Grateful Dead

Franklin County Field, VT 6/15/95

highgate 1995.jpg

note the torn down fence...

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Joined: Jun 21 2007
torn fences

That happened a lot that tour. I remember we were toward the middle. We had a little family section going on. My son who was three at the time was on our blanket with a bunch of other little kids playing. That show was my 25th birthday. My ex scored me the ticket in the parking lot. I had a great time.

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Joined: Nov 19 2007
Great Show

I was at this show and was pissed at the time because I paid $50.00 for a ticket and walked through after they tore down the fence. I was really drunk and it was really hot. I remember passing out in the sun and burning my skin badly. On the way to Vermont I missed my turn and ended up getting my balls busted by a border patrol cop. The band was cooking and Jerry sounded great. My first show and unfortunately I only made it to one more.

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Joined: Jul 12 2007
that is a great picture

Awesome picture! That one really captures the scene at this show--huge crowd, bursting at the seams... and a hazy cloud over the whole affair...

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Joined: Dec 7 2007
What a tour that was!

I was at the infamous Deer creek show,(GATE CRASHERS SUCK) I will never forget looking behind me watching pieces of wood flying as the played New speedway boogie!!
Even though that year was noted as the tour from hell! I miss the whole damn thing!

Joined: Nov 29 2007
My daughter's first concert

This show was the first show for my daughter who is now 21. We also had a real nice family set up and the damn gate crashers almost ruined it for us. Does anyone else remember the fire towards the end of the show? It was off to the left of the stage(left as we look at the stage) over in a make shift campsite...or maybe that was the 94 show...? I think it was 95...
Anyway, I just remember that the show was great, and my daughter got to see Jerry and the boys and they played her favorite song..."Truckin' "...a really big burly dude, about six-four picked her up and put her on his shoulders so she could see better. We had a real nice group around us.
Unfortunately this was also our last Dead show, as Jerry died not long after(as we all well know). My little pooter cried and cried and cried and lit a candle in City Hall Park(in Burlington where we lived) and the hundreds gathered there cried right along with her.
Dont tell her I told you her nickname!!!LOL
I really think that all the stress of that tour was a big factor in Jerry's death. He really worried about us and the "scene" and I know he didn't like the way the tide was turning.
So sad.
Nothing will ever compare to a summer on the road with the Grateful Dead.

Joined: Jan 9 2009
That was f@@ked up!!

I could not believe how bad that scene was. The previous year was totally cool. Half the people there didn't even go for the music. I was pissed!!!

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Great Abenaki welcome!

My brother and I went in early so I never knew about the fence until afterward, and this is the first photo I've seen. We got a great spot close to the front, with everyone respecting others' blanket space and sharing kind and dosed jugs of water all around. I remember members of the Abenaki coming on stage with hand drums and welcoming us to their tribal land with some songs. How can you beat that?!

lamagonzo (not verified)
The Abenaki

like most indians, wern't thought much of in their ancestral lands. Vt. was no different in that it used to call it's natives "water rats". There was a heap of other atrocities thrown at them through the years. It kind of chokes you up to think that in 1995 they did a "Welcome & God Bless You!", considering the violation of that land the show was on (depends on your view I know, I know...)

The Gyuto Tibetan tantric monks were there in 1995 at Shoreline, not quite analogous, but a good grok on the major mojo going on out there around that time.

Joined: Jun 9 2011
I almost got crushed

me and my friends had just got to the gate, they took the tickets from three of my friends and then closed the gate right in our faces. Acouple of guys got up on shoulders and were yelling back at the crowd to chill and stop pushing the crowd kept pushing me and my buddy were crushed against the gate all I could think of was all the crushing deaths that occur at soccer games around the world. The gate came open and the security rushed to try and close it crushing us even more, finally they couldnt hold it back anymore and the whole fence came down.


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Franklin County Field, VT 6/15/95