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  • Poster - Video Shoot - 'Touch of Grey'
  • Billboard Top Music Videocassettes
  • 'Making of the Touch of Grey Video and More', Advertisement
  • 'Touch of Grey' Video, Letter, Page 2
  • 'Touch of Grey' Video, Letter, Page 1
  • 'Touch of Grey' Single, Side B, 'My Brother Esau'
  • 'Touch of Grey' Single, Side A
  • 'Touch of Grey' Cassette Single, Back
  • 'Touch of Grey' Cassette Single, Front
  • 'Touch of Grey' Single, page 3
  • 'Touch of Grey' Single, page 2
  • 'Touch of Grey' Single, page 1
  • 'In The Dark', Inside Cover
  • 'In The Dark', Back Cover
  • 'In The Dark' Front Cover
  • 'In The Dark' LP Insert
  • Jerry Garcia - Making of the 'Touch of Grey Video'
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