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Joined: Jun 14 2007
I met Phil Lesh a number of times

I was driving a taxi cab for a while there (its an old Master Thespian Requirement), and I was telling this hip guy about how I used to know Bill and Phill of the Dead, and I turned around, and it was Phill Lesh, whom I have met many times (this was around 1990 or so, in Las Vegas, dropped him off at the Las Vegas Hilton) Used to chat with him (1970's in Kentfield) regarding the Deads Wall Of Sound, he was teaching me about speakers being In Phase (so you can hear everything, else, people say "it was loud, but I couldn't hear anything" which means out of phase speakers). And I am not positive, but I do think it was Phill that I met and jammed with at the Hollywood Teen Fair back around 1966? at the Paladeum in Hollywood, we jammed at the Accoustic Amp booth, and were playing around with these knobs on the amps that provide a single tone, so we got all the amps going around the same frequency, put em on stand by, turned up the volume, then turned em all on at the same time, and everyone came running to the booth, then we jammed. And, I think it was Cream in the big tent 50 feet away (they charged to get in), before they were famous, I think it was them. I was around 13 years old, and a good musician (classical guitar lessons at age 7). And one time Phill gave me a ride from Marin to Little River to see my grandparents, whom he met, and my grandfather being a top electrical engineer, they had a good chat. Phill knows his electronics. On the way, we were taling about validity of vegetarian karma, me being a vegetarian at the time, and he asked, if you ate meat and no one knew you did it, would it really affect your karma? or is it just a social thing? I insisted it was full out karma, and around that time a deer jumped in front of the car, Phill slammed on the brakes, and we came so close, but the deer was OK, but would not move, finally Phill agreed with me and the deer took off. It sort of tells you something. And having grown up in the redwoods in Mendocino, I was often around deer and birds, and they are often psychic, and I used to take my grandparents dogs Meeshka and Zhuchock (black bettle) into the woods for a walk, trancedence in the redwoods, the dogs loved it, then they would start digging holes and sniffing.

Music for the New Millennium by ARCHURE reg tmrk

Joined: Aug 5 2009
could someone PLEASE communicate this to Phil & Friends for me?

My Dearest Phil and Friends,
I could start out by trying to butter-up you guys to bring your attention to something very close to my heart, while bogusly trying to.sway some level of influence as I try and garner support for a desperately hoped-for Halloween Dead Show on 10/31/10 at the Nokia Theater (or any other NYC venue, of course) in NEW YORK CITY. Instead, i'll just let the words speak for themselves. First, I'll come right out and admit my little selfishness: Halloween does happen to be my B'Day. Yep, it happened right here in Big Apple on 10/31/58. Surely,
the happy couple had lovely, big dreams for their beautiful new baby. Never, would it have entered their minds in those first few years, that we as a family were on the verge of gaining a 'host' of extra, 'de facto' members to the family - from about 1971 through the immediate present. - unfamiliar, yet plentiful, and apparently even in irreversable trends.. They came in: in the intangible forms of the Grateful Dead, plus plenty of other associated & various heads, with whom or what and in some form that would be grouping and gaining momentum. The folks no longer recognized "home: and certainly, no longer the little halloweendeadhead that they had brought home from the hospital. Truly, it would not have been possible for them to grasp the vast spectrom of the long, strange trip they were about to accomodate (mostly financially,) attempt to understand, and be vicariously swept along for the ride with me: one of the most well-blossomed, teen Dead Heads that it seemed the world could create.
They did what only came natural to them: they prayed, - hard, - straight to heaven.

So what does any of this have to do with trying to Prompt Phil to play NYC next 10/31/10?

Let's do it for my 83 year old mom.
Of course, I was ticketed for the since dubbed "Annual NYC Philaton," during the 1st and 2nd years of Halloween Shows, 2007&2008, (This year, 2009, was skipped..) During the time period when we all hang-out before going to the Theatre - 1st Halloween show - 2007, I happened to be on the cell phone outside with my mother. I was describing to her what appeared to be bad vibes with the the tickets. I told her that, along with of the usual crowd, there was a proliferation of youngish-looking, Wall Street types in full business suits, jamming the street corners and waving enormous amounts of money for this Halloween show. It was truly repulsive. $500.; $1,000; $1,500., etc.
Fast Forward to Halloween, 2008. AND, this time it's a very desirable Friday, (Now, I've Mentioned ,above, that my folks are religious.) The identical scene is going on, but this time there's even more Suits And Ties
With specific instructions from Mom (and a huge wad of cash) I got to the scene 2-3 hours earlier. I was to buy up any and all tickets that I could Find, regardless of cost. There would be no inventory left for the Suits & Ties at any cost. Mom's instructions were clear: "WWJD"
Any Deadhead with his finger up looking for a miracle, got a ticket discretely slipped to them by me (obviously, at no cost.) We all went in with a smile, smile, smile.
"WWJD" has a religious significance, with which I don't subscribed to, but I know that 'MyJ' Jerry would have agreed with the plan.



lamagonzo (not verified)
halloween deadhead

I have telepathically communicated to Phil your wish and he has waved me back, saying: Look for Furthur to do Werewolves next Halloween. He can't guarantee 2 things: 1) That he will be alive and 2) That the show will be in NYC. His wave concluded with -- "Are you an organ donor?"

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Queen of Halloween

I suspect this may come as a shock to you, but there are actual honest to goodness Deadheads who work on Wall Street. There aren't many, I'll grant you that, but they are there. I know. I've been one of them. And have met several others, some with jobs and roles you might find very surprising. Some of them even show up around here every so often. Just because someone has to wear a suit and tie to work doesn't make them a bad person. And just because someone wears beads and a dye doesn't make them a good person. You have to take people one at a time, each on their own merits, and for who they are, not what they are. Packaging can be very deceptive. It's what's inside the package that matters.

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Senator from Vermont...

...Pat Leahy is a Deadhead -- plus a whole bunch of others I can't remember.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
degenerate phil

deadheads who were born before 1965 were tought beter maners than say something about afellow deadhead who is abother well let me start over you don't dry sninch to the in frout i mean ever and to talk smack about how jerry cared more about something you pobbily now nothing about exspecaily in the medea when from the the very begening jerry was very clear about his beleaf that music is sound for the soul and not to be for a profit exspecail when he did put out a bunch of squieken noisethat even the monster rats would like just goes to show even monster rats live in packs.and the only reason jerry did it was for the rats like phil so they would be to out of the way of something real like good lovin so what does phil care about except squeken like a rat P.S. havint heard to much about the borrowed name of a so called tribute band the dead not yours phil test us testus testus way don't you arrest us phil we all knew phil wasint a deadhead when he was cold right to my brothers deadheads then spoil a tasty dancin bear picnic and hears the thing it was fate i even seen that interview becouse i thought sombody else passed and it was smack talk to build up airway stats jerry cared to much for his family how could he say no one more thing phil shur knows alot about things be hide closed doors i heard it i thought every deadhead did but guess what fo did they just for got the ice for the fire yea get a life and don't be a phil. BE TRUE hippis bouncin peace and by the way i'm being respectful the this time forrealbouncin

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
betrue and its' a given you

betrue and its' a given you have to ask for a lie well iguess youjust did

Joined: Aug 5 2009
An Appology

I have just happened to come-upon these older posts re my having hoped for future Halloween NYC shows, and are seeing it all for the first time.
Although "way late," I have just stumbled upon this page after such a long period in time.
I am mortified at having had offended so many fellow heads with what had begun in honest humor by me, and was wrapped-up with some babbled-about crap thrown in by some (goofing on me, but really decent, really good people) Head friends hanging out at the time.
Please believe that (& although I can only speak for myself herein, I feel quite sure also on behalf of the couple others -who I left a phone message about it this morning)... that absolutely no public nor privately personal offense was intended towards ANYONE at all, nor towards any (& I can see as interpretatively and fully sterotyped) groups of people, whether they be of any points of varied socio-economic backgrounds, occupations, or of any points along the mid-stream, or in it's reverse, whether they be of good
hearts or not, whether they be 'up on their luck' or 'down on their luck,' and or of any other conceivably mixed extremes within our humanity.
Please accept this as a blanket apology to all
I, and we, thank you for all of your hoped courtesies towards us, towards our poor wordings, phrasings, and any other offending
segment(s) of it all. I can only say, in reflection,
when I had my 21st birthday on Halloween with the Dead at Radio City here in NYC, it was the
most exhilarating night that I ever had, and I
hoped to Heaven that it would never, ever end.
In brief response to the other questions and/or
raised,: like one responder, either above or below, I have had ample personal experience within the walls and halls of Wall St. and actually harbor a neutrality about it and towards much of it's historically classic structuring, and certainly towards large numbers of it's populate, including my lovable father, my "somewhat tolerable"
brother, another, a very enjoyable DeadHead brother, and, of course, others. I recently spent some time Occupying the venerable Street. Yes, I confess to a built-in, born-with- it, Robin Hood- like nature, as does my huge- hearted mother, who can't bear to think of any sad, or left-out DeadHeads that get left out of a show just because they are not able to pay trumpted-up, scalpers' prices. Yes, I changed my driver's license a long time ago to authorize the donation of any or all of my organs for transplant (whether DeadHeads, a NYer, or not.) What else? I am a 7th generation NYer, and am now 53. Two separate times during multi-night strings at MadSqGdn, I gave away my only ticket(s) to DeadHeads that were hopelessly and desperately Once again, I humbly thank you,

Joined: Aug 5 2009

(sorry, but just to conclude, phew...).
who were trying to get a girlfriend inside. I've driven lost Heads home to Connecticut. I've let unknown Heads sleep on the floor of hotel rooms.
ALTHOUGH ALL OF THIS IS TO BE TAKEN IN THE SINCERETY FULLY FELT, PLUS THE GOOD HUMOR IN WHICH IT IS INTENDED,... Lastly, no, absolutely not, I have never been behind closed doors. Yes, Jerry was a friend since I first met him in Denver in 1979, on the day following 3-nights at Red Rocks. Yes, this got me backstages. Have a great day, everybody!


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Phil Lesh