Grateful Dead

Bill Kreutzmann, Oteil Burbridge & Scott Murawski Kick Off Tour May 28, 2008

Legendary drummer Bill Kreutzmann, bassist Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band) and guitarist Scott Murawski (Max Creek) have joined together to form a POWER trio sure to capture the interest of music lovers of many genres of music.

Kreutzmann and Murawski were introduced in Costa Rica at a meeting facilitated by none other than PHISH bassist Mike Gordon. Their musical chemistry was limitless and compelling. Shortly after, Burbridge joined the band and it became obvious that the trio should pursue further musical adventures. The trio is currently working on a debut release slated for the fall of 2008. In the meantime, KBM is hitting the road this summer where fans can capture the MAGIC of this electrifying combination. Confirmed tour dates thus far:

Wed, May 28-Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel- Providence, RI

Thurs, May 29-State Theater- Falls Church, VA

Fri, May 30-New Alhembra Arena- Philadelphia, PA

Sat, May 31-Recher Theater- Towson, MD

Sun, June 1-Rocks Off Concert Cruise- New York, NY

Tues, June 3-Tupelo Music Hall- Londonderry, NH

Thurs, June 5-Roxy- Boston, MA

Fri, June 6-Toad’s- New Haven, CT

Sat, June 7-Higher Ground Ballroom- S. Burlington, VT

Sat, Aug 2-Gathering Of The Vibes Fest- Bridgeport, CT

Sat, Oct 25-Magnolia Fest- Live Oak, FL

Information about tickets may be found on-line on the websites of the individual venues.


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DarkStarr1971's picture
Joined: Jul 15 2008
Just a late comment on the 1995 bash'ers

The early comments on Jerrys drug use and his supposed forgetfullness of lyrics in this topic, and all that bashing of the late shows is a bunch of bunk, i myself was very lucky and seen two shows, one at Soldier Field 93' and one at Buckeye Lake, in 94' and i consider myself very lucky to do so, there are many fans who trade recordings, and go see RatDog and Phil, that would have loved to see The Worlds Greatest Band!!! The Grateful Dead, even if it was in the early 90s or even 1995,,,, So What,,,Jerry might smoke a big fatty and forget a word or two, i woulda done worse, WHO CARES!! if Jerry didnt give you a perfect sing-a-long sorry!! you were lucky to see what you seen,, if you seen them at all!! i was at RatDog show the other day in PA and some fan was barking how Bobby should clean up and get a Haircut, shave he said!, , Screw these fans who want to bash, these are same people who back in seventies would have been wearing checkerd pants and had a buzz haircut every summer by there momma, F*** OFF!! if you dont like what you see here go see a Winger show or a Back Street Boys show, i love the Grateful Dead any year they played, stoned Jerry or Not,, singalong or no singalong,, i love em!! WE LOVE" EM!!! EST-Proph71

Joined: Oct 29 2008
Interview with Oteil and Scott of BK Trio

Just caught them last week in Ft. Lauderdale. Best show I saw all year. Bill looks like he's having the best time.

Met with Oteil and Scott - check it out:

Great band

StrongerThanDirt's picture
Joined: Aug 7 2008

Caught 5 Of the New England Shows, This Trio Is Awsome.... Have Seen Scott Murawski More Than 100 Times With MAX CREEK alone... 94-Present...And several times with Guests the likes of Jeff Pevar, Derick Trucks, Mike Gordon,and many Others... This Guy Is My Idol... Him And the boys from Creek can and have thrown down any tune,be it their own or anyone elses, at any time....! As for this ZARNZZO comment... Did you see all your Shows with your eyes shut and ears blocked? Bobs playing is Ok, I guess? And did he too not have help in the creativity process... Jerry's Musical and Instrumental abilities are far Superior from that of Bob. And at one point I belive in the Mid 70's He was about asked to leave the DEAD... I personally think his existense in the Band was out of sympathy from the other Members....

Joined: Jun 23 2008

Wow! I saw these guys on their last stop in Burlington. I was floored to see Billy. He was totally the glue in the band. It was so cool to hear Oteil's take on Dead tunes and Phil's lines. Cohesive and funky. X rocked my world. Im stoked to see him with Mike Gordon this summer. That Languedoc is so pretty and that tone is just majestic (as is the work of another Languedoc player...). The sets both started with 30 minute jams that sounded great. I could not believe what I was seeing when I walked into the half-full venue on a Saturday night and walked right up to the front of the stage. Billy didn't drum, he danced. These guys were on point and they seemed to be enjoying themselves very much after a handful of shows playing together. My grin went to an ear to ear smile that I could not wipe off of my face when Page came out. Although he seemed a tad rusty on the Scarlet, it was so nice to see and hear him after almost a year of him not playing out much. Not to mention ol' Cactus, who played bass, keys, and guitar that night. Even though Mike is a staple at a lot of Higher Ground shows (in crowd and on stage), it is always a pleasure to see/hear him play with such superb musicians. I could not have asked for a better experience at Higher Ground that night. Incredible music and Magic Hat Lucky Kat all night. Next to the Ratdog Charleston, SC show, this show takes the cake so far this year for me. Anyone else out there see the Charleston show? Smooooaaakin'!!! Anyhoo...keep rockin' Billy K!

WalpoleChinaCat's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007

Hey now
I have to agree with those posting about Scott / Max Creek I too followed the Creek for a long period of time even before I saw the Dead. Scott has it happening and to team up with BK just adds to his resume
I would be interested in finding out if there is anything from the recent KBM shows posted anywhere to take a listen I tried Archive and there is nothing posted as of yet Anyone with info let me know?

Joined: Jun 18 2007

i guess the 450 shows ive seen after 74 were all dogshit....thanks jerry.

Joined: Jun 18 2007
im so tired of hearing

im so tired of hearing people talk shit about jerry.....WASHED UP AFTER 74 ....i guess the 350 shows i went to after 74 were all dogshit........anyway good to see billy back on the road.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

I think Jerry's work in all its complexity speaks for itself, and let's give this topic back to Billy and Crew...


Joined: May 31 2008
All I know is jerry took me

All I know is jerry took me to realms that only i will ever know personally.Z you should really take back what u said it is just wrong in every way.I feel like you might have wasted 10 years of your life.becouse you sure did'nt get the same trip all the cats i know got out of touring.were you looking for the perfact note or were you looking for life.Sorry Jerry could'nt be perfact every night for you !!!!!! I'm sure you could have so much better at making 10 or 50,000 people dancing in the streets.You friend are "yes"an idiot.I know miss the good ole days,love and miss ya jerry and brent.

Josef's picture
Joined: Jun 30 2007
Oh' what -A-Night!

come on now ya'll... Lupo/ Wed night / Scott with non other than Billy-- The last time here at Lupos with Go-Ahead... I am so proud of that man! He has been a consistent topic of my top 10 guitar players of all time and he finally is getting his due! I am so happy for him! You all need to see this show if you want a harder/ funk'ier/ sweatiest time.... you owe it to yourselfs to enjoy this stuff!

I honor this man and his music by every dynamic it encompass. Check it out and spread your thoughts to the tribe.... Enjoy! Thank you Scott, Billy and Oteil! Fantastic!

Joe, RI


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