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It's about that time to break out the banjo, gather up the family band, and let your creativity flow, visually and vocally. The DEAD COVERS PROJECT returns in 2018! We will be featuring selections on Grateful Dead properties all February long but you can send in your submissions as soon as January 1st. Simply upload your video to YouTube, tag it "DeadCoversProject," and we'll make it available to view on the band's official YouTube channel, in February.

Check out this year's growing playlist.

Dead Covers Project


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Joined: Feb 2 2018
Dead Covers Project 2018 Cold Rain and Snow open mic

married me a wife she's been trouble all my life

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Joined: Apr 29 2016
'Ripple' w/ Vasar Clemens

- Catfish John - :)

( I'm not sure how to present a performance besides this message. I not good with computers :)

...Ronnie is my family! :)

Joined: Oct 15 2015
DeadCoversProject2018 - Loser - UJB(UK)

Hi, here's a humble contribution from London, England, to your Dead Covers Project 2018.

Best wishes

Uncle John and Uncle John

Joined: Nov 3 2016
me and my uncle - dead covers project 2018

it’s a pleasure to be a part of this year’s dead covers project

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Joined: Mar 7 2008
Chapman Stick!

Very cool! You don't see a lot of Stick players out there and almost none playing Dead music. Awesome stuff! \m/ (~);}

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Joined: Feb 20 2018
Dark Star on the Chapman Stick Guitar

When my brother bought home Live Dead and I first heard Dark Star, it literally changed my life. It was one of the pivotal moments that made me want to make music. Below is my cover of Dark Star performed on the Chapman Stick Guitar.

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Joined: Mar 7 2008
Bird Song with classical violinist - The Kind DeadCoversProject

We've been playing in Southwest Virginia for 32 years and counting. Last week we had one of the violinists from the Roanoke Symphony show up and play a few tunes with us. It was a lot of fun!

Bears Choice NYC's picture
Joined: Feb 28 2016
Bear's Choice: Half-Step > Cumberland Blues

Bear's Choice performing Mississippi Half-Step > Cumberland Blues. We are from the NYC-Lower Westchester area.

Follow us @bearschoice

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Joined: Aug 12 2011
Thank you

Very honored to be featured on the website today!

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Joined: Feb 1 2016
All Along The Watchtower, Dead Covers Project

Hey there!

Hey there! Here's my contribution to the 2018 Dead Covers Project. After last year's less than inspiring performance, both in effort and subsequent views, I tried to up the production value again. Hope you enjoy and as always thanks for watching.

Check it out and let me know what you think!



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