Grateful Dead

Jerry Jamming


These are drawings i did bad in the late 80 early 90s after getting out of college had no where go couldn't get a job as an artist and because of the triggle down economy couldn't get a job at mc donalds so i followed the dead spending my name as an artist and getting to see the country for almost 4 years. plus at the time i had no lience or car i cought ride with all kinds of people hustleing all kinds of stuff from egg rolls to balloons, i've seen a person drown in orlando and on the other side of the building a baby being born in the parking lot. i have alot of storys and alot of ideas for your touring program this year, to protect us the dead heads from falling into jails,getting left behind, or simply have no legal way to keep touring, if we're gonna be a brother and sister way of life then we need to be more greener in our ways and i don't mean weed or drugs. PEACE ON..

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Jerry Jamming