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Furthur to celebrate Phil's 70th Birthday with benefit concert

Furthur will be celebrating Phil's 70th Birthday with a very special benefit concert for Haitian Earthquake Relief at San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Friday, March 12, 2010. For information and on-sale dates, please go to...


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Joined: Jun 20 2008
Phil's Birthday Costume Party?

Currently caught up in Rio Carnaval land I found myself wanting to wear my costume to Phil's birthday party, and now I see there's to be a float and parade: cool! The costume is on!

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Joined: Jan 2 2009
Nice one sherbear

That made me laugh after a crap day at work :-)

"I've stayed in every blue-light cheap hotel. Can't win for tryin. Dust off those rusty strings just one more time. Gonna make em shine."

Joined: Jun 13 2007
One more for the road

Phil Words:

















It’s like I told you...



Joined: Jun 13 2007
I think this describes it nicely...

Hey, comin' out around the world be ready for a brand new beat
Oh, summer's here and the time is right, oh, for dancing in the street
Dancing in Chicago (dancing in the street)
Down in New Orleans (dancing in the street)
In New York City (dancing in the street)

All we need is music, sweet music (sweet, sweet music)
They'll be music everywhere (everywhere)
They'll be laughing, singing, music swinging and dancing in the street

It doesn't matter what you wear just as long as you are there
They're dancing (dancing in the street) oh oh

This is an invitation across the nation the chance for folks to meet
There'll be swinging, swaying, music playing and dancing in the street

Philadelphia, PA now (dancing in the street)
Baltimore and D.C. (dancing in the street)
Can't forget them other cities (dancing in the street)


PS Thanks Bob, for helping me start off such an awesome mediation.
There will be music~ everyweir. Rock one out for me. All caught up,
I'll be starting my new mission today, so if I'm not around, I'm with ya'll
in spirit, everyweir. Pray for me, if you do that kinda thing, this mission
in the rain is a big one. Hope, Faith and Love, and the greatest of these...
Love. Hugs for the 12th ya'll and roses...lots of roses.

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Joined: Aug 18 2009

I wonder who the friends will be? I would imagine for Phil's 70th, some very special friends will come out?

I can't wait!

Yea the tix service was fashionable late,but all good things...In all good time! Glad I got mine.

"Walk me out in the morning dew"

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Joined: Nov 20 2008
Phil's b-day

I couldn't get to NYE this year :( but I get to celebrate Phil's B-Day! YAY! Can't wait til 3/12/10! Love to all...

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Joined: Nov 14 2007
Phil's Friend

Someone I know asked me the other day "who is Phil Lesh" without thinking I replied "the classiest man in show biz"

If you have ever met Phil you know what I mean. What a guy.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

I got my GA tickets for the birthday show and I am so excited!!! I am still curious about the VIP tickets, can you get into the venue early or something?

Joined: Jun 13 2007
It Happened On Martin Luther King Day

Dear Everybody, (aka ALL),
I was doing my morning mediation on this Martin Luther King Day and visualizing MLK’s awesome journey as Phil Lesh came to mind, he too has had an incredible journey. My years with Phil are many and am honored to have been guided from one man to another as I dwelt on the subject of service. Phil has been in service too, as an organ donor. His near death experience was one of my many dark hours I have had along my way. I surely suffered many nights thinking and praying for Phil and that we’d get one more Saturday night. I had already been subjected to the death’s of so many people that were close me, I just was at a certain point of uncertainty. Then this young man came along with a spirit so real he could surely share the vehicle of it with another. Phil was saved. My gratitude, my entire existence changed that day. I loved a stranger completely, honestly and with my whole heart. His gift was the greatest I’ve ever known. What a delightful and beautiful young man and now he was my hero forever.
In writing this, I am inspired by every Donor Rap I’ve shared with Phil and let me tell you I try not to miss many. So, what better way to celebrate MLK Day then to give the gift of yourself. Dead is dead, and death don’t have no mercy in this land unless you sign the back of your driver’s license>>>then you just may get back trucking on. I don’t believe it’s really over at that point in existence, as I have experienced it in another way. Science and technology have made remarkable strides in life saving transplants because of an individual decision was made to share what’s still good. Death comes in a zillion varieties but it’s still death. I would love to die and end up helping a little child with a need. To laugh and play a little longer at a cellular level, woo hoo, X sign me up! Just like the young man that helped Phil continue to satisfy so many music’s like the biggest WOW, EVAH! I rock out a cellular level with the greatest kid in the world. I send Reiki healing to Phil and all of his cells almost everyday, I look at his picture and am grateful every time we get one more jam! Phil rocks, they are called, “ PHIL BOMBS” for a reason! And NYE will be a forever favorite memory that ALL I have to do is to think about it and I will smile. If you want to emulate, “ grateness” on this MLK Day; sign the back of your driver’s license and share something of yourself today. The best thing anyone can get in this life is one more day and best more Saturday night. You can be specific and just give a kidney, or a liver, a lung, best yet you could give your heart; and even if it’s been broken a few one will know, that is in the spirit, the journey, not in the flesh. Ahhhhh very well, I’m in service as I write this as I know my hope is to inspire you to become an organ donor and stay around for a little bit longer, a little bit more. I know I’d love it cause if you’re reading this you probably love what I love, Grateful Dead Music. The music that moves the flesh and spirit, delights the senses and tickles the mind. Additionally, may reading this give YOU a little sweetness and a little light, were bound to cover to just a little more ground. Ok>>> use a sharpie marker and if it wears off just sign it again and again. I attest the love the our fellow men is real and will not fade away because we’re built to last.
Ok k k here’s my next idea and why I posted this here: Let’s party around the world with Phil on March 12, 2010, post picture’s, eat cake and rock out everyweir, um everywhere! Get yer local Dead cover band (hey now, thanks to you ALL for ALL them other nights) and get em on a stage and party like yer right there in San Francisco! Cause ya know ALL of us can’t be there. I call it A reason to party around the world. Feel free to copy and paste this to share, share, share. The idea.... the message is true and love is real. (Sunshine is free!) I can’t be in San Fran but I will be celebrating, to be sure. Let’s celebrate the music from where evah we are and the dead heads of the world can join San Fran from each corner and shout HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL! Then get yer Phil Bomb they really satisfy! And by the way Phil, I really want a picture of me with your guitar, I love it! It’d make a great a Relix cover, to be sure. Maybe the headline could read,
“ What makes her soul shine!”
They could just print this post because it true and no one has to try to make good, it just is, like you, man just like you. Well, maybe this is hard to handle but it goes like that. Baby, here I am.
Rock on 2010!
Signed with all my love,

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Joined: Jun 4 2007


So I guess you still get a GA ticket but also poster and shirt?

Does Furthur and Friends mean others could show up???? Could be interesting.


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Furthur to celebrate Phil's 70th Birthday with benefit concert