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  • clifton.moorhe…
    5 years ago
    Audio Reaction Paintings
    A few years ago i was reading your pages and you wrote" I actually saw sound coming out of the speakers." I thought that was so cool. You inspired me with this. The music is just Garage band samples. But I like making the animations. If you have time take a look. Love all your art on your webpages. You are the Best. Cliff http://zoleart.com
  • Default Avatar
    9 years 11 months ago
    Owsley doses? Dont think its possible. Even if it was, the potency on doses would fade over years. Now it could of been the same recipe on a new batch.Phatmoye
  • dharmagum
    9 years 11 months ago
    alpine valley 85
    owsley! someone said they dosed me with owsley in alpine valley 1985. is that possible? i saw bill walton during mississippi half step i think. near the refreshment stand. hey bill! whoa! was that you? go terrapins. thanks.