Grateful Dead

Winterland Listening Party

Pre-orders for Winterland June 1977: The Complete Recordings have begun!

To celebrate we're streaming a series of Listening Parties with select tracks from each night. Each party will last about 5 days, and then we'll roll out another set of songs from the next night. Here's the latest installment with two amazing performances from June 8th:

Sugaree 6/8/77
As good as they come from 1977, which is to say as good as Sugaree ever was throughout the entirety of the Grateful Dead's performing career. As magical as any of the versions from the May 1977 tour.

It's All Over Now 6/8/77
A laid back groove defines this great version of what was becoming a staple of Grateful Dead sets since the Fall of 1976.

Click here to listen
(player takes a minute to load - but it's worth the wait!)


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Joined: Aug 21 2008
more previews

Agreed. Still (im)patiently waiting for my box here in the UK, would appreciate some new songs to keep me going!

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Joined: Dec 19 2007
Magical Winterland

There is something about the shows at Winterland...77' is no exception. The band is on fire and on that musical level that very few musicians can achieve. God, I miss Jerry Garcia!!

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Joined: Jun 20 2007
Listening Party

Just when you thought you had every dead cd ,album or boot leg you ever wanted They go ahead and release another MASTER PIECE. I have to say this is my personal favorite error from the dead the late seventies.


P.S Bobby fans are people too. Peace spread the word

Joined: Feb 26 2011
winterland 77

Nothing to say except i just ordered the set im excited i saw the dead back in st lois in the 70's new riders of the purple sage ufb gofisher

nameman (not verified)

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Joined: Feb 9 2012
What a high energy animal

What a high energy animal this concert recording is. Of course the sound problem at the beginning is a drag but the rest of it is a boogey. One of these days I'm going to improve my meditation skills and do some etheric traveling through time, find the winterland arena and hang around the stage and then just float above it all about 50 feet from the stage and take this show in. If you don't believe me then why do you think this show was as awesome as it sounds. I'm talking about a future event that will happen where I do that and send the dead all of this incredible energy. It's so pleasant listening to the fruits of my labor. Charlotte Party Bus

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Is this still available now?

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Winterland Listening Party