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Garcia Project '74 Installment 3 Vine

started by UncleJon

This is installment 3 of 5...

Not sure yet how many DVDs this will be, probably 3 or 4. Had to fit Halloween on considering we're coming up on the 35th anniversary of that show...



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Regarding the New Year's

Regarding the New Year's shows in SF: I thought both shows were great! First night seemed a little tighter to me, but both nights' set lists are sweet. I give Phil credit for giving the Heads what they want. No throwaway songs, and no lengthy Space. Great to be in the city for New Year's - brought back memories of my first NY's at the same venue in '83-84. These shows were better, there I said it. Nice to see Phil so happy. Kadlicek definitely hangs back vocally on some key Jerry parts, but it seems more reverential, and out of respect to Bob and Phil. But at other times he really steps up to the mic, and it totally works for me. I don't know, maybe Phil is keeping him down, but he played really well, and the fit is obvious. I like the back up singers, too. They helped smooth things out vocally. But who were they? They should have been introduced!
NY's was a long show 8-1:30 (or so), and the third set was a tad ragged, but the energy was right, and Golden Road was sweet, to say the least! It was a party. Frankly that 2nd set that went until 11:45, was what blew my doors! Loved that Floyd stuff, and loved the After Midnight. "Time" was epic, the way Phil hit those subsonic notes we're all so familiar with from tripping to Dark Side as kids - good stuff.
I heard a couple people moaning about the drummer's rhythmic abilities, and sure you hear the issues with complex songs like St. Stephen, and Unbroken Chain, but I appreciate the energy they brought. We're spoiled by the relationship Billy and Mickey built over 40 years. No other drumming combo will be able to come close to that. Anyway, I had a blast. Love the Bill Graham Civic - great venue for what I considered to be a Phil and Friends show, with Bob attached at the hip.

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now that's a fine set list

I was dead to the world by 9:30 last night but it sounds like the more hardy souls got a great one!

And now they've started the year off with more Furthur shows in Mill Valley too. Busy guys...

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New Years

Great show. Please forgive me if I made any mistakes...Its Happy New Year Brother and Sisters.

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New Years

Great show. Please forgive me if I made any mistakes...Its Happy New Year Brother and Sisters.

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12-31-09 Bill Graham Civic

Set 1

Shakedown St.
Jack Straw
Mama Tried
Loose Lucy
Viola Lee Blues


Help on the way>
Franklins Tower
Dark Star>(First part)
Time> (Pink Floyd)
Breathe reprise(Pink Floyd)
Uncle Johns
After Midnight

Set 3

Father Time and Baby new year(Baby new year rides a disco ball skull w/ red eyes)
Ballons drop

On the Golden Road
Let it Grow
Other One>
Born crosseyed>
Other One>
Dark Star(finish)>
Other One Reprise>
So Many Roads
St. Stephen>
Not Fade Away...

Donor Rap (Phil)


Sugar Magnolia>
Sunshine Daydream

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Happy New Year

and Sugar Mag at midnight to all!

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Oakland definately was sweet. The energy in that building for three nights was a feeling that cant be described. Like the old Dead. Everyone didnt know what to expect those nights and it build up the energy. They were playing on that level last night and I can see thay are much more comfortable with each other.

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At least they saved the

At least they saved the Shakedown for me tonight..... it better be more rippin than the hum drum i just witnessed on the east coast. we spent our vacation on the east coast and was rather disappointed.(oakland ripped though). I hope they bring the goods tonight.
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I wasnt sure where to post that but here will do. Tonight was amazingj Just look at the set list! The band sounded great and the energy was flowing. I cant wait until tomorrow.

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12-30-09 Bill Graham Civic, SF

Tonights show:
Set 1

Here comes Sunshine
Promised Land
Half Step
Deep Elem
Lost Salior
Saint of Circumstance
Cosmic Charlie

Set 2

Playin in the Band
Eyes of the world
Fire on the Mountain
King Solomins Marbles
Unbroken Chain
Standing on the Moon
Chinacat Sunflower
I know you rider

Donor Rap(Phil)

Lady w/ a fan
Terrapin Station


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