Grateful Dead

Dogfish Head’s Grateful Dead Brew Hitting Taps, Shelves

American Beauty, the counterculture collaboration between Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and the Grateful Dead, will be hitting taps and shelves over the next few weeks.

The band took the lead on deciding the style of beer, and they opted for a bold pale ale made with 100 percent U.S.- grown ingredients. The brewery and the band, who both built followings by connecting directly with their fans, asked their supporters to help decide on one righteous, off-centered ingredient to add to the recipe that would complement the pale ale base.

More than 1,500 loyal fans suggested an ingredient idea and the Dead-inspired story behind it. There was no shortage of great suggestions – the red grenadine from “Brown-Eyed Women,” rose hips reminiscent of the motif painted on the Rosemont water tower – but there was one that stood out.

Thomas Butler, a chemist by day and homebrewer by night, suggested granola. It was the main course in millions of parking lot meals, and both Dogfish and the Dead agreed it would be a sweet and toasty complement to the pale ale’s hops and barley.

We searched high and low for the right granola, and Grizzlies in Eugene, Ore., made the connection. Their organic mix lends American Beauty light almond notes and touches of orange-blossom honey.

“The components of granola – honey, toasted grains, oats – offer a lot from a beer perspective,” says Thomas, who visited Dogfish Head in coastal Delaware to brew a test batch. “It was fun brewing with these guys. The Dead built their own institution, their own identity. It’s a family. And Dogfish culture is big, too. They’re the pioneers of playing with beer.”

American Beauty will be available on draft and in 750-ml bottles throughout Dogfish Head's 27- state distribution network, in accordance with local laws. To find retailers who have received shipments in the past 60 days, try Dogfish Head’s “Fish Finder” app at

To celebrate the release, we’re debuting American Beauty at launch parties at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, Calif., and at several Alamo Drafthouse Cinema locations.

* The first launch party, going down Oct. 15 at Terrapin Crossroads in San Rafael, Calif., will include special menu items and a bar show with Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band. The event is open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis, and reservations for dinner are recommended. For more information, call (415) 524-2773.

* On Oct. 22, the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Yonkers, N.Y., will put on a beer dinner and screening of The Grateful Dead Movie hosted by Dogfish Head Founder and President Sam Calagione and Alamo Yonkers Executive Chef Lupe Gutierrez. Tickets are $45. For information, call (914) 226-3082.

* Also on Oct. 22, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Ashburn, Va.; San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas; and Denver, Colo. will be screening The Grateful Dead Movie and serving the new brew. The Alamo in Winchester, Va., will do the same on Oct. 23.

Learn more about American Beauty and where to find it here.


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Joined: Jun 4 2007
american beauty

There is a t-shirt available on dogfish head's website, ... Nice!

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Limited distribution

Dogfish, Russian River and my fav, Alchemist's Heady Topper, haven't made it to the Heartland.
I can find the first two in Colorado. I'm looking for a kind resident near Waterbury VT to send me 2 - 6'rs of Heady Topper a month. I'll find an American Beauty next week on a trip to San Rafael, Petaluma and Santa Rosa. Will report on the imperial pale, accordingly.

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Joined: Jul 29 2009
Yaaayyyyy for Beer

Im sure I can get some of that here?

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Joined: Jul 29 2013

Sucks living in the middle of nowhere. None of the good events ever come close to here. My friend in Wilmington, DE turned me on to Dogfish Head. The very next time I venture to the big city, I'm looking for this brew.

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
American Beauty

Is not in the Fish Finder drop-down menu... Kind of defeats the purpose of finding this beer and drinking it.


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