Grateful Dead

December 19- December 25, 2011

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section. This week we'll cover a six year span in Grateful Dead history, 1983-1989.

Our first stop this week is on 4/12/83 at the Broome County Veterans Memorial Coliseum, current home to the Calder Cup trophy for the AHL champions. From this show, we have the start of the second set, Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower>Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance.

Next up is the entire first set of 4/3/88, a show at which Jerry would completely lose his voice later in the show during Black Peter. From this first night of the Hartford run, we have Promised Land > Greatest Story Ever Told; Althea ; Little Red Rooster ; Cold Rain & Snow; Stuck Inside of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again ; Box Of Rain ; Don't Ease Me In.

Lastly this week is music from 4/16/89 in Milwaukee on the excellent Spring Tour of 1989, a tour filled with many great shows. From this show we have the start of the second set, Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain ; Saint Of Circumstance > Truckin' > Drums > Space.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you here next week. Have a great holiday season!

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jun 6 2007
bonus Broome County track...

and the whistle is screaming...

Joined: Jun 6 2007

Once Jer hits that first distortion-filled note after the verse of Help, it's "game on" - forget about the vocal flubs, those don't count for anything, except that it shows that someone hasn't gotten his footing yet on this slippery slope called live performance - this is GD, warts and all (not much different from 1967, if you listen closely - they made lots of mistakes then too, it tends to get masked by the youthful energy...)

I guess my point is, 1983 Help-Slip-Frank wasn't about the perfect execution of Help, it was a musical vehicle to get to Slipknot!, which more often than not led into a smokin' Franklin's...this one is no exception :)

Joined: Oct 1 2007
Hey Sherbear....

the best hollidays to you and your wise words!

Joined: Jun 13 2007
On December 19, 1102


Love comes in many colors....
like a box of crayons-KINDA!
I found a couple a songs for this thread, xo!

I feel great and after listening to these songs
you will too! Or at least I will, as always, xo!

Feel the Love because I love you---All!
I really>>>really do and will always wish for your
REAL happiness, imagination and comfort to be REAL.
Even if...

So there's one if your not happy with my favorite band or
the Art that it COMES packed in. Yes, I love every second--of every song--
of every show. Yes, in mistakes, drunkenness and more because
I like the the humanness of it. I relate to it I absolutely relate to it.
And I like it, a fuck up is embraced by someone like me and I never
mind paying for one. I just sing louder, do you know all the lyrics?
Could you ever imagine being talented enough to play their
repetiore? They have never ceased to amaze me! Give Dylan a
try---recite a poem song or two by him, Arooooooooo!
So for thoes more fickle listeners, a ball bust for everyone!

Enjoy! They are just for fun! I am going to stick this IN another
thread too, it'S entertainment after all is said and done.

I will come bearing holiday wishes later after I have cleansed
myself in preparation for the days ahead. I know a special
dude when I see one. Okay- no abrasions just laughs!

Silly %$^#

Happy Monday! The drumsticks are A spark of a fire that's
getting ready to burn a fire to warm my soul and soothe
my feet as they have "convinced me of my pain...."
You'd never wanna walk a mile in my "red shoes".

Love yas forever, xo and ever. -"What you don't want to know..."

Joined: Oct 1 2007
a bit more

...actually I thought that Lamagonzo was being rude, not simply showing disinterest, you show disinterest by, well, not commenting! I get up early in the day, EST, so I am often one of the first posters. My comment about armor was meant to be humorous. Not sure what "trap" I set, with or without logic, there ain't much logic in my initial post! Arguments, I love it when folks point out shows, tunes, periods that are special to them, and say why. I almost always go back and listen to these suggestions, and sometimes find gems I have missed, a new way to hear a period I had discounted, and so on. For me at least, that is what these posts are for. To simply be told to go away, well, who is being argumentative, not me I think! Hell, I tried listening again to this weeks selections, not done with it all again yet, but thoughtful discussion of what one likes and does not, and why, that is fun, informative and perhaps transformative. If you don't like my posts, don't respond to them, to respond to them is to be, well, argumentative!
May we all spend the holidays listening to the Dead that means the most to us!

Joined: Jun 4 2007

The Milwaukee run of Spring '89 was stellar. The person who discounts it as "depressing" has either got to put the bong down or get the wax out of their ears. You're nuts.

Apples and oranges.

Some people act like the band never had "depressing moments" during the Keith/Donna era. If anything, the period of time from '87 though '90 had more consistantly good and solid shows than any other era.

Joined: Feb 10 2008

Glad we got most of it. Missed the jam at the end though. Oh well! Awesome still

Joined: Sep 11 2007

Wow, those first several minutes of Help On The Way are sloppy awful, less than professional. Why bother trotting out a great composition to play it like that?

Joined: Aug 31 2009
The Dead: The depressing years! (Time to put on my armor!)

c'mon Prof... that's your contribution first thing, but then you get on someone else about their disinterest in seeing your negativity..?

if you're going to play games and set traps via your "opinion", at least be honest about the fact that you're doing so. after all, what exactly did you mean by "time to put on my armor" if you didn't recognize your statement as argumentatively incendiary.

it's fine and dandy, your own opinion, but don't lecture at the guy who simply stated such disinterest in your argumentative stance...especially under pretense of total innocence. that is intellectually annoying (..since you bother to base your defense by using ('logic')

you, me, and lamagonzo have all commented on here long enough to see better dialogue over varying interests in GD periods. choices

Joined: Jan 13 2010
HEY! you're doing the GD88 first set thing again just to get me!

dig up 6/4/76 Portland!!!


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