Every Wednesday we present another show from the archives of the Grateful Dead Hour - "A weekly audio postcard from the wide musical world of the Grateful Dead." Since 1985, the show has featured exclusive interviews, music from the roots and branches of the band's musical family tree, and of course a generous helping of unreleased live and studio recordings.

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    Week of October 16, 1989

    Grateful Dead 8/18/89 Greek Theatre, Berkeley CAIKO IKO

    Where in the Greek Are You?

    Grateful Dead 8/18/89 Greek Theatre, Berkeley CALOOKS LIKE…

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    Week of May 21, 1990

    Grateful Dead 3/19/90 Hartford Civic CenterBOX OF RAINFOOLISH HEART

    Interview Mickey Hart

    Grateful Dead 3/19/90 Hartford Civic CenterJAM ->CHINA…

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    Week of May 14, 1990

    Interview:Dan Healy

    Grateful Dead 3/19/90 Hartford Civic CenterHELL IN A BUCKETBROWN-EYED WOMENPICASSO MOON

    Grateful Dead, Workingman's DeadEASY WIND…

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    Week of July 1, 1996

    Ratdog, from Furthur (Hybrid Recordings HY20012, 1996)


    Grateful Dead 11/20/78 Cleveland Music Hall



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    Week of January 15, 1996Grateful Dead 12/3/81 Dane County Coliseum, Madison WI BLACK PETER->AROUND AND AROUND->JOHNNY B. GOODEIT'S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUERobert Hunter, from Sentinel (…