Grateful Dead

3 From '89 DVD Vine

started by augustwest

Some nice video from the epic year of 1989. This takes 9 DVDs in total, all shows complete.

If you click on my "name", you'll see in the fan photo section screen shots from each show to get an idea of the quality (7/7 is better than the screen shot makes it look).

6/21/89 -- proshot vid with soundboard audio (taken from pay-per-view broadcast).

7/7/89 -- audience shot vid on tripod with Healy matrix audio.

10/9/89 -- audience shot vid on tripod with sbd audio.

Here's hoping that before this vine runs its course, we'll pull the 7/7 discs once that show is officially released on DVD!

I'll include the technical details with the discs.

3 From '89 DVD Vine