Grateful Dead

Grateful Dead Meet Up At The Movies 2013: "Sunshine Daydream"

On a blistering summer day in 1972, the Grateful Dead took the stage on the grounds of the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta, Ore. for what would become one of the most legendary concerts of the band’s storied history. Join us this summer when we screen the previously unreleased concert film “Sunshine Daydream” as part of our now annual Grateful Dead Meet Up At The Movies.

Originally shot on 16mm film and painstakingly restored to HD resolution, "Sunshine Daydream" captures the band at the height of their powers (fresh off the Europe ’72 tour) and at the epicenter of the counterculture movement. Special features include never-before-seen footage of the concert day as well as recently recorded interviews with key participants from the time such as Ken Babbs, Sam Cutler, Wavy Gravy and Carolyn "Mountain Girl" Garcia, who provide insight on how the community came together for this special event to help raise money to keep the local town’s Springfield Creamery afloat. This extraordinary screening also shines a spotlight on some mighty fine tunes, with a playlist containing all new Stereo and 5.1 Audio mixes done by Jeffrey Norman at TRI Studios in San Rafael, Calif. and mastered by Grammy® winning engineer David Glasser at Air Show Mastering in Boulder, Colorado, with tape transfer and restoration by Plangent Processes.

"Sunshine Daydream" will only be playing on the silver screen for one night! Come along and connect with Dead Heads in your neighborhood on Thursday, August 1 at 7:30 p.m. local time.

Tickets are now available at

Look and listen: "China Cat Sunflower" from "Sunshine Daydream":


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Chris Grand's picture
Joined: Aug 20 2012
songs in the movie

here are the songs captured on film, in the version i have seen:

Playing in the Band
Promised Land
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Jack Straw
Dark Star
El Paso
Greatest Story Ever Told

billaal's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2013
Sunchine Daydream

Cant wait!!

rrot's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2009

Just another plea for an HD release of this material.

Can anyone enlighten us on just what material from the concert is/isn't included in the film?

Joined: Oct 8 2007
Sunshine Daydream At the Movies

Love the music, and watching the Dead on stage. Love Bob Wier's lead guitar during the interlude between China and Rider. But, too much audience footage for my taste. I would rather watch the band!

Joined: Sep 19 2008
Just curious if nudity is

Just curious if nudity is permitted in the theater,,, ha!

KSDead's picture
Joined: Jul 14 2007

I was so happy when I heard the news, I like many have been waiting for decades to see this official release. THEN, I realized I would be on the road somewhere in the middle of Nebraska on my way to my MC's nationals. WHAT A DOWNER!

So RINO, please really consider releasing this on DVD and Bluray. I'm sure there are thousands of us who will be unable to see this in theatre, who have been waiting for what seems like forever.

slo lettuce's picture
Joined: Jul 20 2012
a document of true freedom..

far more so than the Declaration of Independence. The nudity is innocent and beautiful; utopia with a time limit is what the concerts were. 20 years later felt to me much like what I feel from watching this concert.

The girl at 5:30 may be well sunburnt, but she's arguably as free and happy as any individual on the face of the planet at that point in time, and that's what it was all about. :)Being in a place with like-minded individuals where you could momentarily experience the incredible joy and freedom that only a GD concert could provide...

There's nothing else in the world like a Grateful Dead concert!

stuart walker's picture
Joined: Dec 11 2010
Meet UP!

OH Yeah... i'll be at the theater, are you kidding?!!!
I need All the Filmed Grateful Dead I can get... This Looks And Sounds Beautifully Lovingly nurturing... see You There LOVE!

Thank You To All Involved making and bringing this here, Loving Peace ... GOD LOVES JERRY BTW

huggy bear's picture
Joined: Dec 10 2008

Looks nice. My bootleg is hard to watch. Its do nice to see this done right. To bad its not playing close to me.

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Joined: Nov 1 2010
Length of Movie

Listening to David Lemieux on the Tales from the Golden Road Sirius/XM radio show. This movie will clock in at a little over 90 minutes because the whole show wasn't videotaped.


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