
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood, CA

Disc 1

1. The Obvious Child
2. The Boy in the Bubble
3. She Moves On
4. Kodachrome

Tanah Lot


Trippy Rendition of the 'Melt Your Face' Art design (handled by Liquid Blue)


IT is what it is- - - but I'm not sure what I was thinking when it happened!

I was listening to the Atlanta shows ('90) during the process though- - - so the answer might be found therin... or not.

Much Love!

Primal Pigpen Blues Vine

started by stuman

Hey folks , since compilations are the "in" right now , How about this one .

Grateful Dead
Primal Pigpen Blues - A Pigpen Compilation

Various SBDs> shn> wav> CD> wav> FLAc Frontend

Disk 1 / Set I:
01. Tastebud (Come Back Baby) - 66-05-19 - Avalon
02. Ain't It Crazy (The Rub) - 71-04-28 - Fillmore East

The Beggar's Tomb Brentless '79 Vine

started by dstache:

As some of you may have seen, I posted in the metatopic an offer to seed a 4 show vine from 1979, with the first person to respond naming the shows and having the vine named after him. Beggar's Tomb responded and selected the following shows, which will be vined in BOTH SHN/FLAC and WAV:


Fall 1981 in Europe Vine

Posted: September 8, 2009 - 10:59am
started by JackstrawfromColorado:

Early Fall 1981 Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado:

Aww yes, the beginning of fall 1981, which marked the end of the U.S. leg of the tour with 3 shows on the east coast. Flac/shn files on a DVD.

Grateful Dead - September 25, 1981
Stabler Arena - Bethlehem, PA

9/26/81 - Grateful Dead
War Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo, NY

Grateful Dead

Shoreline - May 14, 2009

Pano-23- Dead-5-14-09 182_3_4 (6)-sized.jpg

Ticket May Be The Nicest EVER?

Picture 11.jpg

GD office gave me this:) For a Misguided Prank gone wrong!



I had the good fortune of meeting Stanley Mouse at the Gathering of the Vibes.. I watched him draw for about 20 minutes and was in awe. After buying a book of his artwork and getting an autograph, we started to converse. Tthat's when I told him that I had recently created a digital piece of artwork that served as the centerpiece of a quilt square i had recently done for the band.

Jerry Band DVD Vine

started by augustwest

Feats Don't Fail Me Now Vine

started by Gr8fulTed:

This offer is 1 dvd with flac files containing select Little Feat shows from 1973 - 1978, featuring the late, great Lowell George on lead vocals & guitar. He died in 1979 at age 34. In 1978, he helped Grateful Dead with the production of the album "Shakedown Street".

7/19/73 Early Show Ebbetts Field, Denver CO. SBD > KCUV FM

David Bromberg Vine

started by erickat

It will consist (at a minimum) of
David Bromberg Quartet 12-31-05
Boulder Theater-Boulder,CO

Sonic Solutions DS6>Sonic Solutions PA-6LC3>Sony D-8
Transfer: Sony PCM R500>HHB CDR-830
Front Row Balcony,Left Of Center (In Hat)

01. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down > Fiddle Tunes Medley
02. I'll Take You Back
03. Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)

1973 SHN/FLAC Part 7 (the Finale) Vine

started by dstache

Here concludes a fine vine, fantastic year, and perhaps the greatest of all tours. CB generously donated newer sources for 12/18 and 12/19 (only the outtakes have been included, not any of the DP's tracks). 3 DVDs. I am short on time and ask that the first person to sign up take 10 minutes and post the sources.

More May and Summer 1981 Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

The latest installment for 1981. Three more shows from May (yeah it would have been nice if I would have included these with the May 1981 vine but hey here they are now) and 4 from later in the summer. Most are sbd's with a couple very nice matrix shows sprinkled in. 2 DVD's of flac/shn files.

Stay tuned for a Fall 1981 Vine coming soon!

Grateful Dead

Garcia Compilations Vol. 1-10 Vine

started by cosmicbadger

An vast compilation of Jerry without the Dead put together by a certain Chris Davis. Recently retorrented (for torrenters it is up on etree and other usual places with the title Garcia Compilations--Vol. 1-10--Complete ). Had to be vined in celebration of Jerry week!

Rockin' Bobby Vine

started by erickat

On August 9th, 2009 erickat said:

How about Bobby, Too?

Grateful Dead Compilation
"Rockin' Bobby"

disc 1: (78:45)

01. (3:16) The Race Is On 5/5/90
02. (10:55) Truckin' 7/9/89
03. (3:07) Big Boy Pete 11/17/78*
04. (4:00) Bob's Comments on 2005
05. (5:1 Brother Esau 8/27/83
06. (8:43) Memphis Blues 10/9/89
07. (5:39) Green Green Grass 6/27/69

1977 Lossless Vine Part 3

updated 10/6/09

started by dstache and crew

1977 Lossless: Part 3 (6/4-10/14)
On August 9th, 2009 dstache said:

Part 3 of this vine is ready to go. Multiple sources for many of the shows in this period will be included. Thanks again to jsfc, Hippy, Pomo1, Estim8ed, Arkdeadhead, CB, Rick and Richard for all their help!

Allman Bros. Band - 1986-1996 1DVD flac Vine

started by Ursa Minor:

Hi GD folks,

here's a nice new flac vine for the group...if somebody wants to rock this down to audio format, you guys work that out...Ursa Minor

Allman Bros. Band

10-31-86 Madison Square Garden, NYC.


1. midnight rider
2. blue sky
3. one way out
4. statesboro blues
5. southbound
6. jessica
7. good lovin'!

Bill Kreutzmann and Phish at Red Rocks last night!

It was the final set of Phish's four-night stand at Morrison, CO's Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Bill Kreutzmann joined the band onstage during "You Enjoy Myself."  Bill sat in for the rest of the set, which included “Undermind,” “Seven Below,” “2001" and more.  For all the details on the performance, check out the links below:

9/18/94 Full Moon Over Shoreline

Late August 1980 Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

Here is another vine of 5 shows to represent the "grate-ness" of the early '80's.

Grateful Dead - August 17, 1980
Municipal Auditorium - Kansas City, MO

Grateful Dead - August 21, 1980
Uptown Theatre - Chicago, IL

Grateful Dead - August 29, 1980
The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

May 1981 Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

"We need more 81" I thought I heard them say, or maybe it was those darn voices in my head again. Regardless I'd like to offer up 5 shows from May 81 (well 1 from April and 4 from May) all of which are top notch Charlie Miller sbd's. They are shn/flac files on a DVD. I love the 80's especially early on and these are great shows in my opinion. I miss you Brent.

1973 SHN/FLAC Part 6 Part 2 Vine

started by dstache

I just received the rest of 1973. This installment will be 4 DVDs in lossless format and contain everything from 9/24-11/21, except for the 4 officially released shows (10/19, 11/9, 11/10, 11/11). The next and last part of the 1973 vine will be posted next weekend. Please keep this in lossless only. Sources are:


Rothbury Festival Featuring The Dead Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado

Ok here's the new and improved Rothbury vine, AUD recordings from the following bands:

The Dead
Rothbury Festival
Rothbury, MI
July 4, 2009

Source: Milab VM-44 Link -> Sontronics Sonora preamp-> Korg MR-1000 (1bit/2.8MHz DSD)

Location: front edge of soundboard, dead center, 11’ stand

1977 Lossless Vine: Part 2 (5/3-5/26)

started by dstache

Part 2 contains the remaining shows from the Spring tour, except for those that were officially released. Most of the shows here are in excellent sound quality, with the notable exception of 5/12, an AUD that is VERY rough at times but nonetheless an enjoyable listen. The first four slots are reserved for those that contributed to the gathering of this exceptional year.

KSAN Poster


The Jive 95


Well here's an old KSAN ad that I liked so much I framed it !! I liked listening to this radio station much, much, much better than listening to AFN... LOLOL
KSAN ran a lot of live Grateful Dead shows, as well as shows of many other artists too... I really hope *EVERYBODY* likes this old San Francisco KSAN ad.

w melanie at nola jazz fest 1997

w melanie at nola 97 jazz fest.jpg


Summer 09 059.JPG

Or is that the Spock sign?? "Live long and prosper."

Ongoing RatDog Summer Tour Setlists!

By Blair Jackson

Getting mostly great reports from the RatDog tour. For those who like to keep track of the tour from afar, we’ll be providing regular setlist updates. For more details, fan commentary on the shows and photos as they become available, bookmark the fabulous fan site!

1977 Lossless Vine: Part 1

started by dstache

First things first. I am sure I speak for everyone as I say thank you to all who contributed to the 1977 project!!! Rick, Richard, jackstrawfromcolorado, pomo1, Estim8ed, Hippy, Arkdeadhead and CB all helped to bring this vine to fruition. Take a bow, gentlemen.

Early '73 SHN/FLAC Vine

started by dstache

Garcia and Saunders 1/19/73 Vine

started byThat Nice Hippy Guy said:

Here’s some new old stuff, really new actually. Apparently it’s the first time that this show has been digitally circulated. I’m going to include 2 CD-R’s with flac files and the 3 audio discs.

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders
Berkeley, CA
January 19, 1973 (Friday)

1970 SHN/FLAC Part 1 Vine

started by dstache

Mickey & the Hartbeats 10/30/68 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

I thought I’d meet the flac and flacless people in the middle with this one. The Mickey and the Hartbeats show will be 3 audio discs and the bonus show 12/7/68 will be flac files on one CD-R.

Mickey & the Hartbeats
The Matrix, San Francisco, CA

shnID: 1205
Source: Digitized from First Generation Reels

1973 SHN/FLAC Vine Part 5

started by dstache

1973 SHN.FLAC Vine Part 4

started by dstache

Here is the 4th installment of the 1973 SHN/FLAC vine. Notes: (1) A couple of the June shows are partial shows; (2) Both 7/27 and 8/1 already circulate on the Summer of 73 vine, but it was easier for me just to include them here, so there is a little overlap. (3) Finally, outtakes from Wake of the Flood are included.

Grateful Dead Hour no.777

By David Gans

Week of August 11, 2003

By request, this week and next we'll hear some unreleased Grateful Dead music: the complete second set of 6/25/85.

2 From 72 Vine

started by foid2001

8/24/72 and 12/31/72. Two fine shows, on CD.

Berkeley Community Theatre 8/24/72, excellent recording, very sweet.
Disc 1:
Promised Land
Jack Straw
Me and My Uncle
Bird Song
Beat it on Down the Line
Tennessee Jed
Playin' in the Band
Casey Jones

Disc 2:
Mexicali Blues
Brown Eyed Women
Dark Star
Morning Dew

Whole Shows? Compilations? All of the Above?

suggested by cosmicbadger, who says:

Once again the debate is raging about whole shows vs compilations.

The 77 Project

Dstache is organizing the gathering of all the shows from 1977 in lossless format (SHN/FLAC). If you want to contribute, please post here or PM him.

SYF sculpture

june9 021.jpg

SYF cast aluminum wall hanging

Colorado August 1987 Vine

started by JackstrawfromColorado:

Thanks again to cosmic badger for the latest Vinedex update! As I was looking through the list I noticed only 2 shows form 87. What a shame! I'd like to help out with that gap. I have 3 shows from Red Rocks (Aug 11 - 13) and 2 from Telluride (Aug 15 and 16) to offer. 2 DVD's of FLAC files.

1973 SHN/FLAC Part 2 Vine

started by dstache

1973 SHN/FLAC Part 1 Vine

started by dstache

Here is the first installment of the 1973 SHN/FLAC vine. Each part will consist of only 2 DVDS in order to keep the vine moving quickly. I ask that we keep this vine in SHN/FLAC format only, both for the same reason and to save postage. If people want this vine converted to WAV, and someone wants to convert, feel free, but please start a NEW VINE.

Kenny Wayne Sheppard

'09 Coloma blues 018.jpg

Our First Show!!!


My wife bought these tickets for me for my birthday.

Rat Dog Negril Jamaica

jamaica 09 096.jpg

One more Saturday nite!!

Band Member: 



second set

Mickey Hart at Irving Plaza Vine

Started by Pomo1.

I offer this interesting show from the Fillmore at Irving Plaza July 15, 2008 featuring the Mickey Hart Band with Steve Kimock, George Porter, Jr., Jen Durkin, Kyle Hollingsworth, Walfredo Reyes, Jr., and Sikiru Adepoju joining Mickey.

disc 1/Set 1:
1. Maria Malito, Q104.3 DJ intro
2. Shakedown Street
3. Manila Farewell
4. Seven Seconds
5. Self Defense
6. Tolongo ->

3 From '89 DVD Vine

started by augustwest

Some nice video from the epic year of 1989. This takes 9 DVDs in total, all shows complete.

If you click on my "name", you'll see in the fan photo section screen shots from each show to get an idea of the quality (7/7 is better than the screen shot makes it look).

6/21/89 -- proshot vid with soundboard audio (taken from pay-per-view broadcast).

'81 Vine From Downunder

started by Ice Creme Kid

10-12/13/17-81 12-5-81

10.12.81 - Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany


Disc #1

Set 1:
1. Jack Straw
2. Candyman
3. Little Red Rooster
4. Cumberland Blues
5. Beat It On Down The Line
6. Ramble On Rose
7. Mama Tried >
8. Mexi//cali Blues
9. Althea
10. Passenger
11. China Cat Sunflower >
12. I Know You Rider

Disc #2

Grateful Dead Hour no.269

By David Gans

Week of November 15, 1993

By request, excerpts from the famous "stealth" Grateful Dead show, where the band was billed as "Formerly the Warlocks"! Plus a track from a wonderful Garcia-Grisman CD.


at work


Shoreline 5.14.09

Dead show 5.14.09.jpg

The Dead 5.14.09 Shoreline with Manny the Hippy!

Band Member: 

Early '69 Part 3 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

Sorry it took so long to get this out there. Now that the Chicago shows are over I can start working on a few more vines. Here’s the 3rd and final part of the Early 69’ series. Its going to be 7 audio cd’s

Grateful Dead

Ballroom, University of Colorado,
Boulder, Colorado


Disc 1

1. Lovelight//

Spring Tour '88 Part 7 Vine

started by Ltapilot

Spring Tour '88 Part 7 Vine Palo Alto, CA

:~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~) :~)
Grateful Dead
Frost Ampitheatre, Stanford U.
Palo Alto, CA

Spring Tour '88 Part 6 Vine

started by Ltapilot

Spring Tour '88 Part 6 Vine *Detroit, MI & Irvine, CA*

Grateful Dead - April 11, 1988
Joe Louis Arena - Detroit, MI

Recording Info:

Spring Tour '88 Part 4 Vine

started by Ltapilot

Spring Tour '88 Part 4 Vine *Atlanta & Hampton*
March 27, 1988 can be found on Grateful Dead Download Series Volume 5 - 3/27/88

Grateful Dead - March 24, 1988
Omni Coliseum - Atlanta, GA

Recording Info:

Early Stuff Volume 3 Vine

started by That Nice HIppy Guy

A little smaller this time. 3 audio disc's.

Grateful Dead
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA

Source: SBD
Genealogy: MR > ? > CD > EAC > Cool Edit 96 (Resampled to correct pitch)
> SHN > CD
Resampling, Extraction and SHN encoding by A.J. Fink

2 Audio or 1 Shorten discs

Disc 1: Set 1
1. /Me And My Uncle
2. Next Time You See Me

Garcia's Acoustic Pickin' Blues Vine

started by Arkdeadhead

Hey everyone!!

Tye Dye Display


There was 70% less Tye dye at this show from the last Show I saw 17 years ago.

Cruizin to the Show


In the Vette on the way to the Show from Colorado Springs to Denver

5/7 Denver, CO - Stellar Music

chinese new year Oakland

A pair of mad drummers...


Best friend Ida (aged 11) on the djembe (drum), Mariama (aged 9) on rattles and percussion prior to performing The Gambian punk version of Planet Drum's 'Jewe (You Are The One)' Mariama's current favourite drum track.

St. Louis 03-18-1971 Vine

started by dpwstldeadfan

Grateful Dead
Fox Theatre
St. Louis, MO

Source: SBD
Lineage: SBD > (7inch) MR > Cass > DAT > CDR > EAC > SHN
Transferred by: M. Wienke and Ben Yerys

CD Format: 3 Discs

CD 1
1. *Casey Jones
2. Me And My Uncle
3. Big Boss Man
4. Bertha
5. Me And Bobby McGee
6. Loser
7. China Cat Sunflower >
8. I Know You Rider
9. The Rub

Summer of '73 Vine

Posted: May 4, 2009 - 8:40am

started by cosmicbadger

If you were travelling in the Eastern US in the Summer of ’73 you might have caught all these shows by great artists (including of course the Grateful Dead). Must have been an amazing time. Now available all on one DVD. First to sign up after Marye has posted the vine.


5/02 Philadelphia, PA - Spherics and Whistlers and The Beam

<a href="" "target=blank"></a>

more info:
<a href="" "target=blank"></a>

Bob Dylan Manchester 1965 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

Bob Dylan Manchester 7/5/65 Vine

This is probably the best live Dylan that Ive ever heard. Its also a very nice soundboard. I should be able to find a nice bonus disc to send along with this one. Thank you people at for putting this one out there.

Bob Dylan
Free Trade Hall
Manchester, England

One Audio Disc

'Stache Rides 1977 Vine

started by dstache

Here are the 5 pre-spring tour 1977 shows: 2/26, 2/27, 3/18, 3/19 and 3/20. All will be circulated in WAV format. All but 2/27 (A- AUD) are A SBDs. Three of the shows, 2/27, 3/18 and 3/20 will also be circulated in FLAC/SHN on a DVD.

The Dead Beat Vine

started by Lopezz

Dead Beat Vine
On April 20th, 2009 Lopezz said:

The Dead, Greensboro NC 4/12/09 Vine

started by Stuman

The Dead
April 12, 2009
Greensboro Coliseum
Greensboro, NC

Source: Josephson C42mp (NOS) > V3 > Korg MR-1000 (wsd 2.8 mHz)
Lineage: MR-1000 > PC > Audiogate > FLAC v1.2.1 (L6) as build in TLH v2.4.1 (Build 160)
Taped by: Daniel Kopp
Transferred by: Daniel Kopp (
Keywords: The Dead; Greensboro; c42mp; tds

Set 1:

Bobby singing Cassidy


Shot during Cassidy, 1st set, March 23, 1986 at The Spectrum, Philadelphia PA. shot, developed & printed by me.

Band Member: 

Bobby 3/30/1987 (2)


Bobby during 1st set. March 30, 1987 at the Spectrum, Philadelphia PA (shot by me)

Band Member: 

4-28 IZOD Center


Meadowlands - Set 1

4-26 XL Center


Set 1

Spirit's NYE pics 2008 SF #22

Dec2008 075.JPG

Spirit's NYE pics 2008 SF #10

Dec2008 056.JPG

Spirit's NYE pics 2008 SF #3

Dec2008 028.JPG

Spirit's NYE pics SF 2008 #2

Dec2008 021.JPG

Spirit's NYE pics from SF 2008 #1

Dec2008 022.JPG

Fat Tire Festival.


Drinking a Fat Tire at 10:30 in the morning. Im down for the Fat Tire fest. Watching all the drunk people riding bikes down the street? Priceless lol!!

live view


Jerry, Cornell Univ. May 1980 singing Shakedown Sreet

1980 Spring, May Grateful Dead, Barton Hall, Cornell - Jerry.jpg

I took this of Jerry singing Shakedown Street when he and the boys made their yearly appearance at our school gym (while I was there '77-81) this was the May 1980 show in Barton Hall (the gym) at Cornell Univ.

Band Member: 

Three JGB Shows Vine

This will include two early JGB shows and one later one in the form of two SBD’s and one matrix recording. It will be 6 audio disc’s.

Jerry Garcia Band
Berkeley, CA

MSR (2 track 7" reels @ 15ips) > cassette (TDK SA-X100) >
NAK-CR-7a playback > Lucid AD9624 24-bit A/D > Fostex D5
master DAT > Sony CDR-W33 master CD > EAC > SHN (non-

Flac Me, Flac You Vine

started by gdhead77

Flac Me, Flac You Vine
On March 16th, 2009 gdhead77 said:

Three Dead shows in Flac format on 1 DVD disc (please lets save some postage and cds and keep this a flac vine - if you need help converting to .wav just send me a PM). All three are excellent SBDs.

Grateful Dead
St. Paul Auditorium
St. Paul MN

Set 1
d1t01 The Promised Land

Winterland 12/27/77 Vine

started by That NIce Hippy Guy

Heres a nice small vine. 3 Audio Disc's.

Grateful Dead
Winterland Arena,
San Francisco

patched with AUD>??>C>CD>EAC>SHN (presumed multi-gen)

Disc 1 (69:57)
set 1:
1. Bertha--> (5:50)
2. Good Lovin' (5:08)
3. Brown Eyed Women (5:37)
4. Cassidy (4:39)
5. Peggy-O (6:31)
6. Looks Like Rain (7:33)

Under Eternity


May the elements of nature wear away and crack and chip the old bones that once moved with agility and grace. Time alone will grant us many lives and forms before dust takes hold and surrenders to the wind, lending a hand of its own to the circle of creation as it sculpts where it will.

Europe '72 - London - Bob Weir

Bob Weir & Garcia.jpg
Band Member: 

Europe '72 - London - Jerry Garcia B&W

Garcia B&W.jpg
Band Member: 

Europe '72 - London - Jerry Garcia 2

Garcia 2.jpg
Band Member: 

Clapton Through the Years Vine

started by UncleJon

Clapton Through The Years

I'm thinking it would be fun to travel through time with Slowhand and visit most all of his different incarnations through the years...almost 40 years. This would be a shn/flac only vine on DVDs:

John Mayall's Blues Breakers 2-9-1966 London, England BBC Studios SBD
Blind Faith 7-12-1969 New York, NY MSG AUD

Neil & Crazy Horse 2001 Eurotour Compilation Vine

started by MarkintheDark


My new friend Greg McFarlane in Scotland has offered to send this over for us. Yay Greg!

Neil & Crazy Horse 2001 Eurotour Compilation

01 Don't Cry No Tears (Oerhausen 23/6)
02 I've Been Waiting For You (Munich 27/6)
03 Love and Only Love (Frankfurt 20/6)
04 Piece Of Crap ( Oberhausen 23/6)
05 Going Home (Munich 27/6 2nd performance)

great art work

crazy clown.jpg

The Whole Band in Peace

dead-peace sign-web.jpg

This drawing was done and inspired when the berlin wall came down, that was a big peace movement at the time. and still no PEACE

Jerry Jamming


These are drawings i did bad in the late 80 early 90s after getting out of college had no where go couldn't get a job as an artist and because of the triggle down economy couldn't get a job at mc donalds so i followed the dead spending my name as an artist and getting to see the country for almost 4 years.

Band Member: 

After the RedRocks Ratdog show party with friends


Marshall Tucker Band Vine

started by Lopezz

Posted: February 26, 2009 - 11:15am
Marshall Tucker Band

You dont see a lot of MTB around, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to put some out there.

Marshall Tucker Band - Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA 3-12-76 SBD

Disc 1
01. Hillbilly Band
02. Long Hard Ride
03. Blue Ridge Mountain Skies (Doug vocals)
04. Searchin' For A Rainbow
05. Can't You See

the girls going wild

st run new camera 437.jpg

Jerry Garcia/Sting 6/26/93 Vine

started by Lopezz

Jerry Garcia with Sting

**Opener for The Grateful Dead**
RFK Stadium, Washington, DC June 26, 1993

Jerry Garcia guests on lead guitar

01. All This Time
02. Why Should I Cry For You
03. Synchronicity
04. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
05. Roxanne
06. Fortress Around Your Heart
07. Love Is Stronger Than Justice
08. Penny Lane
09. Purple Haze




Band Member: 

Maple, Ontario 6/30/87 Vine

started by erickat

Posted: February 14, 2009 - 12:02pm
Next Vine (pending approval)

I didn't see it in any of the reference links. Couldn't find this on lossless legs. am thinking that I downloaded it from Haven't had the opportunity to completely listen to this yet - will likely do so over the week-end. Spot checking, it seems to be pretty decent

Jackson Browne/David Lindley 8/19/2006 Vine

started by pkpotter

Jackson Browne & David Lindley - Philadelphia Folk Festival 2006

A magical afternoon, August 19, 2006 at the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

China cat sunflower


I was in the process of taking pics for my website, when look who got in the way of my sunflowers!



July 4, 1984 - The Five Seasons Center


It was a real nice day and GREAT night at the Five Seasons Center.

I started the evening on my best behavior ......... until.......


I as all ways was on my best behavior ............ UNTIL ! some sorry SOB slipped something in --to my drink .......... slipped .... some thing in my ......... drink

Phil & Friends before set at 10,000 Lakes Festival 2008


The magic is about to happen at the 10,000 Lakes Festival. some .. body slipped something into my drink.......


some sorry SOB slipped something into my drink .... .................................................................. i ........ 5 or six times.........

Sometimes I ride my motorcycle........... like a crazyman


I have to let out my aggression on this relaxation machine, and at the same time hang on and try nots to kills myself in the process. After awhile someone calls the cops to complain about the noise and the screaming.
I always make the police chase me... until they are foaming at the mouth...... and then I go home and smoke a FAT one...

Moon Motel. Outside Asbury Park.

Moon Motel:NJ.jpg

Moon Motel. Outside Asbury Park.

MSG 10-15-94


"Are you O.K.?"; Me at Steamboat Springs,CO 1998


Teddy Roosevelt's & John Muir's campsite (Yosemite 2004)


Lombard St., San Francisco 2004


Anchorage '80-Eileen's Vine

started by erickat

Posted: February 6, 2009 - 7:03pm
My next vine is dedicated to my freind Eileen

A friend & co-worker who quit her job, sold her house, and moved to Alaska - because the time was right & it was what she wanted to do.
( I used to tease her by calling her "you lean" (instead of Ei Leen)

My wife and I, Jamaica 1992


Baby boy! Max Shakman born 2/3/09


Blimpy burger with ghost buildings


Grateful Dead Hour no. 555

By David Gans

Week of May 10, 1999

Middle episode of a three-week series presenting the complete show of June 23, 1988 at Alpine Valley.

May 74 Vine

Started by Sunshine-daydream1951

Grateful Dead -- University of Nevada -- Reno, NV
May 12, 1974


Disk 1:

1. Promised Land
2. Sugaree
3. Mexicali
4. Tennessee Jed
5. Jack Straw
6. Brown Eyed Women
8. China ->
9. Rider

Disk 2:

1. El Paso
2. US Blues
4. Must Have Been the Roses
5. Bobby McGee
6. Deal

1st Year Spartan Youth Football


Me and Jack, #1 Bayb!!

Jack and Dad


Having fun with my son!!

Tapers View 4

gd1985-06-28.taper's view03.JPG
Band Member: 

Cleveland Convention Center 12/6/73 Vine

started by erickat

12.6.73 Cleveland Convention Center

A small audio vine (3 cd's - fast & clean)

Grateful Dead 12/6/73 Cleveland Convention Center, Cleveland, OH

Source: SBD
Lineage: S:MR > Cassette > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN

Seed provided by Seth Kaplan through Alan Fink: Thanks guys!
Slight retracking (CDWav) by G.S. Hamilton
Note: Disc 3 requires an 80 minute disc

Disc 1

vicky 1 of 5 that we love

dog and father  pictures     2007 015.jpg

William & Mary '73 Vine

started by UncleJon

College of William & Mary '73

I propose the following:

College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA

Source: SBD

Disc 1:
1. The Promised Land
2. Sugaree
3. The Race Is On
4. Loser
5. Looks Like Rain
6. Tennessee Jed
7. Jack Straw
8. China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
9. El Paso

Disc 2:

1. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo

Jay after the Show


Jay after the Dark Star Orchestra show at nelsons ledges. Such a good time !!!!!!!!!

Grateful Fest 4 2002


Just another party at the beautiful nelsons ledges

Obama Benefit. The Dead 2008-10-13 (4)


Obama Benefit. View from the floor captured from cellphone.

Nice T


What do you do when you see a bear in the woods?

alpine valley 2002


MSG '87 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

MSG 9/18/87 Vine
I was noticing that there are no 87 shows listed in the vindex so I thought id offer up this matrix as a start to representing this year. I will also be getting a show together to represent 86 so keep an eye out.

Also if anyone has any other 87 shows that they would like to add to this vine feel free to do so.

Grateful Dead

Coliseum-Richfield, OH '91


You rocked my soul.....


DeadBeats, Waitsfield VT

Deadbeats poster WMRW.jpg

Silver Stadium, Rochester NY 6/30/88 Vine

submitted by erickat

Silver Stadium - Rochester, NY June 30, 1988

This will be 3 audio cd's - Happy New Year.

Recording Info:
Set 1: SBD -> Cassette Master -> Cassette (Sony D5/Dolby B)
Set 2: SBD -> Dat -> Sonic Solutions -> CD

Transfer Info:
Set 1: Cassette (Nakamichi DR-1/Dolby B) -> Sound Devices 744T (24bit/96k) ->

NYE '83 Vine

started by Ltapilot

NYE 83

How about a nice four night run from New Years Eve 1984?
In both FLAC and WAV.
May 2009 be both prosperous and healthy for all of you.

The original Max


Sunset, Chesil beach, Dorset



Band Member: 



Bobbie during Ratdog show...

Band Member: 

Wharf Rat # 786

Wharf Rat Bear.JPG

sweatshirt (party in the powder)


Three From '93 Vine

started by Exploratory Data Analysis

Three from '93

Here are 3 more shows from 1993. The first 2 shows are from Chapel Hill, NC. The last is from Hebron, OH. Please read notes and track comments. Package contains 8 audio CDs.

The Dean Dome, University of NC, Chapel Hill, NC (Wednesday, 3/24/93)

Notes: SBD source, seamless tracks

CD 1
Jack Straw
Stagger Lee
Wang Dang Doodle

Enter the Matrix Vine Volume 2

started by cosmicbadger

Now that Volume 2s are in fashion here are 5 more lovingly produced soundboard/audience mixes from down the years. SENT AS FLAC FILES ON ONE DVD. Would unpack to 11 CDs.

Happy midwinter festival to all!

SBD + AUD Matrix 2 Source Mix (60%-SBD/40%-AUD) 2 CDs

Orpheum Theater 7-12-76 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy

A big thank you to Schnebs for this grate soundboard. It seems a shame that there are only a few 1976 shows in the vindex.

Grateful Dead
Orpheum Theater

Disc 1
Set 1
1. The Music Never Stopped
2. Brown Eyed Women
3. Cassidy
4. Tennessee Jed
5. New Minglewood Blues
6. Candyman
7. Looks Like Rain
8. Row Jimmy
9. Lazy Lightnin->


more 2007 pics 244.jpg

San Francisco Civic Center Marquee 1983-84


My newest Kiddo......Luella Amy is now 8 weeks. Thank you all for the LOVE!

Luella so small 10:27:08.JPG

Luella Amy born October 20th.

Tapers Section (of my house)


I too like complete shows. The R2R deck is from 1973 or 1974, and the shows broadcast on the FM (KSAN and KFOG), that I have are all complete, I don't edit them, nor do I make compilation tapes from them. I like to listen to the shows just as they were broadcast, complete with all the band/crowd banter etc.

Listen To The Music Play

100_0289  THE WALL 2.jpg

Tivoli '72 TV Vine

started by UncleJon

Posted: December 2, 2008 - 12:23pm

started by Gr8fulTed

Posted: November 25, 2008 - 7:24am
4/17/72 Copenhagen Denmark TV Broadcast

The GOGD at the Fillmore West


The Dark Star and the St. Stephen from this show were the versions that appeared on the "Live Dead" album. The fantastic artwork on this poster was done by Lee Conklin, truly one of the greats...

Wake of the Flood


just a few got wet after we had a small flood.........xoxo Gypsy Cowgirl

frisko flix#7

frisko n trin-ratdog 8-30-08.jpg

frisko n trinity at ratdog redrox 08

Mark's setlist Tower Theatre 11-15-2008

Mark's setlist 11-15-2008.jpg

Before Hippie Bill got the chance, I noticed Mark's guitar Tech standing there...I motioned to him about the setlist taped to the floor and they guy was a CHAMP and brought it over to me.....Gotta buy him a beer or two for his kindness!!!! Thank YOU! Oh...Friend of The Devil was substiuted for Blackird to start the 2nd set, and Dark Star was started the night before and finished this night.

Ratdog Fall Tour Lobby Poster

RD Tour Poster Fall 2008.jpg

Now I KNOW I'n not the ONLY one.....that saw a poster in the lobby and decided that it would be better for one of us to have it than for the venue to toss it out before the next band showed I right?

12-31-68 NYE ticket


Everybody told me I had a good time at this show...

blowing bubbles.....

blowing bubbles.....

Positive Vibes for Folks in Need, Continued

Need 'em? Got 'em to share? Post here.


Photograph (16).jpg

Friend of the Devil

Band Member: 

Cleveland Rocks Vine, U.S. Version

started by Gr8fulTed
Cleveland Rocks!

Happy All Saint's Day !!

After painstaking file downloading and converting, I've finally assembled a 4-show vine, on DVD, from a few great shows in, or near, Cleveland, Ohio.

1979 Fall Part 2 Vine

started by Birdsong1969NJ

1979 Fall Part 2

In searching through all the tangles of vines that grace this site I found very few shows from 1979. I have some very quality soundboards from the fall tour of 1979. These shows absolutly rock.

Reconstruction Vine

started by Lopezz

Reconstruction Vine

Reconstruction performed only for an eight-month period in 1979. The band's first performance was January 30, 1979 at the Keystone in Berkeley, California. Its last performance was on September 22, 1979, at the Keystone in Palo Alto, California. During that period, the band played 57 concerts, all of them in California and Colorado.



Squeels at Pine Pond.

Chilling out at Pine Pond. Adirondack Mountains.


Chilling out on a perfect day....

Pine Pond, Saranac Lake Region of Adirondacks. Eternal home of a beautiful Dead Head.


Pine Pond, Saranac Lake region of Adirondack Mountains. The ashes of our dear friend Greg Stoner, who attended many shows are spread here.

Ted's first show


I think Ted headed on up to the suite right after this shot.

Jerry in Louisville/7-6-90

M S G/ September 20, 1990


"You know the joint was a rocking."

Phil at M S G/Sept. 19, 1990



Mixing Grateful-Fest 2008



Dan Healy, Sage Plakosh, Mike Tomaskovic


The sound masters

Dead Family Reunion


GD Christmas Stocking

GD Christmas Stocking.jpg

The Dead Heads favorite Christmas Gypsy Cowgirl for details

MSG '83 Vine

started by dstache

MSG '83

10/11/83, 10/12/83

Legion of Mary Vine

started by Lopezz

Legion of Mary vine

Ok here it goes:
Disc 1
1. Expressway (To Your Heart)
2. Neighbor, Neighbor
3. Mystery Train
4. How Sweet It Is

Disc 1
1. The Touch
2. I Feel Like Dynamite
3. Last Train From Poor Valley
4. Finders Keepers
5. Tough Mama
6. That's What Love Will Make You Do
Disc 2
1. I'll Take a Melody
2. You Can Leave Your Hat On

at Phil Lesh & Friends


Brigid, Jenna (Megs sister) & Megan =]

Grateful Dead Hour no. 366

By David Gans

Week of September 25, 1995

Several people requested that I continue past the five-part Jerry Garcia memorial series with the next one, an all-music program featuring excerpts from (as it happens) my fourth Dead concert: August 24, 1972 at the Berkeley Community Theater.

Viki & Lee

Picture 401.jpg

This is a photo of me with my husbands longtime friend Viki. Her, husband Rich, & my now husband Loyd went to alot of shows together.

Gratefully Hooping

Gettin down to some Dead on the last day of Summer '08...

Heart rock


Local and Home-grown Dead Shows

We've got folks from around the world here, and with their local radio scenes, net-based streams and podcasts, and more, there are a lot of Dead-related "broadcasts" happening.


If you've got one, or have a favorite we shold know about, post here!

Grateful Dead Hour no. 364

By David Gans

Grateful Dead Hour #364

Week of September 11, 1995

Continuing with the series of five programs following Jerry Garcia's death in the summer of 1995.

All of this music was played at the memorial in Golden Gate Park on August 13, 1995.

KZAP Birthday Party November 21, 1969 Cal Expo Building A - Grateful Dead


This is a photo of the event poster (size 11 3/4 inch x 22 3/4 inch) promoting KZAP's 1st Birthday Party with The Grateful Dead, A.B. Skhy, Country Weather, Commander Cody, & Wildwood. Lights by Rainbow Jam and Sound by Swanson. Including Free Birthday Cake. Tickets $3.50 advance or $4.00 at the door.

Phil Lesh and Bob Weir to Make Rare In-Store Appearance


Lesh And Weir To Sign Copies Of Historic New Grateful Dead Release
Rocking The Cradle: Egypt 1978
At Midtown Manhattan Best Buy On October 14

Going to State College? October 13 Connections and Logistics

By suggestion: if you're headed to the show on October 13, here's the place to talk amongst yourselves!


Ride sharing, pre- and post-show get-togethers, wise words from the locals, etc.

Winterland Marquee




The Winterland marquee for the Egypt with Love shows.


Richard McCaffrey


Winterland Arena San Francisco
United States

I voted for Jerry


I always voted for Jerry as a write-in candidate, it was either him or people like Tricky Dick or Ronnie Ray-Gun. Even though I knew that Jerry didn't have much of a chance of being elected, I voted my conscience.

Band Member: 

went 2 c jackie greene II


so the camera battery died b4 i could get any shots of jackie!

70 and 73 Vine

started by erikat

Sherman, Set the wayback machine to 12/26/70
"Bertha Remaster Series"

Grateful Dead 12-26-1970 Legion Stadium El Monte CA

Bertha Remaster of the Master Reel/Cassette source (SHN ID 22369)

Valentine's Day 1988 Vine

started by erickat

Posted: August 26, 2008 - 5:54pm
Anyone interested in Valentine's day, 88?



1967 Jerry Interview Vine

started by Oroboros

Posted: August 16, 2008 - 7:14am
What about another Jerry interview?

Just got this one.
Jerry Garcia interview from 1967.

Quoth the Raven Vine

started by erickat

Quoth The Raven .... Nevermore

I finally decided on the vine - 4/19/82 Baltimore (Raven Space) and 5/28/77 Hartford (excellent & often overlooked show). There will likely be bonus material of baltimore shows on the DVD - like 5/4/80 and 5/5/79

5-28-77 Hartford Civic Center
d1-Bertha >>
d1-Good Lovin'>>
d1-Jack Straw
d1-Row Jimmy

Jackie Greene


With Phil and Friends at 10,000 Lakes Festival. Photo by Ken R.

The Vindex

Cosmicbadger maintains a comprehensive list of what's currently being vined here.

Originally he kept and updated the list here, but it has proved less cumbersome to maintain it as a spreadsheet in Google Docs where it can be kept current easily.

Boston Tea Party 1969 Vine

started by That Nice Hippy Guy


Boston Tea Party
Boston, MA

Disc 1
Set 1

Merriweather Post Pavilion 6-30-85 Vine

started by Birdsong1969NJ

I've been PM'd to put the Merriweather 6-30-85 vine up, so with great excitement I am offering it up.

intercellular communication


Me and my father


NYC during the all star game. Mickey was in town. Got back to Indy the following Tues., Mickey was in town. Who is Mickey Hart and why is he following me?

my baby kia bear got her wings


Nassau Coliseum 1990 Vine

Started by Ursa Minor

> Hi vineyard folks,
> I thought I would contribute to our endeavor with some really juicy GD soundboard material.

Rocking the Cradle: Grateful Dead, Egypt 1978

Frank The Tie-Dyed Hippy Seal

ebay 589.jpg

Louisville/Atlanta '90 Vine

Started by Ursa Minor

Hi GD folks,

I am new to the group and would like to contribute. Any body interested in:

Grateful Dead 07-06-90 Cardinal Stadium Soundboard Digital Soundboard

Winterland October 1978 Vine (From Egypt With Love)

started by Tommo Winterland October 78 Vine Grateful Dead Winterland Arena San Francisco, CA 10/18/78, and 10/21/78 This vine is inspired by the announcement of the impending release of the Egypt 1978 CD/DVD combo set. Two concerts (all I've got) from the "From Egypt With Love" 5-night run at Winterland- the first shows played after returning home.

Happy Birthday Steve!!!


Too wonderful to cut!

A wonderful group of friends!


A grate way to spend an afternoon!

Two From the Forum 1989 Vine

started by Tommo

Grateful Dead
The Los Angeles (Great Western) Forum

2/12/89 (with very special guests)

Both shows are high quality soundboards, with more
audience in the mix than most SB's, so they sound
very "live". They are not matrixed- my guess is that
the audience was mic'd and mixed into the recorder feed.

1 DVD data disc with FLAC files, and 5 audio CD's.

Omaha/Red Rocks '78 Vine

started by Oroboros

It was 30 years ago today, that the Dead set up to play their second show at Red Rocks. I taped the show in Omaha (2 days prior) and then these shows at Red Rocks.

dead fairie

Picture 160.jpg

this is my own creation

History Lesson Vine - Wildwood Boys 2-23-63

started by On The Road Again:

Nice. Very nice.

Wildwood Boys (2-23-63)
Top of The Tangent
Palo Alto, CA

audience master reel>reel>FM(KFOG's Deadhead Hour)>cassette>DAT>CD>?

More May 1977 Vine

started by Tommo

More May 1977 Vine

Grateful Dead
5/15/77 St. Louis, MO
5/25/77 Richmond, VA
5/26/77 Baltimore, MD

FIre on the Mountain


really miss that ride :(

thats the way..


Never had such a good time in my life before, One good ride from start to end I'd like to take that ride again... what a couple of shows,what a roadtTrip...where's bobby?

New Vines, continued

Old topic getting too big. Post prospective new vines here instead!

Valentine's Day Dead Vine

started by erickat, who says:

Valentine's Day Dead

2/14/68, 2/15/69, 2/13/70, 2/14/70, 2/15/70 - all close enough to be considered valentines day - or the day before or the day after - or ...

History Buffs Vine

started by On the Road Again.

Sleepy Valley Hogstompers (6/11/62)
Jewish Community Center
San Carlos, CA

Jerry's Last Show Vine

Jerry's Last Show Vine
On May 26th, 2008 Tommo said:

The Last Grateful Dead Concert
Soldier Field, Chicago 7/9/95

2 SHN data discs and 2 WAV audio discs, to make it easy.


Band Member: 

Winwood-Clapton MSG Vine

started by Sunshine-daydream1951 via deadicated!

Winwood / Clapton
MADison Square Garden
Monday 25 February, 2008

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Steve Winwood - hammond organ, guitar, vocals

Merriweather Post Pavilion 7/1/85 Vine

started by erickat

3 audio discs (to make it easy)

Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center - November 20, 1985

GD 11-20-85 front.jpg

Evidence of my seeing Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance

Micky's in there somewhere!


Micky Hart Madison Square Garden, September 21st, 1982.

Band Member: 

Crazy Quilt, AKA Crazy Guilt, Vine

started by Oroboros



Dylan-Dead Rehearsals Vine

started by JolleyRedGiant54

Complete Dylan/Dead Rehearsals 1987 (late March/ early April)

Fan Art at TrackMania United


well, i am playing a computer game : TrackMania United, where you can create your own car style. as a GD fan i had to use the SYF symbol on the cars. here you see my wallpaper.

The Dead Heads reach The Gambia, West Africa...


The Dead Heads reach The Gambia, West Africa. Hmmm... I 'turned on' Mum and she 'turned on' the girls.



4 months old!! 2/19/08


Michael on his 4 month birthday!!!

bobby @ oakland coliseum arena december 31, 1985 -1986

Band Member: 

find jerry in the ballons n.y.e. oakland colisiuem dec 31, 1985-1986

Grateful Dead Hour no. 58

By David Gans

Week of October 23, 1989

Rex Radio excerpt: Phil Lesh, Gary Lambert, and Jerry Garcia present the 1989 Ralph J. Gleason Memorial Award to Peter Apfelbaum

Bob, Phil, Mickey and Friends Rock for Barack at the Warfield

By Gary Lambert

Word began to get out on the afternoon of Friday, February 1st, and quickly spread like a prairie fire: Phil Lesh, Mickey

Englishtown-St Stephen Place

st steven.jpg

Whitefeather and Jazz in front of Warfield

white @warfield 1980.JPG

Whitefeather playing in front of the Warfield, Jazzmine in the blond and the back of Andre'. All musicians!!

dead turtle

Picture 152.jpg

a drawing i did,a turtle with a stealie and frog,bordered by terrapin lyrics

Tish and Gina Phil Show 10-12-07

Tish and Gina Phil Show 10-12-07.jpg

Bad Habits

bad habits.jpg

bumper stickers sometimes say a lot

Meet the Viners

By excellent suggestion, this topic is a place for the folks who are planting and cultivating the various vines to say hi and talk amongst themselves!

Pig Pen Bring Me My Shotgun Vine

Started by Greg Macfarlane

Posted: January 5, 2008 - 5:40pm
Pig Pen Bring Me My Shot Gun

One for Eric (aka gd1294) who posted on The Grateful Dead catalog pages.

Acid Test Vine

started by Ltapilot

Can you pass the acid test?
Presented for historical purposes only, 42 years after the fist acid test.

Just Me


It just me hanging out at home

Tonasket Barter Faire


Sitting on Top of the World


1985 Vine

started by richard

Posted: December 21, 2007 - 8:49am
1985 Vine

Mark Karan at home


Mark Karan, recovering from throat cancer treatments, made a surprise appearance at the Rex Foundation benefit in San Francisco last weekend.

shwilly Lot Kids


4 Europe Shows Vine: 5/4, 5/11, 5/16, & 5/26 1972

started by Oroboros
Posted: December 10, 2007 - 9:50pm
4 Shows from May 1972
5/4, 5/11, 5/16/, & 5/26 1972

Bears Choice

Bears Choice.jpg

Fun between the sets at Ventura Fairgrounds.

Happy Birthday, Ryan

Special Guest 7.JPG

2nd try at posting Ryan's birthday cake at Phil & Friends show, Nov. 5, 2007. Only thing tastier than the cake was that orgasmic show.

Robert Hunter/Comfort


Robert Hunter with Comfort March 1978
My Father's Place, Roslyn , N.Y

Band Member: 

Technical Discussions - Vining

Shn, Flac, Trader's Little Helper, and related technical issues go here!

Repatriation Vine #1 - 13 From 1970

started by cosmicbadger

Repatriation Vine 1 Thirteen from 70

Repatriation Vine 1: 13 from 70

Cream Filling #1 1973 Vine

started by dstache

1971 Tour Vine

started by yamadog

1971 Tour Vine

NYE '71/'81 Vine

started by D00Dah

New Year's Eve '71 & '81

Baton Rouge, LA Vine

started by yamadog

Baton Rouge,La. Vine 10/16/77 & 9/1/69

Band Grateful Dead
Venue Assembly Center - Louisiana State University
Location Baton Rouge, LA

Eurovine #4 - US Branch

started by Sunshine-daydream

Eurovine #4
from jan to dec 68 including a Mickey and Hartbeats show
Sounds great and thanks...

22nd Jan 68
27th Jan 68
14th Feb 68
23rd Aug 68
20th Sep 68

Warfield 10/9/80 Vine

started by D00Dah.

Warfield Theatre 10-9-80

Eurovine #3 - US Branch

started by Sunshine-daydream

The Grateful Dead
College Of William & Mary
Williamsburg, VA


Disc One
Set I

Mexicali Blues

Winterland '72-'73 Vine

started by richard.

5 Garcia Shows Vine

started by Oroboros

LiveGarcia '72-'82 (5 shows on 9 cds)

Eurovine #2 - US Branch

started by Sunshine-daydream

Eurovine #2

6th Jan 78
7th Jan 78
8th Jan 78
18th Jan 78 as a filler

4 shows in shn on one DVD


details below

Grateful Dead

JGB Eel River 1987 Vine

started by Oroboros

We have a vine on Phil & Friends, how about:
Jerry Garcia Band 8/29/87 French's Camp on Eel River Garberville, Ca. (3 discs)
(source= soundboard> ? > WAV > CD)

Phil Eurovine #1

started by Sunshine-daydream

Phil Eurovine #1

Phil Lesh and Friends

22nd Sept 2007
23rd Sept 2007
28th Sept 2007
30th Sept 2007

plus an extra to fill up disc

Felt Forum 1971 Vine

started by yamadog.

Felt Forum Run 12/4/71-12/7/71 vine

Date 12/4/71 - Saturday

RFK 6/10/73 Vine

started by Oroboros

I will follow the 1973 theme and offer up the 4 disc show from Robert F. Kennedy Staduim in Washington, D.C.

RFK 6/10/73

New Orleans 1970 Vine

started by yamadog

New Orleans Vine 1970

The Warehouse,New Orleans La.1/30/70 Friday
Tom Constanten's Last Show As a Regular Performer,Band Get Busted At Hotel after show.

Maples Pavilion Vine 2/9/73

started by D00Dah

Roscoe Maples '73 Vine

Fillmore East 9/20/70 Vine

started by Oroboros

Eurovine #1 - US Branch

started by Sunshine-daydream
Eurovine # 1 - US Branch
4th April 72 sbd miller
14th April 72 sbd miller
17th April 72 new sbd sirmick
23rd May 72 sbd outatkes cribbs 17700

Dead/NRPS 1970 Vine

Posted: November 12, 2007 - 10:41am

Dead-NRPS 1970

I've been inspired to offer up this very special double bill. The May show is a perfect SoundBoard recording and the November show is a superb Audience recording.
First Person on the list, PM me your address and I'll get the discs in the mail Monday.

Winterland October 1974 Vine

started by richard

Winterland October 1974

Hello friends,

Gruga Halle 3/28/81 Vine

started by yamadog

Gruga Halle 3-28-81 Vine

Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL 6/22-23/74 Vine

Started by operator

Posted: September 5, 2007 - 5:29pm
Jai-Alai Fronton, Miami, FL 6/22&23/1974

Rochester, NY 9/2/80 Vine

started by tripper

Rochester, NY 9/2/80

round and round

Ship of Fools
Estimated Phophet
Terrapin Station
Playin in the Band
Morning Dew
Encore:Alabama Getaway

May 1977 East Coast Vine

started by richard

Posted: August 29, 2007 - 4:37am
1977 - 05/05; 05/07; 05/08; 05/09

Carousel Ballroom 3/3/68 Vine

Started by yamadog.

Carousel Ballroom March 3,1968

Winterland 10/22/67 Vine

Started by yamadog.

Winterland Arena October 22,1967 / Vine

10/8-9/89 - Hampton Coliseum Vine

Started by Hunter:

Posted: July 15, 2007 - 9:51pm
10/8/89 and 10/9/89

I'd like to offer up this two night run for vine, to anyone who is interested.

UK SOL Party Vine

Started by Sunshine-daydream:

SOL party Vine

Barry Melton & the Green Ray
RETurn to the Summer of Love
Hawkhurst Kent UK
7th July 2007

SBD > PC (audacity)

Disc 1

New Vines

Okay, folks, here's the plan as we roll over into the next stage of vining. Each vine will have its own topic.

Grateful Dead-Beduin wedding in the desert


2 days ago,2 of my best friends got married in the desert in south Israel.I have the honor to produce it.The brum-Benny,use to be in a lot of concerts of the dead during the 70's-80's.Their ceremony o

Dead at Frost amphitheatre


Do not know this date probably around 80 or so.

The Vine

So Hunter (our Hunter, not Robert Hunter) says, how about a vine topic?

The Vineyard