Grateful Dead

Jerry & Dancing Bear tats

Jerry & D Bear tats.jpg

"Stereo shot" of "Leonard & wife rear" posted earlier

Grate Jerry and Dancing Bear tats. This was taken in the lot at Red Rocks before one of the 5 shows for the '04 "Wave that Flag Tour".

Besides the music, one of the best things about a Dead Show is the truly wonderful and interesting people you meet in the lot. These were two such people. Leonard and his wife from Kansas. Many apologies for not retaining Leonard's wife's name.

"One of the 5 shows","not retaining Leonard's wife's name"? Notice a trend here?
Too many consecutive days of short term memory loss leads to long term memory loss. But I do remember having "a real good time", with grateful thanks to all.

"Daybreak, Daybreak on the land ...Playing, like a wave upon the sand"

Jerry & Dancing Bear tats