• Sleepy Alligator in the noon day sun,
    Lyin' by the river just like he usually done.
    Call for his whiskey, he can call for his tea,
    Call all he want to, but he can't call for me.

    Oh no! I've been there before,
    And I ain't gonna come around here any more.
    Creepy alligator coming all around the bend,
    Shoutin' about the times when we was mutual friends,
    I checked my memory and I checked it quick, yes I will.
    I checked it runnin' some old kind of trick.

    Oh no! Well I've been there before,
    And I ain't gonna come around here any more.

    Sailin' down the river in an old canoe,
    A bunch of and an old tennis shoe.
    Out of the river all ugly and green,
    Came the biggest old alligator that I've ever seen!

    Teeth big and pointy and his eyes were buggin' out,
    Contracted the union, put the beggars to rout.
    Screamin' and yellin', he was pickin' his chops,
    He never runs he just stumbles and hops.
    Just out of prison on ten dollars bail,
    Mumblin' bitches and waggin' his tail.

  • When I was hoppin' freights and makin' payments on the farm
    Here between the angels and the deep blue sea
    You were runnin', laughin', growin' sheltered from the storm
    Dreamin' of the day the moon would set you free
    Yeah, to sing your siren song so sweet and warm

    River run deep
    River run slow
    Get a little restless
    Wanna see some whales blow

    River run cold
    River run clear
    That feeling always gets to me
    'Round about this time of year

    Scoutin' unknown borders under multi-colored moons
    In the wildest flights of cosmic mystery
    Rang a single soarin' tone that strung the sky in tune
    As the silence in my heart rose from the sea
    Aaah, to greet you in the dawn with a pale harpoon

    River run restless
    River run high
    Runnin' thru a hailstorm
    Try to catch a star on the fly

    River run muddy
    River flow like tears
    Cocoon of life surroundin' us
    Holdin' all our hopes and fears

    Reach behind the wind
    Search beyond the stars
    We're the life on Mars

    When the day grows dark and scary scatterin' the light
    All the colors run away and hide behind your knees
    The same sweet thunder tumbles rollin' down the night
    Like a mothership that calls for you and me
    Come on, and drift along that sky river bright

    River run swiftly
    River run wide
    Feel like sailin'
    On the morning tide

    River run golden
    River run true
    Set a course and follow
    Ooooh, the star that leads to you

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  • If only I could be less blind
    If only I knew what to find
    Everywhere and all of the time
    It's bending my mind

    Confusion's Prince is at my door
    The crown I wear is the one he wore
    He's here to bring me down some more
    And bend my mind

    The friendly stranger call my name
    He only wants me for his game
    But it don't matter just the same
    I'll bend his mind

    I'll wave my flags into the sun
    I've fought my wars and now they're won
    And I didn't need nobody's gun
    I bent their minds

  • Last leaf fallen, bare earth where green was born
    Above my doorknob, two eagles hang against a cloud (note 1)
    Sun comes up blood red
    Wind yells among the stone
    All graceful instruments are known

    When the windows all are broken
    And your love's become a toothless crone
    When the voices of the storm sound
    Like a crowd
    Winter morning breaks, you're all alone

    The eyes are blind
    Blue visions are all a seer can own
    And touching makes the flesh to cry out loud
    This ground on which the seed of love is sown
    All graceful instruments are known

  • When the cardboard cowboy dreams and his cornucopia
    Opens up the sky and blows my mind to the corners of
    [Far in bar rent shine] running beneath high trembling dove
    Leaving me transfixed and raving in the wake of the hammer blow

    On my way out of town I stumbled on the shards of a hungry [scream]
    And further up into the backdoor circle, where the [power and crystal sea]
    [Could this go rise by all allow brater] on the strength of an anguished sigh
    And a paranoid re-entry blanket flies sleeping on a sling shot ride

    As my patchwork [world/quilt] unravels, I ramble yes too high
    [From the looping antrobus with his magic meant so high]
    Shining out a masquerade from dawn to alpha plus
    Watching mashed potatoes dribble in the heat of reality's earth

    [For the intro doom from] running to him
    It wasn't ever so
    Turns the wall into the sky above me, there is no place to run