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We're on a mission to make a miracle every day. As a token of our appreciation for making 2010 an epic year, we're giving away a high-quality 320Kbps download every day this November. That's 30 days of Dead! Intrigued? We're also going to put your knowledge to the test and give you the chance to win some great music from the Dead.
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You know your Ables from your Bakers from your C's, but can your finely tuned ears differentiate the cosmic "comeback" tour from a spacey 70's show? Each day we'll post a free download from one of the Dead's coveted shows. Will it be from that magical night at Madison Square Garden in '93 or from way back when they were just starting to warm it up at Winterland? Is that Pigpen's harmonica we hear? Brent on keys? Step right up and try your hand.

Each day, the first person to guess the venue & date correctly will get a Road Trips of their choice. If you’re not first but you've answered correctly, you will also be automatically entered for a weekly prize of THE WARNER BROTHERS STUDIO ALBUMS VINYL BOX (EXCLUSIVE EDITION) or a FORMERLY THE WARLOCKS boxed set. Log in now and enter to win!
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We haven't selected a daily winner yet. The first person to answer correctly will get to pick a Road Trips of their choice. To get started, login or register using the form above.
We haven't selected a winner for the week of 11/22 yet!


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Joined: Jun 5 2007

thanks for the music.....awesome...My son is just learning to appreciate the Dead...thanks for the 30 days

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
shreddin' Jerry! (and small hint)

at first listen, I thought "subtle as a jackhammer" (12/29/77) - but of course, that's an official release...

If and when you find the correct show on the Archive, you'll hear Phil say "have a ----, --- ------ - hahaha!", and then Bill Graham says his thanks, "we had a ball!"

I figure by giving a helping hand to some folks, the karma may swing back my way - and maybe I'll win the weekly prize :)

Joined: Nov 1 2010
If you get confused...

What am I supposed to do today? Oh yeah, I guess I'll listen to all the great music play!

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Joined: Jul 16 2007
I'm not surprised.

If I saw several shows in a month, would I be surprised to hear two Sugar Mags? Obviously not. So I'm not surprised today, and not upset, just a little deflated because I had real high hopes for something epic to end it all. However, if the goal of this promotion was to garner new fans and sell them music, then Sugar Mags is the perfect tune because everyone, head or not, likes this tune. I hope it works, because more people on the bus means more demand, more releases and maybe, maybe, lower prices. Now I'll go listen to the Comes a Time from 9-16-91 MSG that I brought to work for just such an emergency!

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Today's alternate version

The alternate version is:

13.2 MB/5:48

Muchos Gracias to all involved!!

Joined: Jun 18 2007

Thanks! I loved it and thought it was great.

No offense to some of the people on here, but what a bunch of whiners. Free unreleased Dead songs and you're complaining?

Do you like the Dead or do you just like Jerry? If you just like Jerry then go listen to his solo music, but Bob, Phil & Pigpen's (and the other guys & girls) songs deserve as much attention, this was a band after all.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
I agree with dindan

Join the "Day Job" Fan Club!!!! 8-O

Joined: Nov 1 2010 mistake

You are correct...the "alternate" version I mention is the take from the 19th. Sorry to have caused a fuss.

Joined: Nov 6 2007
the "alternate version"... really just the version from 11/19...

Joined: Jun 8 2007
Great Work

Loved all of it! Thanks to all At Rino/ for all the hard work and free tunes. Sure made Nov race by. Thanks for all the art work (CC),and herlpful tech advice. Iam sooo Grateful!! Sorry I cant type.

Joined: Nov 11 2010
Big Thanks

November was sooooo much fun to wake up and have a surprise waiting to be downloaded!

Many thanks. Peace.

Joined: Nov 2 2010
10% not too bad

I managed to guess three correct out of the thirty. Didn't win anything, but it sure was fun.

Thanks for sharing.

Joined: Nov 10 2010
My results...

I got 17 on my own and 3 with some help - for example, the d/l where they had the correct date in the song title etc. 20 out of 30 is pretty respectable, anybody score in the high 20's or get a perfect score?!

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Joined: Jan 4 2009

I believe I can speak for everyone when I simply say thank you to all who made this possible.How many other bands out there are doing this for thier fans??

That said, I would care to express my thoughts on the "repeats"...

Yeah, there are two songs appearing in the list that appear to be repeated later on. Yes, they bear the same title. I also believe that this was a contest to see if deadheads were able to guess the date each song was played and the venue at which it was performed. It makes sense to me for the powers that be to throw in a repeat or two to add to the difficulty level of the whole thing. Just a thought.

Additionally, we all know that each song, each time it is played, is a whole new experience. I suggest nothing more than a toast to the many more we know will come. yourself...

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Joined: Feb 9 2010
got it right today

And how do I know??? Canyon Critter gave us all either a pdf or an xls sheet for the month - a really cool one, too - and there is todays answer.

I know I was not first, but at least I can say I got more than two of these correct.

So Many Roads... and Thanx!!!

next time.. The Bus comes by and we get on...
Climb in the back with your head in the clouds

Sandman Out!!! :-)))

Joined: Nov 13 2010

for the the free music, and for the band for creating it and spreading a lot of happiness with it :)

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
New Forum Topic

As we bring this wonderful month to a close, Marye has created a new topic where we can continue to discuss this promotion after it has all gone. Gift ideas, continued discussion on the music, Road Trips, shipping, just about anything.

Here's where we can gather after the 30 Days of Dead:

"And on the 31st Day" Forum Topic


Twirly Banner

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Joined: May 26 2007
Day 31

November has just about come and gone (my oh my...) but there's no need for this fine gathering to end. Feel free to carry on the conversations here!

(We can change the topic title if you like something else better. Thanks!)

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Thank You!!

To all responable - Thank you for the downloads. In this brutal economy I've had to quit buying music, and I don't believe in stealing music from musicians. You've always been one band that shares your music, and for that I am Forever Grateful!

p.s. 12 days of Christmas maybe?

Joined: Mar 8 2009
Bonus disc

Marye already cleared this up, but it seemed pretty obvious to me at first reading that the bonus disc for the RT subscription would NOT be culled from previous releases. The first two RTs will most likely be compilations and the bonus disc will contain tracks from those shows that were not included on the 3 disc sets. In other words, it's the exact same process as the other bonus discs in the RT series. I don't understand all the hullabaloo. Why would WB/Rhino change their process over-night like that? It just didn't make sense to me and I'm glad Marye clarified that.

All this being said, I plan to purchase the RT subscription (if I don't get it for my birthday/Christmas next month). As someone who never saw the Dead live, I buy all the releases I can afford regardless of the era. I love it all (well, maybe I don't LOVE 92-95....). It seems pretty clear that the RTs will also be available individually. All this paranoia and talk of marketing seems to fail to take into consideration that sales would likely take a huge nose-dive if the ONLY offered the subscription. I like getting the bonus disc and paying up front and not having to worry about whether I'll have the cash later in the year to buy these.

(On a separate note: How about this for a merchandise idea: Compile a "box set" of all the bonus discs the Dead have ever offered and sell that? I'd buy it, plus the overhead would be minimal. The discs are already good to go to press and the packaging is minimal. I've already passed this idea on to Rhino, although I doubt it'll come to fruition.)

Finally, some folks have some valid comments about the future of music distribution, but personally I would be surprised if the Dead moved away from the CD format permanently. The band was (or at least seemed to always be) concerned about quality sound and achieving the best quality possible. Granted the nature of the 30 Days of Dead promotion necessitated mp3s for bandwidth purposes, but a permanent move to mp3s would be a travesty (in my opinion) and undermine the art and quality of the art that the Dead produced. Most Deadheads seem to be sticklers for quality, too, so until a better format comes along I would assume the Dead will stick with CDs (thankfully) and we can make our own mp3s (Seriously - how hard is it to press a button? At the very least that all one has to do if they're not picky about ID3 tags, etc.)

All in all, I've loved this promotion and thoroughly enjoyed much of the discussion it created on this site.

Thanks to Rhino/WB/GD for putting this together... now if only they can re-stock the DPs in the store for the holidays it would make up for the omission of the Loser from 3/24/90 in this contest!


"Is maith an scéalaí an aimsir." Time is a great storyteller. -- Irish Proverb

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Joined: Jun 5 2007

What a fun month!
(~);-} jackstraw419 (~);-}

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Thank you for the 30 Days of Free Downloads

Sure 'preciate gratefully the free music.

Do the currrent mp3 formats downloaded need to be ripped first before burning to the disc?

Is there a benefit from converting the current format to wav?

Sure wish the subscription could be paid with a 35% down payment due Jan 31 and the next two months Feb 28 Mar 31 automatically charge the card for the balance. Any chance that will happen?

Now go feed those hogs before they worry themselves into anemia

segan63's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010
Golden Road Interview

Yeah, the guy from Rhino, Mark Pinkus, said that they were all going to be complete shows for the 2011 RT releases. The bonus disc for the subscription purchase will be from shows around the same time as the first two complete show RT's of 2011(4.2 and 4.3).

Also, I noticed that the bonus disc text on the front page has been changed from 30 songs to a "bonus disc". I imagine that the 30 songs was an error(perhaps too much of 30 Days of Dead)

Joined: Jan 4 2009
another Sugar Mags? another let it Grow? WTF

Dead.Net, Thank you very much for all the great music but, why oh why with all the great tunes that the dead played over 30 years did we get a repeat of two songs? i didn't care what we got from day to day cuz they are all great but there's way too many awesome songs for repeats?!?!? all this great music would have made up one hell of a show but with the repeat of sugar magnolia at the end is like if the Dead had closed 2/13/70 with "Money, Money"
oh well, thanks anyway

zepthompson's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010
30 days in one week

It seems like just a week ago that this month started
great tunes
great fun
thanks all!
great work Canyon Critter
congrat's to all the winners

tslide's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2010
thanks for the great tunes!

What a great November it has been with all the great music!
Thank you also Canyon Kritter

Joined: Jan 9 2009

Thanks for the great, free downloads. No complaints here.

-Bound to cover just a little more ground...

bleone's picture
Joined: Nov 1 2010
We miss you Jerry .

Thanks Dead. net, but like a lot of others .there are a lot of amazing songs you could have added ... Where is Jerry when we really need him!!.. And a grate thanks to Rhino for taking away what the Grateful Dead was all about. I hope you are making all your money with the free music the Dead gave away. Don,t get me wrong I love the music, but you are doing what the Grateful Dead did for many years.

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Joined: Jun 25 2007
Converting to WAV

Converting MP3 to WAV won't really do anything to or for the music except make the file larger but it can be burned to an audio CD and played by a traditional CD player. Just don't try to go the other way and rip that CD back to MP3!

A lot of newer CD players can play MP3 files without converting them before burning to disk, too. If your player supports it, just burning the MP3 files to a CD that's formatted as a data disk instead of an audio CD will let you fit more songs on the CD!


30 Days of Dead - Song Links

Unofficial Songlist and Winners Text File

tslide's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2010
also thanks..

to Smiley Dave,for helping me figure this thing out when I first arrived.

old hippie's picture
Joined: Oct 9 2007
Thank you for 30 beautiful

Thank you for 30 beautiful songs for free. This month was sort of a bonus disk for the year 2010.
Please surprise us again in 2011.

We will sit and listen to all this music during the Holiday season. Wow!

Ship of Fools

Joined: Nov 15 2010
thank you, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

To all the dedicated heads that put this whole sweet 30 Days of Dead project together I am VERY grateful!!! You all rock!!! Unfortunately, having never been to a concert (which is a bizarre & odd happenstance with a sad twist of fate ) this was quite a challenge - - - but so fun and educational nonetheless! I even had a couple correct guesses and a couple more that I could've got had I listened to my intuition! I wasn't in it to win it but it sure was fun to do! More trivia, even without a prize, would be enjoyable! I JUST WANT TO CLEARLY EXPRESS MY APPRECIATION FOR ALL THIS FUN ('cause I'm sure it took a lot of work to put together!) - - - IT HAS TRUELY BEEN A MIRACULOUSLY AWESOME 30 DAYS!!!

Joined: Nov 7 2010
past 30 days

The calmest I have been in a long time. Need to start listening again! Thanks

Joined: Nov 1 2010
many thanks

sure enjoyed this 30 day gift

Joined: Nov 1 2010
I wanted to say a BIG thanks

I wanted to say a BIG thanks for a very cool month!
Why complain about the repeats?
They played the songs differently every time!

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Big thanks to the Dead

Wow guys, it's been a grate gift for this past month, and it just goes to prove that the Deadhead Nation is the best place to live... a grate country with no particular borders... so it seems some of those hard-learned lessons from the 60's were not in vain! Peace to all ya'll in the holiday season that stares us head-on, and a little more peace in the coming year.


If I told you 'bout all that went down, it would burn off both of your ears...

Joined: Jul 20 2007

Thanks to all involved for the contest--it was fun to participate in and nice to see there are folks out that crazier than I am with resepct to the GOGD. Spending a good part of the month trowling through the archives has caused me to relisten to shows I hadn't heard in decades--what a pleasure that has been. While some of the renditions weren't necessarily my favorites, I went and gave another listen to those which were. Plus, during the treasure hunt I found many shows or songs that were absolute killers--not the right answer for the day--but great to hear in any case.
As far as this being a marketing event--bfd! It is a win-win imho. If Rhino/etc gets more business from this contest that's great--a more successful GD business means more releases available for everyone who wants them.

Hope everyone has a grate holiday season and apprciates that love around them.

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Thank you

Be grateful. Free music from the best band in the world. Thanks GD!

d0ti5's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
What a blast!

It was great to read everyone's entries (even you whiners ;-) As I mentioned before, it has been a hell of a couple of years here at the hacienda. I was really happy to get these, enjoyed my (really poor) guessing, getting everything saved and documented, and being with the tribe again, even if only online. Just what the doctor ordered.

For those of you who missed any, or if the Critters site is down for whatever reason, I put all these in a share on UbuntuOne. Seemed appropriate to put the Boys in the Cloud. I will leave them there until such time as I need the space, so it will be a few months at the least.

The server whines sometimes, but everything is linkable from:

Free Dead

Regardless of what God, g-d, Gods or Goddesses you revere, me and mine would like to wish you the best for the holidays, and a wonderful new year to come.

♫ ☮ {8^{> ♥ ✇ ♫

Joined: Dec 23 2007
30 days

30 days 30 tunes thank you

Joined: Nov 6 2010
on the 31st day

....God said " Play more Dead!"


Silverbullet's picture
Joined: Nov 24 2010
30 days thank you

Nice finish! Thanks for the additions to my collection.

Not only is Sugar Magnolia my favorite Dead song, its my favorite song. Period.

One can never have enough variations on THAT theme!

bobbyb's picture
Joined: Jun 30 2008
its on my pod and off to do

its on my pod and off to do a night ride with my new playlist.
Thanks looking forward to the next project.

The Weve's picture
Joined: Feb 16 2010
Most excellent November with most excellent tunes.

Thanks to Dead.Net/Rhino for keeping the Grateful Dead spirit alive with a months worth of free D/Ls (32). Also thanks go out to CC, Scott and the other kind folks for their daily links to missed tracks.
I've enjoyed the listening & guessing everyday. Tho I'm never home early enough to submit a winning guess, I enjoyed this just the same.
Peace on earth and good will to all, even the complainers.

Joined: Dec 8 2007
nothing left to do but smile-smile-smile-

what fun this has been!! the music-the comments-the guessing-the art! thanks to all, & in particular-Canyon Critter,,, and to the Good Ole Grateful Dead! hearing Pigpen & a young! Bobby flashed me back to the day- & what a day it was!

Joined: Dec 10 2007
Thanks again!

Just had to say THANK YOU!!!! just one more to time to the folks at (HQ) for this grate, grate, grateful month!
Thanks to Critter for helping us out when we missed a day and needed a miracle. Thanks to all the folks for participating, this was fun (heck, I guessed at only 2 songs!).
Let's all get together and do this again 'bout next June at my house. We got room on the floor for anybody that doesn't have a tent. (~);-}

Joined: Nov 7 2007
Thank You

Big thank you to the powers that be for giving us 30 days of musical gems.

"...bound to cover just a little more ground..."

Joined: Nov 1 2010
Awesome month ~ Thanks!

... to all at Deadnet and Rhino for this whole month, and also Canyon Critter and Dead Roots for keeping us up with the back catalogue. I've been offline for two or three days so got a little behind and was able to catch up thanks to their deadication @;-=

Fabulous Let It Grow repeat, hey I would have put this one much earlier, but wtf, I'm grooving along with it regardless.

UJB ~ well I'm so grateful we had one of these, kind of GD themesong really, and a lovely nostalgic acoustic version from the golden era, wonderful.

And a Sugar Mag repeat? Wasn't this their all time favourite tune? Come on, you can't have too many Sugar Magnolias! And these two versions are quite different, hmm, second one must be late seventies, always love Keith's rock and roll grand piano, sounds like around the closing of Winterland era, so must be about '78, can't do any better than that..... Great surprise for an encore, hey the guys always like to surprise us!!!

Ok, so I missed Stella and Loser, I'll just have to go and search through the several dozen versions I have in my archive ! LOL

Fab month, has been great fun, all best to everyone:-)

Joined: Nov 2 2010
Hey guys, Thanks so much

Hey guys, Thanks so much for all these GD downloads. From a very grateful Brit Deadhead.

HiPPYCrEEP's picture
Joined: Nov 2 2010
The most wonderful November

Thanks for a wonderful November, I enjoyed every tune and cant wait to rock out to all 30 songs!


Inspiration, move me brightly.....

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