Grateful Dead

Giants Stadium


East Rutherford, NJ
United States


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Joined: Jun 10 2011
was there but couldn't make it in the show....

RU an Hippledipple

I ended up not being able to make it out of my never made it inside to see the show.....spent time with the monte carlo devil....that evenin...wasn't cool.....woke up next morning in tent, submerged in water, next to a drain....surround by a vast pond of cigarette butts and beer cans......the start of the two year battle with the devil.....:) said no, but somehow it happened....not good...turned into a mental warrior however...seems to be have meant for greater things.....:)

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Joined: Oct 19 2009
The band, The Crashers, The Dead as in DEAD!

Sir, I must say that your description of gate crashing really put me off. it was not hilarious in any way what so ever. people were getting the crap beat out of them, The band took at least one year before they would play at the stadium or the Burn and said they may never come back.
I was at these shows, Philly, East Rutherford, Even the garden. What I saw made me cringe. A friend of mine who went to the Giants game before the Dead Show. Which was so stupid to have them both the same day as it was. He almost got killed. He had his ticket and was supposed to be sitting next to me. Half show lights came up and I saw him at the bottom of the stairs, Two guards were holding him up and had to help him up the stairs, I couldn't move. He was full of blood and beat up very badly, He denied medical help. I don't know why.

He was trying to get in to the show and the guards and police beat the crap out of him. He kept saying I HAVE A TICKET!

Once he sat down next to me he opened his bloody hand and there it was in his hand. I was tripping pretty well at that point and was having a great time. After seeing that I flipped out, Ran out of the place and as I did I saw things that are burnt in my memory for ever.

Hundreds of people trying to get in to the show, Throwing those little ticket booths at the doors, Cops everywhere, People getting the crap beat out of them by cops on horse back. I had to go all the way around the theater to be safely let out under police protection.

Now on to Bill & Micky, Bill apparently broke his arm while in Egypt, But never played alone at any shows after Micky rejoined the band in Oct. 1974 and they never left each others side except for an occasional solo done by one or the other.

The day that The guy tried to jump from tower to tower must have been very stupid or very stoned, It's got to be hundred's of feet between the two. The saddest of course is the death of ADAM KATZ I was at that show also.

There were a lot of great times at all the shows I attended, More good then bad. But please try and remember how stupid these kids were and how they made everything bad for the rest of us. People were making T Shirts with DON'T CRASH on them and things like that. Watch either Road to Buffalo or The end of the road, you will see a lot of the people talking about the crash shows and how they affected the band, Fans and everything.

Look I'm not trying to bust your chops I just never thought it was funny watching someone get the crap beat out of them just because they were stupid enough to try and get into a show where they really were not wanted. Saying that I mean just what I mean, If your that stupid i don't want you anywhere near me.

take care, I hope you life is treating you well and your karma is in a good place.

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willy and dead

I still love willy,and its a shame that they didnt do more with him,cause that show was great,xcept for the NJ cops,who did there best to fuck it up.

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Joined: Oct 2 2016
My last show

I went with a friend and was happy to be there.


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