Grateful Dead

Skull & Roses Embroidery


For BillyBob so loved the Dead that he spent weeks on this embroidery when he never embroidered a friggin' thing in his life! It was 1974 and I had just gotten out the Army after three fun filled years including 18 months is the SE Asia arena. (Never eat LSD in a combat zone! lmao!) Out of all the things I missed about home and livin' in the Bay Area was the Dead shows! I sewed it on to black velvet and once tacked it onto the back of a black vest and wore it at a Dead Concert at the Oregon Country Fair Site. I got some interesting looks from the other bikers. They prolly thot, "Kewl! The band has an M/C Club now!" Don't think I ever embroidered another thing in my life! Love the site! Kina a taste of the "Old days". Luv you Jerry!! Miss you man!!

Skull & Roses Embroidery