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The Mickey Hart Band Announces Second Leg of Worlds Within Tour, Free Download

The Mickey Hart Band Announces Second Leg of Worlds Within Tour
Releases Free Download of a New Live Song Feat. Lyrics by Robert Hunter

The Mickey Hart Band has announced new May tour dates for the second leg of their Worlds Within tour. The band will once again bring along Babatunde Olatunji protege's, the African Showboyz, as main support for the tour.

The band has also released three free live tracks from their 3/6/13 Solana Beach, CA show including the brand new song, "The Sermon" featuring lyrics by Robert Hunter. "The Sermon", along with Grateful Dead classics "Ramble On Rose" and "Playing in the Band", is available at

Hart commented on the progression of the band in a recent interview with the Tahoe Daily Tribune. "We played 100 shows last year and it really tells when we get on stage," said Hart. "The band is on fire. We are ready to play and this is going to be a great year for us."

The band is currently in the studio working on the follow up to Mysterium Tremendum. The Worlds Within Tour has provided great opportunity for the band to test out new material, including songs co-written by Hart and Robert Hunter. "We have traversed the macro, the stars, the planets, now we journey into the micro," says Hart. "This band is truly a living, breathing organism."

The African Showboyz recently became accustomed to the ways of the Deadheads on the first leg of the near sold out tour. In an article by the Aspen Times, Napoleon Sabbah, the band's leader, talked about seeing a fan at a show in Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago. Two nights later, he saw the same gentleman at a concert in Eugene, Ore., nearly 500 miles away. “I thought maybe he was a sound engineer,” Sabbah said from a tour stop in Boulder. “I told security — this man followed us from there to here. He said, ‘That's the way it is.'” Sabbah also noted that they feel that not only are they learning from Hart, but that Hart is becoming a bit more African in his musical expression. “He's playing, and at the same time, he's chanting,” Sabbah said. “Which makes it more special, spiritual. In the northern part of Ghana, we chant.”

Tickets for the second leg of the Worlds Within tour are currently on sale at 100% of the ticketing fees sold through will go to fund Music Therapy Research at UCSF. All tickets sold through the website will include a free Mysterium Tremendum poster.

To see footage of the Mickey Hart Band band performing from their recent stop in Boulder, CO, filmed by MoBoogie, go here.

Mickey Hart Band Tour Dates

05/08/13 Neighborhood Theatre - Charlotte, NC
05/09/13 NorVa - Norfolk, VA
05/10/13 Stage 48 - New York, NY
05/11/13 Kempton Music Center - Kempton, PA - Rex Foundation Fundraiser
05/13/13 Avalon Theatre - Easton, MD
05/14/13 The Howard Theatre - Washington, DC
05/15/13 World Café Live- Wilmington, DE
05/17/13 The Palace – Stafford Springs, CT
05/18/13 Flying Monkey Performance Center – Plymouth, NH
05/19/13 Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
05/21/13 Higher Ground - So. Burlington, VT
05/22/13 Westcott Theater - Syracuse, NY
05/23/13 Water Street Music Hall- Rochester, NY
05/24/13 Dark Star Jubilee - Thornville, OH

Get tickets here.


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