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Dogfish Head & Grateful Dead American Beauty Beer & Listening Party

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Grateful Dead, two pioneers who built their followings by connecting directly with beer lovers and music lovers, are collaborating on the newest beer in Dogfish’s line of off-centered ales. “American Beauty” is set to be strong pale ale with all-American hops and barley and a special ingredient inspired by the Dead and suggested by YOU. Did you trade a bushel of fresh clementines for tickets to a two-night stand at Long Beach Arena? Or maybe your dad first laid eyes on your mom sipping a cup of green tea in the parking lot of the legendary Cornell ’77 show? Tell us the story behind your chosen ingredient and you could be the one to help bring this counterculture collaboration to life!

Get inspired while listening to American Beauty in full.

1. Box of Rain
2. Friend of the Devil
3. Sugar Magnolia
4. Operator
5. Candy Man
6. Ripple
7. Brokedown Palace
8. Till the Morning Comes
9. Attics of My Life 1
0. Truckin'
11. Truckin' (single version)
12. Friend of the Devil (live)
13. Candy Man (live)
14. Till the Morning Comes (live)
15. Attics of My Life (live)
16. Truckin' (live)



Originally recorded in 1970. Now remastered in HDCD! Featuring 6 new tracks, expanded booklet, rare photos, and all-new liner notes.

Get American Beauty here.


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Joined: Nov 5 2010
American Beauty Pale Ale

Maybe something to make it a little creamy, like dark chocolate.

antonjo's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
roses, BUT.....

The first two ideas might be the strongest. I'd go with rose petals, this being American Beauty and all, BUT....

If this elixir is being brewed in Washington or Colorado, well.......

wilfredtjones's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
bourbon cask aging

Isn't this process more amenable to a stout? Not sure if you'd want to apply it to a pale ale, a lighter fruitier brew and matured in a shorter time frame. Also, the rye might work if it were a scotch ale, but this is a pale ale.

Joined: Dec 31 2008
rye and bourbon

I like two suggestions here: rye and letting the beer age in bourbon casks. I have had a decent rye beer and I very much like Rye whiskey. A Wisconsin brewery makes a delicious beer that ages in bourbon barrels. So, I like those-- there are many whiskey references in Dead songs (including Rye, of course-- half a cup, please).

Joined: Aug 8 2010

I saw the Dead in the fall and it was a truly awesome show and my favorite addition to beer has always been pumpkin with a little cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice, so this would be great. But can you also collaborate on a good barley wine or something other than a pale ale. I am so sick of pale ales, that seems to be the "trendy" beer at the moment and I don't like bitter beer. I do love a higher alcohol content though and some sweetness. My hubby and I homebrewed the most awesome pumpkin porter that was 8% ABV and it had ALOT of pumpkin in it so it had way more flavor than any pumpkin beer we have every bought. MMM wish we had some more.

uponscrutiny's picture
Joined: Jan 18 2010
Dreamy Liquid

Every little breeze seems to whisper "Rosemary"?

Anna rRxia's picture
Joined: Dec 25 2009
I'm with Bentguy

Second that emotion on the setting in used whisky oak barrels a spell. The "hints" of vanilla and caramel would make it for me. Not really a flavoring, just subtle hints.

I hope that would win the contest, but how do you relate to a Grateful Dead experience??

heathsthree's picture
Joined: Dec 23 2009
Warm & Fuzzy

Cardamom. Cardamom in hot cocoa on a chilly night in the lot. Cardamom in beer on a hot summer night. It's not dramatic a story, but it will be yummy.

Joined: Apr 8 2010
Classic beer for a classic album

stick to classic beer ingredients....water, grain hops and yeast...not too bitter, heavy on the cascades for flavor

Joined: Nov 4 2010

Really - sage from the west! Riding my motorcycle through the mountains of Utah and Colorado to see Bob and Rob at Snowmass and Durango, I was figuratively drunk on that beautiful smell of sweet lemony sage on every road I traveled! The whole trip was life changing - Bobby taught me to PLAY the acoustic guitar, not just strum it! "Sage and Spirit" kind of immortalizes the whole experience in song form. I know this post is Bob heavy, but hey, Blues for Allah is the GD at some of its finest!


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