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Grateful Dead Limited Edition Vinyl Coming For Record Store Day’s Black Friday Event

Rhino Readies Grateful Dead Double-LP Winterland 1971

Available November 23 At Select Independent Retailers

The Grateful Dead made Winterland its home for years until 1978, when the band closed Bill Graham’s legendary venue for good with a spectacular New Year’s Eve blow out. The friendly confines of the former ice-skating rink always seemed to bring out something special in the band. That’s certainly true of the group’s May 30, 1971 performance, which was the second night of a homestand during the era later immortalized on the 1971 live collection Skull and Roses.

For Record Store Day’s Black Friday event on November 23, and Rhino will release a portion of that show (all that the band has in their vault) for the first time, offering it on 180-gram vinyl as a limited edition double-LP set of 7500 copies. WINTERLAND 5/30/71 will be available exclusively at select independent music retailers for a suggested price of $34.98. Visit for a list of participating stores.

Sourced from the original reels of ¼” tape, the music was mastered by Jeffrey Norman and the vinyl lacquers were cut by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering and then pressed at RTI. Grammy®-winning graphic artist Masaki Koike evokes the Skull and Roses album cover for this set’s gorgeous gatefold.

It’s over one hour of Dead classics that covers nearly the entire second set, which was packed with crowd pleasers like “Sugar Magnolia,” “Truckin’” and “Deal.” One entire LP side is dedicated exclusively to “Turn On Your Lovelight,” a 15-minute-plus romp led by singer/organist Ron “Pigpen” McKernan. For its encore, the band – Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, and McKernan – capped the evening off with raucous “Johnny B. Goode.”

Side One
1. “Sugar Magnolia”
2. “Cumberland Blues”
3. “Big Boss Man”

Side Two
1. “Me And My Uncle”
2. “Deal”
3. “Truckin’”

Side Three
1. “Turn On Your Lovelight”

Side Four
2. “Uncle John’s Band”
3. “Casey Jones”
4. “Johnny B. Goode”


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Anna rRxia's picture
Joined: Dec 25 2009
It's all about

Making collectible things at this point. Make a limited amount that will sell and then not have to worry about inventory. They lucky few get to pedal to the real vinyl freaks - who, if they don't have a record store handy,endup being the ones to pay through the nose...

giantnerd's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
All analog?

So this LP was never converted to digital signal? Straight analog from tape to record? If so that is amazingly cool and would love to see more of that!!! I'd buy every one!!!

Joined: Feb 3 2012
Digital Download

My previous response got me thinking: who's in charge of what does or doesn't happen with these recordings? Would it be possible for this RSD exclusive to be released for purchase in the digital market? With as many die-hard and long-time Deadheads as there are out there, I'm sure there are a great deal of fans who'd love to be able to buy this release outside of the pre-ordained limited vinyl release. I know I sure would.

Joined: Feb 3 2012

The Sound Garden in Fells Point, Baltimore, got some extra copies in late, but they were gone within the day. If only I didn't have this pesky job keeping me out of the record store.... It's a shame this release hasn't been released digitally like a large portion of last year's RSD exclusives.

Joined: Aug 12 2008
We Were There

Recall having tickets for the Friday night, 28-May show, that was cancelled due to Jerry's illness. Turned them in for a refund Friday evening, and Saturday or Sunday purchased new tickets for the rescheduled Sunday, 30-May concert. Great show and was really surprised by the on-stage periodic shooting towers of flames!

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Joined: Feb 2 2011
is the pitch correct?

just play an in-tune instrument along with it, that would make the answer obvious, assuming your turntable speed is accurate, if you can play along without going crazy then it's close enough

in fact i did hit a piano key (of a reasonably in-tune piano) while the record was playing and it sounded on pitch to me

it sure is nice dropping the needle to hear raw live dead, although i wouldnt consider this anywhere near my favorite quintet performance of 71, if someone could have presented this package to me in the eighties i'd have thought i'd died and gone to heaven

Joined: Apr 23 2008
Anything's possible

As I said I'm not perfect but then again neither are timings on vinyl. I think you'll find that no timings on lps line up exactly with the stated time.

Joined: Apr 2 2008
Im convinced

I used a stop watch to time a couple of tracks (OCD I know I Know). I used Charlies version for comparison to the vinyl. Here is what I found.

Song Vinyl Digital

Sugar Mag 6:03:42 5:58:69
Lovelight 14:18:71 14:06:21

I suppose there is a couple second +- human error factor but I am really convinced the pitch of the vinyl is off. My turntable has direct drive and a quartz lock system so I dont think it is playing slow. Im sure its not perfect but Ive never noticed any other vinyl sounding off pitch.

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Joined: May 26 2007

I could start a thread if you'd like....

Joined: Apr 23 2008
Pitch again

I have listened to the discs twice since getting them at the time I didn't notice anything. But after reading these comments I decided to give it another shot. My turntable as most have pitch adjustment. I'm no expert but after trying up to 5% each way I come down on the side that it's right on. On another slightly related issue can anyone tell me how to start or who starts a new chat subject dedicated to talking about Dead vinyl in general old and new. I can't help thinking there's enough vinyl fanatics and collectors to justify it. I think it could be pretty lively and for us collectors someone could pass on a tidbit of information on an old title or something new Thanx


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