Grateful Dead

February 12 - February 18, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

There’s plenty to play from this week in the Grateful Dead’s recorded history, and in addition to loads of great material from the week of February 12-18, we also have a great jam from a week later, but with next week so packed with interesting music, we thought we’d play something a little early.

It’s hard to think of this week without thinking of the 2/13 & 14/70 shows at the Fillmore East. Justifiably famous and enshrined on Dick’s Picks Vol. 4, we’d like to start this week out by playing a couple of songs from that magnificent album, specifically Dancing In The Streets and Caution (both of which are from 2/14/70). The entire album is worth hearing again from start to finish, but these two songs are just to get you in the mood.

As we heard with the excellent Not Fade Away, Cold and Snow and High Time last week, the 3-night run of shows had lots of other great music played. From 2/13/70, this Good Lovin’ features a nice little jam typical of the era. Short on Pigpen rap, big on power. Also from 2/13/70, this jam of St. Stephen>Not Fade Away presents another excellent 1970 Not Fade Away, with the entire band jamming toward the end of the set in anticipation of what would famously follow later on the night of 2/13/70.

From 2/14/70, the second set has been preserved forever on Dick’s Picks Vol. 4, but the first set also featured some monumental music. This Dark Star hits some great places, and although it doesn’t delve into the deep spaces, nor the melodic peaks, of the 2/13/70 version, it is most certainly an excellent rendition. Note how Bobby tries to veer the jam into the Feelin’ Groovy melody, to be rebutted by Jerry. Later, Phil tries the same move, but Jerry again puts his foot down. However, just before the second verse, Jerry relents, and the entire bands swings into a very powerful, but brief, Feelin’ Groovy jam. Unfortunately, the master reels are marred by a nasty reel cut between St. Stephen and The Eleven, rendering them unplayable here, but this 2/14/70 version of Lovelight is presented with pleasure.

And for another little taste of Pigpen, there was some excellent music played during the six nights at the Capitol Theatre in Portchester in 1971, and this fine It Hurts Me Too exemplifies that.

As you can see, this week’s Tapers Section is largely devoted to the 2/13 & 14/70 shows, and in addition to the great music on Dick’s Picks Vol. 4, there were hours and hours of additional music played that’s worth seeking out. However, we ought not forget that 2/14/68 saw one of the finer primal shows, at the Carousel. From that wonderful night, we thought you’d like to hear this terrific That’s It For The Other One>New Potato Caboose>Born Cross-Eyed.

Also this week, we have something very special from a week later in 1968, but which comes with a caveat. One of the most frequent questions we’ve received over the years is what about 2/22/68 Lake Tahoe. As we all know, Dick’s Picks Vol. 22 is from 2/23 & 24/68. Unfortunately, the tapes for the 2/22/68 show were incomplete, and more importantly, they had severe mix problems that rendered the bulk of that show unlistenable. But, because the music at the end of the show is so good, we are going to play it here for you, although please be warned: there are no vocals on the tapes, and there are a few other mix issues. However, as you’ll hear, those issues are rather minor when put up against the high quality of this music. So, for the first time, here is the heart of that show, Dark Star>China Cat Sunflower>The Eleven>Caution from 2/22/68 at Kings Beach Bowl. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but this music is so good, we thought you’d be able to overlook some sound problems.

Finally this week, we jump forward a few months to July, 1988. We’ve received a few requests for later 1980s GD, but with so few tapes in the vault from January and February in the mid-to-late 1980s, we haven’t been able to play too much to start the year. Although we’ll have plenty to talk about and play as the year goes on, here is an excellent Stuck Inside of Mobile (with the Memphis Blues Again) from 7/2/88 in Oxford, Maine, recorded from the Beta PCM soundboard master, not the common matrix tape that many have heard. Also from the 1980s, in case you missed it on the reissue/HDCD remaster of In The Dark, here is the set-closing Throwing Stones from 7/4/87 at Foxboro, mixed from the master 24 track tapes. Enjoy.

Check back next week for some music from 1970, 1973, 1974 and a few other cool things. As always, we welcome your input, so feel free to write with any questions, comments, suggestions or just to shoot the breeze.

David Lemieux
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Joined: Jul 20 2007
King's Beach Jam

Is it terrible for me to say that the lack of a vocal track on the 2/22/68 jam is actually a good thing? I loved the chance to hear these songs, played so many times in that period, without the vocals. It affords a chance to listen more closely to some of the brilliant interplay going on, especially in "The Eleven" (without the vocals, the truly bizarre nature of this song only pops out all the more). The lack of vocals makes this feel more like a single cohesive jam... Great stuff... thanks for sharing it.


Joined: Jul 9 2007
O1 new potatoe cross eyed

This is one of my allllll time favorite jams!!!! I had the tape i got from Jeff Tiedrich, it sounded soooo good, and it got lost along with another great set from the crystal ballroom from about the same time.
This is a KILLER selection, thanks Again....

Hand me my old guitar and pass the whiskey 'round.

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
DP 4 is one of my favs....

70 is such a big time the Stephen>Fade...

Dead to the Core


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