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All In The Family: Peter Simon

From the Civil Rights and Counterculture movements to the Mets' dugout, Bob Marley's Jamaica, Martha's Vineyard timeless beauty, and beyond, photographer Peter Simon has witnessed countless once-in-a-lifetime moments (sounds like an oxymoron, we know) and captured some extraordinar

Peter Simon


There's a fair chance you might not have heard of American cartoonist Paul Pope, but like the superheroes he brings to life, he's been steadily rising up from anonymity for well over 20 years now.

Paul Pope

A Closer Look At The Art Of Penabranca

It's quite rare to get a guided tour of a gallery by the artist himself! We're pleased to introduce Brooklyn-based Brazilian Visual Artist Penabranca aka Bruno Borges who created the artwork for our Circles Around The Sun release and even more delighted that he decided to share a few of his diverse works with us firsthand. Check them out here.

All In The Family: Neal Casal

On occasion we come across a Grateful Dead family member who's been behind-the-scenes yet with us all along. Neal Casal is just that.

All In The Family: Jesse Jarnow

You may have heard us mention music scribe Jesse Jarnow's name a few times over this past year.

Talkin' 30 Trips With Nicholas Meriwether

It's a tall order to take on writing up any year in Grateful Dead history, but to attempt to tell their complete story...godspeed! We called UC Santa Cruz Grateful Dead Archivist Nicholas Meriwether to task for this one and the result is either the shortest book or the longest liner notes you'll find on the Dead.


Dave's Picks 2015 Artist-in-Residence Micah Nelson gives us a little insight into his unconventional upbring (yes, the one and only Willie is his dad) and into how he juggles his time between painting, animating, and playing in not one, not two, but three bands(!) in this e

All In The Family: Jessica Dessner

She may be best known as a dancer and a poet, but it was her artwork that first piqued our interest in Jessica Dessner.

All In The Family: Justin Kreutzmann

Justin Kreutzmann was born into the highly creative if unconventional world of the Grateful Dead. So it comes as no surprise that when his dad gave him a Super-8 film camera back in 1977, his path was set for life.

Talkin' With Donna Jean Godchaux

From the FAME and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios to the San Francisco Sound, Donna Jean Godchaux blends her two realities seamlessly on Back Around, her latest release with the Donna Jean Godchaux Band and Jeff Mattson.

All In The Family: Kyle Field

We're proud to add acclaimed visual artist Kyle Field to the list of gifted folks who work so hard to carry on the spirit of the Grateful Dead's iconic imagery - not to mention their musical legacy.

Kyle Field Grateful Dead Art

All In The Family: Sam Field

To call it a labor of love would be an understatement.

All In The Family: Steve Vance

Grammy Award-winning artist Steve Vance is a veteran when it comes to designing memorable packages.

All In The Family: Courtenay Pollock

From one-of-a-kind t-shirts to custom-ordered backdrops for the Grateful Dead at the Greek, Courtenay Pollock's unique tie-dyes literally and figuratively made the scene in the 70s and 80s.

Check Out Photos Of Courtenay's Work Over The Years

Remembering Owsley "Bear" Stanley

Owsley "Bear" Stanley died in a car crash in Australia on March 13. Few who knew him would have been surprised if he had chosen to live forever. He managed better than most other people to bend reality to suit his wishes and beliefs.

Jay Blakesberg Creates Magic With Dead Tour Photo Books

By Blair Jackson

Photographer Jay Blakesberg has been shooting the Grateful Dead since the late ’70s, and has even picked up the pace in the years following Garcia’s passing.

Dead 2009 Tour Vine

started by Sunshine_daydream1951.

all shows from 2009 tour including KFOG acoustic broadcast. Too many shows to list


Manor Downs 1977 - Poster


Joplin and Sativa




Me, purple balloon first day, light blue second day.

spinnin' spinnin' free, the sequel

continuing the free-form from where we left it...

G and Me

Gigi and Alene.jpg

bob weirs laminate from the 85 tour

Band Member: 

Taper Section


Jerry Heading to Soundcheck (Pre-show photo taken from the monitor board)

RatDog Guitarist Mark Karan: The Long Road Home

By Blair Jackson

Mark Karan

Mark with his Gold Top Les Paul.

Mixing and Mastering the Dead’s Archives with Jeffrey Norman

By Blair Jackson

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