Grateful Dead

Dave's Picks Volume 1

For a limited time we invite you to enjoy Lazy Lightning>Supplication from Dave's Picks Volume 1 - The Mosque, Richmond, VA, 5.25.77.

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May the farse be with you !

...... maybe Vader sometime later but now he's just a small fry.

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This is just my opinion, but this has got to be the first cover I don't dig in the least.

Space looks cramped like you're trying to fit as many recognizeable celestial objects in as possible. Space should look the opposite of cramped. The venue, date and title do not mesh well with the overall design scheme. Skeleton arms out of nowhere holding crossed glowing drumsticks. I don't get it. Never seen Star Wars, maybe it has an 'inside' connection to that? I don't know.

Ugly, and an inauspicious start to the series. This is my opinion, and I respect those that do dig the artwork. I have truly appreciated the Dead's artwork immensely over the years. This cover doesn't measure up to and is not representative of the Dead's oeuvre. It doesn't contribute positively to it in my opinion ~ Sorry, no offense!

P.S. I'm looking forward to the music though!

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Star Wars Theme

I like it. It's a tribute to the day that Star Wars: A New Hope opened in theaters. While George Lucas was debuting his opus, the Grateful Dead were playing a stellar show.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Wilfred --

I agree about the cover. Oh, wait, Star Wars was part of the late 70s, early 80s culture. I guess we baby-boomers are supposed to relate to this better.

While it ain't bad, it's very commercial. If you look as some of the art Canyon Critter made for the for the front covers of 30 Days you'll see some prime stuff for the covers of the first 2 or 4 of the DP(2) series.

If you want to see it posted it's in one of the threads on 30 Days, can't remember which one. But it does beat this cover like a gong.

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Yeah, I agree this is the first cover that does not uphold the standard established by 40-plus years of stellar art adorning GD albums, posters, and the like. It looks amateur and not at all classy. I've seen better looking bootlegs.

Just to balance my negativity about that one, I'll say that I love the art for the Europe box. It uses the original album art as a jumping-off point and expands it in fun and imaginative ways. I also thought ALL of the Road Trips art was top notch.

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Cover Art

While I agree this is not the greatest example ever put down, I feel it represents the era fairly well. After all in '77 things were still done by hand with airbrushes primarily, and I think the art looks as such. Plus I dig Star Wars..
That being said, does anybody know who (or for that matter how) to submit art for such things? You know for say upcoming Daves Picks releases...
A long skeletal finger pointing in the right direction would be super appreciated!
Cheers, and thanks in advance if anyone knows!

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Dave's Picks Vol 1 cover art...

... Looks fine to me.
But I'd rather have a representation of the exterior of the Theatre as cover art. But what is, I'll take.
Thank you!

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The long strange trip continues

I like it, I'm looking forward to the new series coming my way. Seems like no matter what comes out, there is always a lot of complaining. Be glad they had the foresight to record all the shows and preserve them for us.


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okay leetttt me guess...

"your sparking my imagination"
with that cool cover, just a guess, xo!
Stop over to the purply planet
the dust storms
taste like cotton candy and the rain
feels like silk falling all over you....
And wind cries ~ Sherry.
And there
dock on the other side for
the Ship of Fools that need a
ride to a new CD cover>>>>
maybe make one with just one word on it
and I'll turn it into a love song, xo
please everybody but
you can please yourself.
xo for the creator X


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Dave's Picks Volume 1