Grateful Dead

Raceway Park


Englishtown, NJ
United States


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Joined: Jun 10 2007
richiebagadonuts my first

richiebagadonuts my first time,sumptin special,listen to them for a while,but this show sealed it. the best. life without dead unthinkable ;->

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Joined: Jun 12 2007
Sunday, Sunday at Raceway Park

If you grew up in the tri-state area and listened to the radio at all, you heard that commercial for the funny cars and stock car races all the time. Way before NASCAR was cool and redneck. So, the prospect of heading there for a show was interesting. It was a big, outdoor event with Marshall Tucker doing a hell of a job and NRPS filling space until the real show started. We got there the night before and were forced to park seemingly miles away in front of some poor sucker's house and walk in the dark to the site. At first, they were going to keep the doors closed until the morning, but due to the gathering mass they made the prudent decision to let us in. Everyone just headed in and dropped down and slept. In the morning waking to scores of thousands of people made me wonder how embarresing it would be to have a wet dream among all those folks. The morning brought heat and there was little water and what there was, was hard to get. It may have gotten Altamont, but things stayed in perspective. After NRPS, I realized the crowd was getting tight and at 5'7'' I probably wouldn't see much. So, I bought a case of soda - that's right - so I could stand on the cans. The show had it's ups and downs. I recall the NFA being very interestingly disjointed with almost Garcia solo sections. During the show, one of my friends had the first of several freak outs that would land him Bellevue, accusing everyone in the crowd of staring at him. Instead of traveling back with a friend from the hood, I squeezed into a car with my cousin's friends, which boded well for me as the other car ended in a wreck. Since seat belts weren't cool, I would have surely been airborne through the wind shield. Live and learn. I don't know how I was able to survive in tact, but I have.

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Joined: Jun 9 2007

...shall we go, you and I while we can...
Many people think this might be the definitive version of this song. You can check it out on Dick's Picks 9.

Joined: Jun 16 2007
A very cool show

I remember this show like yesterday. It was a hot early September day, we didn't have a lot of trouble finding the place, just had to park and walk a long way. The show wasn't in the raceway, it was beside it, with eighteen wheelers used as boundaries. When we got in at around 3 in the afternoon, maybe earlier, The MTB was playing, We sat about 3/4 up the hill as the stage was at the bottom of a sloping hill. There were booster speakers all over, I remember there was some trouble getting the sound right and the Tucker Boys were not real loud where we were.
As the MTB wound down, the sound got better, It was hard to see the stage where we were, but with binoculars you could. (Dicks Pick 15 is a hi Quality recording of this show, a great show,)
As the Dead started, things picked up and the Dead put on a first rate show, that was broadcast on radio, where the Dick's Pick got their source from, I don't know, but the quality is great. The crowd was friendly as usual, and it was a pleasant evening of music, being capped by a great version of Terrapin Station, in the stars of the country!!!!
John 3:16

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Joined: Jun 28 2007
One of a Kind show Englishtown 1977

This show was best, it was the cream of the crop after going to shows in RPI, Troy NY, Willam and Mary, Cornell, Glens Falls, Rochacha NY, Landover MD, etc. This show was all you need. We where between July and August colection of speakers at Englishtown. We did not really see the Band but we have seen them many times in earlier shows, so we just sat back and danced up a storm. The sound was incredable, they had the speakers tuned in. Leash souded load and clear as day/night. Had a great time the night before camping on the field. I will never forget the show. Two weeks later I was hitch-hiking in Hayword CA, guys in a van pick me up, they have an old newpaper in back with a great centerfold panoranic picture of Englishtown NJ. Glad I was at the show!!!!!

I will never forget this show and time in my life.......

Go NY Rangers!!!!

Joined: Jul 3 2007
After gettin' hassled by the

After gettin' hassled by the State Troopers in smokey bear hats, who took most of our stash (not all!) and dumped it in the swamp along the turnpike, we got to the show and the sunshine daydream began...
Jersey and the Dead forever!

See ya down the road,

Joined: Jul 7 2007
magic in the first set.

The best half-step ever, first set magic,didn't happen often but when they hit it, all you could do was smile.

Joined: Jun 15 2007
who wasn't there?

Two of us just parked, walked down to about the first towers/center and enjoyed the show. Not at their best, but later, toward the back, the well synched sound towers produced a much fuller, fatter sound.

Joined: Jul 24 2007
My first show

I was 16 and my best friend couldn't go to the show, so I went to Manhattan, grabbed a bus and headed to Englishtown. I got there just as Marshall Tucker had started. I was the proverbial wide eyed kid in a candy store. I had met a young woman on the bus and together we got to know each other. I stumbled up the slope to go to the port-o-john and when I got back she was gone. I never saw again. The show was life changing.

After the show, I walked back to E. Brunswick to the bus stop to return back to Manhattan. The bus stop was about 15 miles from the show. My mind was on fire and I literally danced down the highway.

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
Wow- What a night and day and night.

We showed up at my friend's house, ready to roll to the show. He came out and informed us he was forbidden to go with us. being a true friend, he dropped the fungii on the front seat and went inside to, no doubt, to brood.

We hit the road and got to the already congested area around 3am. Started walking and found our way into the field. We made it in after giving the security some still chilled Molsons and some pbj's. Set up shop around half way between stage and first set of towers. I was exhausted from soccer training the day before and slumped to sleep. Woke up to a blazing hot sun.

The field was filling very quickly. We were surrounded by semis parked end to end and port o johns inside the ring of rigs. There was a lot of security (or just random people) trying to keep things civil. I remember watching some guys that did not want to wait for the port o johns gettings peed on from the rigs as they peed on the rigs.

We had a great space of blankets and coolers. The NRPS and MTB were worthy diversions during a blistering day. I think Jerry came to play mandolin on a NRPS song or two- I could be wrong. Our beers were getting warmer, though and we were praying for an early set.

The Dead started playing, shrooms were passed, buds flared and we were in for a night for the history books. Check out the tapes, check out DP's, it's all there.

I picked up a 5-disc vinyl bootleg (ripped from the radio simulcast) that was about the most divine souvenir one could ever hope for . Clarity, balance, memories...lost to multiple moves and abandoned apartments.- sadness

Dick's Picks. Get it. Listen to it. Remember what it meant to be "on the bus".-happiness

I love each and every one of you....still.


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