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Joined: Jan 11 2008

Hallo mr.bear!what a honour to be able to cntact you....but what i wanted to say goes in the direction concerning your opinion on substances that you so wonderfully describe in your essays.i am a 46 year old guy from the tcheque republic and use this stuff since i have been 14.sadly it took me nearly 10 years to understand that i started way to early(but dr.hoffmans medicine never did any harm to me)but by that time i was allready hooked on H since 6 far with me...i read all your essays and the only thing i can add is that your 100% right!but in amerika this is not politicaly correct,even worse even the medics have forgotten that their duty is to help somebody who approaches them and not to judge him moraly!but to you knw the european situation?here the authorithies start going the direction you describe(licencse for users..).there are people like annie mino-director of the towns medical service on drugs in geneva,anthony henman(you soure know),a writer and ethnolge who wrote"mama coca"and"legal drugs"which is a study about dr.marks.This is the englishman who legally prescribed everything to anybody who was in need.these people are in an organisation which is called the "anti-prohibition league",they are joined in this club by highranking officials of the big european citys.but also by high-profile police officers who are tired of chasing kids with a j rather thang arresting killers!so you see that there are parts of the world where things-slowly start to change).i do not want to take more of your time...but 8years ago iwrote a book about d....and i came to the same conclusions.its just logical!pure substances?they saved my live. i admire you for the courage with which you advocate your opinion. Take care of you greetings Frankly P.S.What do you think about Grof,the dr. from prague?

Joined: Jan 11 2008
come on......

owsley,wise one, you know what iam talking about.i am sure that the joint must have been heavy(but at least you became an artist there..)!!i avoided this experience by leaving germany soon enough,when them powers were ringing my doorbell i was gone.....and spent the next 10 years living on the streets of paris and earning my bread by being a beggar!it might sound strange but that was the best time in my life.....i am a painter,an artist too..and would be grateful to communicate with if you find a free moment just write me a pm.we dont have to talk in public!!!!:-)(-: take care Frankly

Gypsy Blue - Cosmic Travelers's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007
thank you

Bear I just want to say you must have helpd so many folks over the years w/out even being there or knowing it, but I am sure thanks to you there are many OPEN MINDED chill, down to earth folks who get life a bit better then the average joe walkn round w/ their head up their own ass.. LOL Enlightenment started with music and lsd for me, then turned to meditation/astral side of my soul and realized we are all one, the dead always hit that same note, the note of oneness And magicly melted beautiful sounds and songs together to create an art that only a tru DEADhead could ever grasp or wrap their mind around what I am saying.. May you be blessed endlessly and best wishes from a young 26 year old musician tryn to makje it in this crazy world.... The Grateful Dead would not be what they eneded up being without you and You are owed trhanks for this.. Even though we are all just humans you know? even the ones on stage... I look at us all as equal, money, titles, or so called STATUS does not matter to me, what matters is what lies within the persons soul/heart.... here I go, ramblin on... Well, I just wanted to drop u a line to say thanks man, PEACE and keep on keepn on!!!
Cosmic Travelers - Gypsy Blue
Tshirts, Glass, something 4 U!

Joined: Mar 26 2008
Lookin for ryan

Im in SF helping my best bro Nature, look for Ryan.Ryan if you see this or anyone who knows one or the othre please contact me at to all.

Ursa Minor's picture
Joined: Jul 19 2007
your audio contribution

Mr. Stanley,

thank you for you contribution to the audio world. I have read much about your insights and developments to which all of us in the modern world have a thanks to you. The fact of on stage monitors for musicians was researched and implemented by you and others was a godsend. However, I am always intrigued about you being able to "visualize" music. I thought that was a incredible concept. I also believe the GD had thier best sound in the early 70's before thier sound was "processed" too much. I really like this from the audience tapes you did with Shure SM-57's which gave me a clear indication of how good the GD's concert sound was in those days. I just wish I had seen and heard them back in those days before all the "processing" came to into stage sound production.

A friend of mine were talking about the GD's use of midi and other new technology, and said I guess they finally found someway to express their ideas. And my buddy replied, "no, techology finally caught up with them". He was right, and it was through you that helped them choose this gesalt to music!


Donnie L. (Ursa Minor)

I wish that for just one time, You could stand inside my shoes, and for just that one moment, I could be you - Bob Dylan, Positively 4th St.

dharmagum's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
alpine valley 85

owsley! someone said they dosed me with owsley in alpine valley 1985. is that possible? i saw bill walton during mississippi half step i think. near the refreshment stand. hey bill! whoa! was that you? go terrapins. thanks.

Joined: Jan 11 2009

Owsley doses? Dont think its possible. Even if it was, the potency on doses would fade over years. Now it could of been the same recipe on a new batch.
Phatmoye's picture
Joined: Jun 14 2007
Audio Reaction Paintings

A few years ago i was reading your pages and you wrote
" I actually saw sound coming out of the speakers."
I thought that was so cool. You inspired me with this.
The music is just Garage band samples. But I like making
the animations. If you have time take a look.
Love all your art on your webpages. You are the Best.



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