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Mickey Hart Band Announce New Album, Superorganism, and Tour To Celebrate Hart's 70th Birthday

The Mickey Hart Band will release their second album in two years on August 13th, 2013, titled Superorganism, just weeks before Hart's 70th Birthday. On the band's last record, Mysterium Tremendum (2012), Hart sonified light waves from space with the help of NASA and scientists from Penn State and Lawrence Berkeley Labs. Now, with Superorganism, Hart is going even deeper. "This time we journey into the micro, the hidden worlds of rhythm within us, within our bodies," says Hart. "The brain, Rhythm Central, the place of dreams is explored. My brain wave signals are reimagined in sound using a cap with electrodes that can read the throbs and signals of the brain. I have also sonified the sounds of stem cells, and heart rhythms for this recording." This idea began early in 2012 with Hart's research of the affect of rhythm on the brain with Dr. Adam Gazzalley of UCSF. The album will once again feature lyrics from Hart's longtime collaborator and Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter, as well as many special guest musicians. The band recently released three free live tracks from their 3/6/13 Solana Beach, CA show including the brand new song, "The Sermon", featuring lyrics by Hunter."The Sermon", along with Grateful Dead classics "Ramble On Rose" and "Playing in the Band", is available at

The band will kick off their 2013 Superorganism Tour on August 1st in Healdsburg, CA, with special guests the Tea Leaf Trio (Trevor Garrod, Reed Mathis, and Cochrane McMillan of Tea Leaf Green) supporting the majority of the dates. Mathis will be performing double duties each night, performing with Tea Leaf Trio and the Mickey Hart Band.

Each night of the tour, Hart will perform with an EEG (electroencephalogram) cap on his head while he plays the sounds of his brain. To see an example of how this will work, watch Hart and Gazzalley's talk at AARP in New Orleans last November here.

In celebration of Mickey's 70th Birthday, many of the shows will feature special guests including some of his personal friends to be announced in the coming weeks. 100% of the ticketing fees from tickets sold through will go to fund Musical Therapy Research at UCSF. Tickets are on sale now at

The Mickey Hart Band consists of Grammy winning percussionist and longtime band mate Sikiru Adepoju, Tony Award winning vocalist Crystal Monee Hall, singer and multi-instrumentalist Joe Bagale, drummer Greg Schutte, guitarist Gawain Matthews, bassist Reed Mathis, and keyboardist/sound engineer Jonah Sharp.

08/01/13 Raven Theater - Healdsburg, CA
08/02/13 Roseland Theater - Portland, OR *
08/03/13 The Showbox - Seattle, WA *
08/04/13 Kaslo Bay Park - Kaslo, B.C. *
08/05/13 Emerson Cultural Center - Bozeman, MT *
08/07/13 Mill City Nights - Minneapolis, MN *
08/09/13 House Of Blues - Chicago, IL *
08/10/13 Kent Stage - Kent, OH *
08/11/13 Festival of Friends - Jerseyville, ON
08/13/13 The Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY *
08/15/13 Mr. Smalls Theatre - Millvale, PA *
08/16/13 Norwalk Concert Hall - Norwalk, CT *
08/17/13 Paramount Theater - Huntington, NY *
08/18/13 Port City Music Hall - Portland, ME *
09/05/13 Arcata Theater - Arcata, CA *
09/06/13 The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA
09/07/13 House of Blues - West Hollywood, CA
09/09/13 House of Blues - San Diego, CA *
09/10/13 Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ *
09/11/13 Hard Rock Cafe - Las Vegas, NV *
09/13/13 Park City Live - Park City, UT *
09/14/13-09/15/13 Telluride Blues & Brews Festival - Telluride, CO
09/16/13 The Crossroads - Kansas City, MO *
09/17/13 The Pageant - St. Louis, MO *
09/19/13 Metropolitan Theater - Morgantown, WV *
09/21/13 Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY *
09/23/13 Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA *
09/24/13 The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC *
09/26/13 Musikfest - Bethlehem, PA *

* w/ Tea Leaf Trio


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Joined: Jun 13 2007

This is incredible and
every kudos to Mickey and All!

I believe in these efforts and
am astounded once again by the
man so awesome, Mickey Hart!

May all ages benefit from this
endeavor, my heart delights as
music and medicine belong in the
same bag.

Hit the drum one, two or three
times for me@! And...
Don't forget '09 Space Thoughts too--->
as that was SUPER, it is within me!

Every great wish to
this and all!
My love in every mile,
enough for all
XO~~~~~Rock On!

Peace and Love to You, Forever, xo!
May your launch pad be ever filled
love, joy, grace and sPaCe! XO
In Comradery and Superness,
Sherry B.

trailbird's picture
Joined: Jan 8 2011
Bozeman, Montana

Drove my covered wagon through Wisdom and Wise River on my way to hear "The Sermon" in Bozeman, and a mighty fine sermon it was. Scarlet-Fire was smokin'! Thanks for a great show MHB. Yellowstone and Grand Teton afterwards was pretty cool too.

hamiltonjeb's picture
Joined: Jul 30 2009
Hey there from Hamillton, Ont. Canada

Glad to hear your making the trip,, its at the Ancaster fair grounds , hope you have a great time.

Joined: Feb 3 2012
As Usual...

No love for Baltimore yet again! Not even D.C.! Oh, well, at least I have New Order next month to look forward to....

Anna rRxia's picture
Joined: Dec 25 2009

This tour looks like a grate one to follow. A lot of small halls and more medium size venues. I question the choice of the Metropolitan Thatre in Morgantown, Monrovia. It seems like a long way to go if you want to see the complete tour... They could go to the same venue in West Virginia. Just sayinn'.

PonchoBill's picture
Joined: Jul 29 2009

is in Hamilton, Ontario. I'm making the five hour trip with a friend. I never heard of Jerseyville. Free show also.

Underthevolcano's picture
Joined: Feb 6 2008
new stuff...

Mickey and Company played a lot of this new material at the recent CT show-good stuff-heavy on the bass. He has a sympatico band who are really into this music.

marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007
if only they would perfect the Star Trek transporter...

I would definitely check out the Telluride shows. But hey, the Fillmore, also good!


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