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Winterland June 1977: The Complete Recordings

Winterland June 1977
The Complete Recordings

The Shows

June 7, 1977
June 8, 1977
June 9, 1977

Boxed and Ready to Go!

Sound the imperial trumpets! Bang the drum! Pop that champagne! Another Grateful Dead box set is comin’ your way! Yes, in the grand tradition of the beloved Fillmore West 1969 and Winterland 1973 boxes, comes Winterland June 1977: The Complete Recordings, a 9-CD box set that is sure to knock your tie-dyed socks off.

At this point, we probably don’t need to hype you on the glories of ’77 Dead. It was a magical time for the band, which was reinvigorated by a plethora of great new material—“Terrapin,” “Estimated Prophet,” “Passenger,” “Fire on the Mountain”—and really hitting its stride again following the October ’74 to June ’76 performing hiatus. The group spent much of the first three months of 1977 recording their Terrapin Station album with producer Keith Olsen, and Garcia also managed to find time to complete the much-anticipated Grateful Dead movie (which opened June 1, 1977). The third week of April, the band embarked on what most Dead Heads agree was one of the greatest tours ever: 26 concerts in the East and Midwest in a little over a month—an awesome stretch that produced so many great shows, a few of them already released in the Dick’s Picks series and subsequently (and more, no doubt, destined to come out down the road.)

So when the Dead returned to San Francisco’s Winterland for shows on June 7, 8, 9, they were pumped up and feeling good! They treated their hometown fans to three superb concerts that included excellent versions of much of their current repertoire, from the new combo of “Scarlet Begonias” > “Fire on the Mountain,” to a truly colossal, more than 30-minute “Help on the Way” > “Slipknot!” > “Franklin’s Tower,” “Saint Stephen,” “Terrapin,” “Good Lovin’,” “Not Fade Away,” “The Other One”… too many favorites to mention (you can see the complete song lists here). Winterland June 1977: The Complete Recordings contains every note recorded from the three shows, more than nine hours of prime Dead, all taken from the master analog tapes, restored using the Plangent Processes, and mastered in HDCD by that inimitable sonic tweakster, Jeffrey Norman.

The nine discs are packaged in a beautifully designed box that includes artwork by Emek (you loved his crazy Winterland ’73 phantasmagoria); a 28-page booklet featuring a wonderful and illuminating new essay by Rolling Stone senior music editor David Fricke (who dubs this a “box of paradise and circus… six complete sets of inspired risk and collective explosion”); lots of great Winterland action shots by noted GD shutterbugs Ed Perlstein and Bruce Polonsky; and a couple of little pieces of period memorabilia we won’t reveal here.

—Blair Jackson


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Joined: Mar 27 2017
Hoping this returns...

I hope this set returns at some point, though I'm not counting on it. I'd love to get it as a mate for my Winterland 1973 box. It's surprisingly hard to find at a reasonable price on the secondary market. That's what I get for missing it years ago, I suppose.

Joined: May 16 2013
Sold out

I think it is sold out. This set re-appeared (BRIEFLY) last fall, and I jumped in and bought it in Nov. 2014. After a while, it disappeared again. (Maybe they just found a few extra sets kicking around the warehouse or something?) I was pleased -- and somewhat shocked -- when my box set arrived WITH THE BONUS DISK.

Sorry it seems to be gone again. Seems like a set they might want to "resurrect"

Joined: Jan 14 2015
Still available?

The link to the store is broken (it 404s) and I can't find a download version of this in the store or any message that it is sold out or in fact any trace of it ever having existed.

Which is kind of a shame - I'm streaming the show from, but I am broadly in favour of handing over some money instead.

Joined: Jun 6 2007
bonus disc

A year and half later, I finally had the cash to order this, and what do you know ... a bonus disc. Now that's a bonus.

Joined: Jan 12 2009
Just got mine!

Just received my boxed set and, lo and behold, it came with the BONUS DISC!!! Yippee! Even more fantastic music from an incredible tour. Thank you, Grateful Dead Store. I don't know about other's noted problems, but I'm thrilled with your service and have never had a problem except for a few broken cases every now and then. No biggie. You guys are the best.


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Joined: May 26 2007
anothertribe and gratefan

please send me a PM with your order numbers and relevant email address and we will try to find out what's what. Thanks!

Joined: Apr 7 2010
Ordered over a week ago and nothing

anothertribe - did you receive a shippimng email - I ordered the winterland box over a week ago, despite reservations due to the ongoing problems highlighted here, was told international shipping takes place next day and that I'd receive a confirmation email once the set leaves the warehouse. So far - nothing. Emailed customer service and again, nothing. Was charged for the box so I've paid for it, is there anybody out there?????

Joined: Mar 24 2010
QC and ordering issues resolved?

I ordered Winterland June '77 the other day from (first time). Today I find this thread with references to ordering snafus, bad & missing discs, booklets etc. I know that a forum like this generally only attracts people that experienced problems but I am now a little apprehensive and wonder if these issue have been resolved. So far I have not received any shipping notification so I guess it is not too late to cancel my order. I just don't want to received a $100+ headache.

Joined: Apr 23 2008
Move to fast of Rhino Manipulation

benfegitas Well I guess it had to happen sometime. When I saw the complete '77 Winterland in the area reserved for new releases I moved fast bougtht it got it opened it then realized this was released months ago and while I should have and will in the future I will make sure they things they advertise in the new area are really new. Since I opened it I'm out of lusk. I can almost hear the Rhino execs saying see you sucker thanks for the $ 115 you really didn't have

Joined: Jan 5 2010
Customer Service Problem solved

Hey now!

I'm happy to say I finally got replacement discs yesterday and they play perfectly. I still think the same problem could have been solved with much less hassle...



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