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December 31, 2012 - January 06, 2013

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, and a huge Happy New Year to everyone. We hope you have/had a great New Year's Eve.

We'll end our 2012 and start our 2013 with a nice sequence from 1/24/71 in Seattle, with a double dose of Pigpen followed by a classic Garcia/Hunter tune, Lovelight>Drums>Good Lovin'>Uncle John's Band. There's a cut in the master reel (reel change would be more accurate) during Good Lovin', and the sound gets a bit fluttery from then onward, but the music's good so it's very tolerable. The Grateful Dead only played four shows in early 1971 before Mickey left the band, but they're all really good.

If you've been following the Tapers' Section the past few weeks, you'll notice we've played some music from 4/21/78 in Lexington, KY, and we're happy to continue that this week, with the end of the show featuring Jam>Stella Blue, Truckin'>Playing In The Band; Werewolves Of London, US Blues. The show three days later on 4/24/78 is widely known for it's Stayin' Alive teases, but this Jam from 4/21 coming out of Rhythm Devils has distinct Stayin' Alive grooves going on. Very cool stuff, one of the better stand-alone jams from 1978. This is the second version of Werewolves Of London, debuted a couple of days before on 4/19/78 in Columbus. Interestingly, Warren Zevon's Werewolves entered the pop music charts on 4/22/78. Did the Dead have anything to do with that? We just don't know. An old friend from Ottawa, Canada, went to see the Dead in Syracuse on 5/9/78, a short three hour drive from Ottawa. On the way down, he and his crew played Werewolves of London relentlessly, singing along the whole way. He said they were completely floored when the Dead encored with Werewolves. The Dead, playing a cover of a current, brand-new hit single that was all over the radio at the time. Very cool. Steve Willcock, this one's for you.

Jumping ahead a decade, we've got a good post-Drums sequence from 12/28/88 in Oakland, with a couple of unique twists, featuring Uncle John's Band>I Need A Miracle>Foolish Heart>Lovelight; It's All Over Now, Baby Blue. The first little oddity here is the Uncle John's Band out of Space, and the second is the Foolish Heart in the “ballad slot.” Foolish Heart was new in 1988, and still hadn't found its home in the set list, similar to Victim Or The Crime, which could appear in the first or second set as well. One thing to note is the nifty little jam out of I Need A Miracle. As Miracle is winding down, they build it up to a short-but-monstrous energy level. For a few seconds, it felt like the roof was going to blow off the place.

Thanks for stopping in, and we'll look forward to seeing you here next week.

David Lemieux


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castle17's picture
Joined: Feb 12 2008
take it with you when you go

This was one hell of a good night. One of my finer nights with them.

Joined: Nov 8 2010
Werewolves of London

I saw Jerry sing Werewolves in New Hampshire that spring
and his hair was perfect

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Warren Zevon's Werewolves

I loved this song as a cover tune. It is such an unlikely tune to take up but Jerry does great with the vocals. I'm always searching archives for the best version (imho).

The Dead in '80 had Zevon for a guest at Boulder and Tempe and I do believe they would have harmonized well together on this tune but Zevon was blitzed on alcohol and other things and made a very bad impression on the Dead.

I don't think Zevon had to get the dead to make this tune popular. It stood on it's own. Zevon was a great songwriter his own right when he was not trashed. YouTube has 770,000 hits for Werewolves while The Dead's 4/1978 performance got only 62,000.

Would have loved to have seen it on the spring 78 tour.

"And his hair was perfect!"

Joined: Jan 13 2010
YES YES YES 1/24/71

I have most of this show on disc...when it cuts in Good Lovin' I shed a I can listen to the rest of it.

If you have more EARLY GD71 like 1/21 or 1/22, play that. I have set 1 of 1/22/71 and I like it a lot. WHAT did they play after that???

also thanks for 4/21/78.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
nice jam

That's a nice 5 minute or so jam in the start of the '78 clip! The anticipatory Playin' jam is pretty sweet, too...April '78 certainly has some fine jams, unique themes and great Jerry tones. Thanks for playing it...HNY, DL!

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Joined: Jan 6 2009
all the years combine ; > what a long strange trip its being.

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!! Thanx to all @ deadnet how much we'll never know!!!!


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