Grateful Dead

30 Days of Dead November 30

Today's Song

The Music Never Stopped
Hint: Often a set-closer, the versions from the year this one was drawn are often considered the best. This one is no exception.
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Philadelphia, PA, The Spectrum
These 1978 versions of "The Music Never Stopped" were played to maximum power, with huge endings that indeed give the feeling of the music never stopping, which we felt was an appropriate way to end this year's 30 Days Of Dead.


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Previous years' downloads?

Wow, this is amazing!
This is the first year I tuned in and am very thankful to Dave and everyone involved.
Does anyone know if there is an archive of previous years online that is downloadable?

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Just saw the link posted below. Thanks

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oops meant to post elsewhere

Thanks for a great year!

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Unofficial 31 Days of Dead site

I finally found it!! Yay!

For those of you who've been asking, looking, wondering...Ed IS doing his 31 Days this year. And for those of you who don't know about it, check it out! Maybe I'll see some of you there. And this year he's started out with a lovely Terrapin. Ahhhh!!!!


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Gratitude & Love!

THANK YOU Dave and Marye and the Dead family & friends and all my fellow journeyers here! A lovely time was had by all! You've all made me smile, smile, smile more than I think I have in the past entire year. Love & light & peace to each of you and to our dear mother earth. Lord knows we all need it!

Til next time... CHEERS! And keep on dancing'!!

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Thank You!

Thanks for another year of 30 Days of Dead!
much appreciated.

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Thank you all

Thank you Dave and all those who worked on these 30 Days Of Dead. Really enjoyed the music.

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If anyone has the link for ed

If anyone has the link for ed martins 31 days could you please share it

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Found it!

Hey! Just posted the link -- see recent post above. Enjoy!

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30 days

thanks for the 30 days!

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Thank you, already can't wait for next year

Thanks to everyone for their helpful hints this month, and extra special thanks to Dave and the people for this awesome music. Happy Holidays!

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A Band Beyond Description-Thanks!

Thanks Dave! Thanks GD! And thanks to all family who took part and provided great hints!
May the 4 winds blow you safely home!

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Just listening to this...

show for some reason??? Knew it right away and was grateful for the stuff I've come across over the years. Cheers, and see y'all next year!

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Once again...

It's been a good time. I appreciate all the comments and hints to help me narrow searches and to just read everyone's thoughts. But Deadbass36 has to go away now to hibernate until next Halloween. Have a good year fellow 30 DoD-ers, we're a unique lot to be sure.

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Another "American Beauty"

Thank You David Lemieux, Jeffrey Norman, Mary E and all the other staff, friends and Techs!

"...there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst... And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life..." -Alan Ball

b.c. boot

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Uncle John's Band ~ The Music Never Stopped

The Music Never Stopped ~ Uncle John's Band

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It's Been Great - See You Next Year

Great selections this year and a good time was had by all searching the archives & listening intently to the music of this long strange trip. Thanks for the 30 days of music and fun.

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Singing yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Singing thank you, for a real good time!

Until next year...

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Thank you, Dave!! (In a very high pitch ;-) Smokimg Jerry Lead!

Man, Jerry just shreds this to beautiful pieces at the end!! Seemed a little off at first but what a killer comeback on the outro lead for 4 minutes!! Already looking forward to next November!!

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A diamond in the rough

I found this almost immediately, but I kept on rabbit-holing through every single time they played this song and found a LOT of wonderful shows from throughout the decades.

Thanks Dave!

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They’re a band beyond description

Like Jehovah’s favorite choir!

I love the Grateful Dead! Thank you all involved for another fantastic 30DOD! I actually won one this year, and I’ll never forget it! Now, we just have to wait one whole year to do it again...I can’t wait!

Clue: 5.6 miles on two wheels.

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Thank goodness the music never stops

Every year, I create a CD booklet to go with the CD's, and make a boxed set, which I send as presents, and even though everyone who gets one knows the routine, they'd be pretty upset if I didn't continue the tradition. Not only do I collect the songs, dates, locale, but I include the hints and answers, just not the winners, and then I try to find images for each day of November, such as a ticket stub, an backstage pass, a poster, a photo from the show, or as close to it as I can, or a photo of the venue. I always loved the liner notes from growing up collecting albums. My first that really got me going as to the possibilities of a grand package was Sgt. Pepper's. Anyway, thanks to, Dave et al, and you fine folks out there in the parking lot jamming and grilling cheese sandwiches, I get to share my passion with my kids and best friends. Thank goodness the music never stops.

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Lord the band kept us so busy, We forgot about the time

They certainly are a band beyond description!! Thank-you so much for the 2017 "30 Days of Dead". I sure have enjoyed the ride. But now the band's all packed and gone, and we move into December... I hope all of your winters are Full of singing and romancing. Merry Christmas to all!

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Another Year... :)

It's been another great year!! Thanks again Dave & Co!! Till we meet again next year!!


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Keep On Dancing!!

Thanks to Dave for 30 Days of Dead & having me look through the archives in the wee hours. LOL. I learned a lot though & feel much more knowledgeable. It was nice to get Friend Of The Devil for my birthday yesterday. I wish I would have gotten the answer. I listened to the dog joke & still missed it. I know I have this last one. Good luck to everyone!

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Thank you for a real good time!

Thanks for another excellent 30 Days of Dead! How fun would it be to do this every day of the year from here on out? I bet there's enough material to go for decades. I have to say, this was the easiest one so far in my opinion. This Music Never Stopped is a scorcher; great way to end it Dave and Crew!

I thought someone mentioned that there's an 'unofficial 31 Days of Dead' starting tomorrow? How do we get there?

OK, see you all next year (or tomorrow?)!

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Just found it!
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31 more days

Tomorrow, google Ed Martin 31 days of dead 2017. I think he posts it on phantasy tour. It is not a searching game like in November, but he usually posts some really great songs.

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I agree

I've been continuing on for the last 3 years. He not only has some great music, but some interesting commentary about the shows, with links to archive/set list/ and artwork. Never have too much!

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Who’s Not

Going to check the site tomorrow in hopes of a bonus day

Till next year......

Vayan Con Dios

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At this point I think they

At this point I think they should just release 1977 The Rest of it wouldn't sell

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words from a newbie

as a first year participant I want to say what a fantastic idea this is and what a great learning experience.

I'm sure that some (no names, please) disregard some of the comments by those new to the party...but I look at it like this: do you remember the newness and fascination with hearing things for the first time? Or learning some new insight about a tune or band member? I'm getting that everyday!

Brought my daughter into the 30DoD challenge and spread the love.

Thanks to all, at and especially to the kind souls on this post. namaste

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Yep, new stuff found

I got that feeling of newness when I stumbled across the rehearsal for Unbroken Chain this month. I listened to the whole thing, every track, for the first time and really enjoyed it. As a member of a band myself, it was so cool to hear that rehearsal before the UB bustout...

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And now for some summary stats

Songs new to 30DOD released in 2017:
Let Me Sing Your Blues Away
Unbroken Chain

Songs with five or more appearances during the 8 years of 30DOD:
Uncle John's Band (one repeated)

Franklin's Tower

I Know You Rider
Playing in the Band
The Music Never Stopped (the only song to appear with a new release in all eight years)

China Cat Sunflower
Scarlet Begonias (one repeated)
Shakedown Street
That's It For the Other One/The Other One

Bird Song
Estimated Prophet
Fire on the Mountain (one repeated)
Saint of Circumstance

Dark Star
Feel Like a Stranger (one repeated)
Help On the Way
Let It Grow
Lost Sailor
My Brother Esau (one repeated)
Sugar Magnolia

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summary stats

Interesting info...thanks for the hard work.

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Just awesome again!

Thanks to Dave and crew and all the commenters for the afternoons and evenings I've had reading and listening and the times I'll have in the future relistening to this music of the spheres!

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Balls of lightning roll along

Wooosh! What a killer Music Never Stopped, from a show I've never listened to to boot. And the sound! It sounds like it's all ready to roll out. This was not in the batch of Betty reels returned to the Vault, according to the articles announcing the return. But I'm fairly sure it is a Betty recording, just from reels that they managed to hang on to.

Anyhow, thanks Dave! This has been great, as always.'s picture
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Complete 30 Days of the Dead Releases, 2010-2017

Here are all 241 Day of the Dead releases, 2010-2017. Please buy from, they have the best stuff too. Also stop and check out my Dead Fan site, where I am messy but fun on my shows, classic shows, and sometimes do math regarding the band. Your friend, Grateful Seconds Blog

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My total for eight years is actually 242. There were alt versions of Easy Wind and He's Gone in 2010. Plus an encore of Scarlet/Fire on December 1st, 2010. Not sure which one you are missing. But it's all good.

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No Eyes

What? No Eyes?...

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Thanks Dave for a Grate Year!

Lovely song from a great year, making me very Grateful for another fun year.
Through the Cold Rain & Snow (missed that one), my Eyes (this too) saw a woman named Bertha (again), and I felt grate sorrow, as these will have to wait for next year.
Thanks Dave, Mary and all who put this on every year. Best wishes to all the winners (no losers here), and all who include such interesting Comments each year. Only 11 months till we can re-convene.

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If I may............

quote the Hintmaster: "the best" and "no exception"

In my humble opinion.......JUST EXACTLY PERFECT!!!!

I would like to start a campaign to get a copy of this recording placed in THE OFFICIAL TIME CAPSULE OF THE PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH, LLC. The note inside would say something like...........Dear Who/Whatever, Sorry about the mess. I'm sure it's pretty clear to you how good we were at hating and destroying and bombing each other. Please accept this gift as an example of the GOOD and BEAUTY and EMPATHY and LOVE we were capable of also. ENJOY!!!!!!!

Thank you deadnet and 30DoD for another memorable journey!

Joined: Nov 19 2011

Brass, absolutely love your idea! Here's to Peace, Joy, Beauty, and Love in all things! Thank God for The Grateful Dead and all Brothers and Sisters!!

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What a way to end it all this month....

Do you think Dave is talking to us about a Dave's Picks release in '18 w/ this selection? It would be a Great candidate since set 1 is not circulating except as an Aud... jamming Charlie Miller 2nd set now. Hot Hot so far. I learned today a little about how TMNS evolved over the years in terms of length of the song ... and boy o boy Donna really gets into it here.... THANKS DAVE FOR ANOTHER GREAT 30 DAYS... MISSING AN EYES AND MORE PIG, LOTS OF 90S THIS YEAR... 2 VERY DIFF VERSIONS OF HCS.... A NICE MIX OF THE BEGINNING TO GETTING TOWARDS THE END. some GOOD BRENT JAMS OVER THE 30 DAYS... THAT FENDER RHODES SOUND SHOWCASED ONCE. LOOKING FWD TO DAVE'S PICKS 25!!!!

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Make yer own matrix day!

It's make your own matrix day ladies & gentleman! Tough to get them to sync but they occasionally did. Fine energetic version from one of the band's most played venues. My "home" venue. The site of many of my favorites. Wonder if this is this a recent Betty Board addition to the vault. Or maybe just a vault partial show relic that never saw the light of day.

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Fun idea

I'm with you on this Doug - but it takes some work. Instead of iTunes, try using VLC for playback and adjust the playback speed on the download to match the archive version and voila - crowd, Donna, Bobby and Jerry all together rocking away!
And what a trippy "Thank You" at the end of this selection... Must send a big thank you to Dave and all the grate folks that brought us so much joy this past month.

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Oh I just use online players in 2 tabs...

Thanks but I just click instantly and prefer to use the online players from the websites in 2 separate tabs. I usually just use the archive along with the dead dot net (of course) player. I would not know an "i" from a "tune". I do use VLC for videos though. It is a great no frills player that plays the matroska codec used on so many online video offerings. I like the mouse chase of the 2 players slipping out of sync & trying to click the pause/play button rapidly like an arcade video game.

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truly grateful

many thanx for all the good times and tunes over the many years. today's 30 days offering was played at my very first show and the music hasn't stopped since.

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SO sorry to see these 30 days end

Who says a rock band can't play FUNK?

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The End!

Sounds like a cuckoo bird was on stage to say, "Thank you" at the end.

30 Days of Dead November 30