Grateful Dead

January 22 - January 28, 2007

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

We have some great music to play this week, spanning this week in the Grateful Dead’s recorded history from 1969 to 1993, with a cool studio jam from 1968 thrown in, just because we thought you’d like to hear it.

As many already know, and discussed a few weeks ago, the master 16-tracks of 12/31/68 were mostly recorded over in order to record the Avalon shows at the end of January, 1969; this was in some ways rather lucky, as the Avalon shows contained the versions of The Eleven and Lovelight from 1/26/69 that would be featured on Live/Dead. However, knowing they had to record the four nights at the Carousel/Fillmore West a month later, the master 16-tracks from the first two Avalon shows were erased, as well. Fortunately, excellent 2-track masters remain, running at 15 ips. A few key moments of the Avalon are presented here, specifically from 1/25/69 Dupree’s Diamond Blues>Doin’ That Rag>Cosmic Charlie and Alligator>Caution>Feedback. Pig’s vocals are a little low in the mix, but what amazing music.

In January, 1970, the band would venture to Hawaii for two shows in Honolulu, where they played some great music. Also worth noting is that these would be T.C.’s final shows as an official member of the Grateful Dead. Pigpen, as always in 1970, shone throughout, including these excellent versions of Hard to Handle from 1/23/70 and King Bee from 1/24/70. Also, we figured you’d get a kick out of a terrific telling of Weir’s Yellow Dog Story from 1/23/70, with Pigpen’s running commentary.

In 1971, the band ventured up to Seattle on January 24, where they played a typically hot early-1971 show, featuring this jam of Lovelight>Not Fade Away>Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad>Lovelight>Drums. Unfortunately, the final reel, which contains the Good Lovin’ that emerged from the Drums, is largely unlistenable due to technical problems with the master reels.

Finally, this week in the Grateful Dead’s recorded history, we’d like to play you some later material, specifically this Eyes of the World>Estimated Prophet from 1/26/93 in Oakland, which comes from the very nice sounding PA DATs typical of the era.

One little gem we located in the vault is a studio jam featuring Caution, recorded sometime in 1968, likely the summer. Although there are no vocals, it is certainly something worth hearing.

Check back next week when we’ll dig into some excellent material from 1978, plus a few choice moments that wouldn’t fit in earlier columns from 1970, amongst other material. Feel free to get in touch with questions or comments, or if there is any particular show about which you’re curious of the vault source (if any), don’t hesitate to ask. We’ll try to address your curiosity in future entries, date-appropriate, of course.

David Lemieux
vault [at]


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
i'll always be ready to defend gd reasons

grate and very wise hippi wizard i just think that fresh bay sound was the only studio needed or even thought of remember none profit thats the start i was 3years old in 1968 it took me 43 years to gratefullyunderstand the concept wow man i bet there was some shakeit baby shakeit on those none profit public beachs can't typ and jam thanx to the try choosen hippis who needed nothing mother earth and her universe full of fire & ice rain & snow and there shakeit babies shakin it. way before there time i'm just so proud to underststand freedom to joyfully adoped into the gratefullydeadicated universe and to understand love through sound and in later years to now so much love that is paid for and mine through many tears and smiles can't lose if you don't have to win what a given

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Thanks David....rare songs and good times!

"Eyes of the World>Estimated Prophet"
It is so sad Jerry's singing on Eyes, you can feel
he is weak and not well; just breaks my heart
The playing is excellent on Eyes
and the rest of the music is fun and damn good
...another gem of a week.
"And if you go no one may follow,
That path is for your steps alone..."

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Pigpen owns this '71 Lovelight

He's in total control - to make sure that he stays in control he gets the band to stop playing completely and starts ordering the crowd what to do.

I'll never understand why 1971 is overlooked. It's not that it isn't as good as the surrounding years, it's just very different.

Also, a big thanks to David for including almost all of the second set from 25 January 1969.


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