Grateful Dead

Furthur Summer 2010 Tour

Furthur, featuring Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, John Kadlecik, Jay Lane, and Joe Russo will be heading out on a Summer Tour in 2010! The dates of the tour are:

 Fri-Jun-25 Rochester, NY Highland Bowl 
 Sat-Jun-26 Brooklyn, NY MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park)

 Sun-Jun-27 Brooklyn, NY MCU Park (formerly KeySpan Park)

 Tue-Jun-29 Jim Thorpe, PA Penn's Peak 
 Wed-Jun-30 Lowell, MA LeLacheur Park 
 Sat-Jul-03 Herkimer, NY Gelsten Castle Estate 
 Sun-Jul-04 Oxford, ME Nateva Music & Arts Festival 
 Mon-Jul-05 Shelburne, VT The Green @ Shelburne Museum 
 Thu-Jul-08 Buffalo, NY ArtPark 
 Fri-Jul-09 Masontown, WV Allgood Music Festival 
 Sat-Jul-10 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf Arts
Sun-Jul-11 Philadelphia, PA Mann Center for the Perf Arts

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gratefulgravesMN's picture
Joined: Jan 8 2009
Sour grapes

Man sour grapes do you have it wrong... the spirit of this music lives on. Have you even seen furthur yet? I almost feel sorry for you, a sad cynical man who can't find joy in this beautiful music. Hopefully you can get the taste of sour grapes out of your mouth and you can get out and enjoy this celebration of dead music.

Joined: Jan 19 2010
The Trip Ended A Long Time Ago

I absolutely loved the Grateful Dead and they indeed changed my life, but....

Why do people wanna see/hear Phil who can't carry a single note?
A lame Jerry Garcia imitator from a local Chicago band?

Bob Weir is the only one with the chops.

Hearing a bunch of late 60 year olds singing Sugar Mag gives me a bad taste.

We can't relive the past, but we can appreciate it.

Bob should go back to Ratdog and play some orginal stuff. Evening Moods was amazing.
Phil should just play bass.
And John Kadelick should learn that music isn't about imitation, its about exploration.

Sorry to sound like a troll, but this FURTHUR tour is just a huge letdown that I'm sure even Garcia would despise.

shwack's picture
Joined: Apr 12 2008

To the disparaging commentators:

I lost sight of the sparrow

shwack in zen nh

Joined: Apr 6 2008


TEXAS has a huge population of heads and Austin is the music capitol of the world....I don't get it.

Besides the fact that Texas is referenced in a number of dead come the trip hasn't made it's way here?...even as "The Dead"?...nothin', nada, zilch. :(
We just wanna shake our bones

Joined: Feb 18 2010
ticket prices

right on glen,last spring it was sick how much i heard about ticket prices.the boys must have heard it cause the low prices now are no accident.I am sure this is a third or maybe half of the complete tour.there will be ,I believe,many more dates announced.60 bucks less per ticket pays a lot of travel expenses!!!

Joined: Feb 26 2010
GDTS mail order

Anyone know how long it takes to get confirmation from GDTS TOO about mail order with the credit card form? Last time I did mail order was Fall 1995. Why do they do mail order, pre-sale and outlet sales all within a week? It seems you don't get confirmation until after the pre-sale and outlet sales are over?

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
aww, c'mon seattledead

no need to bash our brethren (and that a word?) on the "other" coast, i love ALL those lucky ducks, but yeah, it DOES seem as if we are the ugly stepchildren (and, yes...i DO speak for myself)......i'm in Tacoma.....i know HalR, on the dry side of the state, would agree

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Low Ticket Prices

For all of you kevetching about how they are not touring here or there, has anyone taken a second to look at the low ticket prices being offered on this tour?? Just a year ago everyone was bitching about $100 seats, and this year the ticket prices are all under $50! Yes, we are missing having the entire original core here without Bill and Mickey, but the fact is that they are playing these shows at a fairly low price regarding ticket prices these days. Back in '95 Seattle, I paid $35 plus service fees; in 2010, tickets are going for $39 plus service fees. I think the guys deserve a big thank you for keeping these tickets affordable. As far as the West coast goes, we do get a show here in Portland in a little over a week, and for those of you in California and elsewhere, you know they'll be adding more. Just give it time. Peace y'all!

Joined: Aug 21 2007

Coney F*#kin Island!
I spent a lot of time there as a kid and have ridden the Cyclone over 50 times. It's one of my favorite places in the universe! I am definitely flying home to NY from Cali for those two shows.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
A week ago

I leaked this out a week ago........... :)


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