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Joined: Jul 30 2011
Englishtown 77

Well lets see it was a long time ago...I got off work on a friday night and wasnt planning on going...however two carloads of friends were so....The bus stopped, I got on thats, when it all began........
the first issue we faced.... wwe did not have room for two people to ride....
so my friend Rich Z....from Syosset NY and I were going to hitch it....back in those days it was pretty common..been to many shows that way..however for some reason, which to this I still do not understand my sister insisted on hitching with Rich,,,after several objections i gave and took the ride....

As any attendee will tell you this was a massive event...too large..I never thought I would catch up with the rest ot the peple in our group...or see them the rest of the weekend....anyway walking down this long road with tens of thousands of people...(with the locals on their front lawns with shotguns!!!I)I hear my sisters voice in the crowd!!! I call to her we meet up also within earshot was the other carload of friends!!! this was incredible that all three groups made it to the same point at the same time.!!!
..they finally let us inside and we set camp on a few blankets a cooler etc in the middle of where we could see the stage. people just kept coming all night by morning it was getting packed

It was a very hot day, they had some hoses running in the back which turned into a mud pit...
that morning I went to get a gallon of water and use the porta pots....
someone fell in the mud next to me a dragged me down too!!!!
Now I was covered in mud, couldn't find my way back but eventually did due to a large KOA flag as a group could see me going up and down the aisle but I couldnt hear them...

Anyway to the music..NRPS was great... MTB was amazing like always..and I thought the dead rocked...It is definetly my favorite Half Step...I am pretty sure there was an amazing Looks like rain as was a beautiful evening one of my favorite shows of all time... it was a really good year for shows especially outdoors...

Half way thru the show I ran into a old girlfiend named was amazing to see her there..

We hought the concert was over , started packing up but really couldnt go anywhere, then they came back on and did what seemed like a 30min truckin...
A the end we all left safely the next morning staring at piles of garbage and were glad to get back home and take a shower!

Definetly a wonderful end of summer show, one of my favorites

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Joined: Jan 27 2014
My First Show.

16 years old and into the Dead for about a year at this point (my Dad got me the tix). My first album was Wake of the Flood but was more of a Steal Your Face/ Europe 72 guy at the time. It was all over for me (or started) and got heavy into Blues for Allah, then Terrapin.... until Shakedown. Saw all the Summers end era NY/NJ stuff, Capitol Theater,lots of solo Garcia and NRPS, Byrds related, Hot Tuna !, Jorma and Jack solo

Then came PUNK and I followed the musical freedom until the late 80's.

Well then I got a computer and discovered archives, Dime a Dozen, other outlets and discovered Workingman era. worked my way back into the early years.

Wake of the Flood is now my fav, 40 years later. Followed by Workinman/Beauty/Early Garcia Solo era. Love all the older Live Dead stuff. Never even listen to Blues or Terrapin really.

Things change.

Dont remember much of the show, just the walk in, the party.... mescalin!

Joined: Mar 6 2016
Englishtown Concert

I attended the Englishtown Dead Show in 1977. I came down from CT. in a rolling wreck of a station wagon, it happened to be a classmates from grammar school,whom I had not seen in seven years.So I made this deal, if he let myself and my girlfriend ride along, I would give Him an extra ticket I had!We had lot,s of food, beer and magic dragon for our troupe!We got down that Friday night before the show on Saturday,what a circus the raceway was!One smart thing we did do was put all the beer on the bottom of the three coolers that security tried to rifle through, but due to the crowds we were able to get most all of the brew in!They had to open the gates in the middle of the night because the crowd was becoming impatient and they didn't,t want any incidents.I witnessed things that happened that I most likely will never see again if I live to be one thousand years old!But one of the most memorable concerts of the two hundred plus shows I have seen.As it turns out we meet up with my girlfriend,s brother and friend who we didn't,t even know we're going to the show.So Her and I ride back in the back of the brothers pickup truck after the concert, unfortunately we walked about a mile and a half to get to it!Something like the beer commercial" It doesn't,t get any better than this" is the way I would describe that "Summers End Concert"


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