Grateful Dead

January 26- February 1, 2009

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

As we close out January here at the Tapers' Section, we're going to listen to quite a bit of music from 1978, but we'll start our week from 12 years before that.

Our first selection this week is from a tape marked simply “January 1966.” Not much else is known, but I'd guess it was from LA, where the Grateful Dead moved in January, 1966. From this rather obscure tape we have the two lengthy jam vehicles of the time, Viola Lee Blues, Midnight Hour. Both would stretch WAY beyond these lengths, but it's cool to hear how these tunes began as part of the Grateful Dead's early repertoire.

From Chicago in 1978, we have music from two of the three shows that started a short six show tour of the Midwest (the other three shows being Madison, Milwaukee and Cedar Falls; more on those shows next week…). From the first night in Chicago, on 1/30/78, we have this very nifty Estimated Prophet>Eyes of the World pairing, always played well in 1978.

Jumping ahead two nights, to the final night in Chicago on 2/1/78, we have music from both the first set and second set of that excellent show. From the former, we have Ramble On Rose, Cassidy, Sugaree, and from the latter we have The Other One>Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia, Around and AroundThese six shows came on the heals of the at-times excellent tour of (mostly) California in January, which ended on 1/22/78 in Eugene, OR. I've always felt that, musically, 1977 and its wildly powerful energy ended on 2/5/78, with the 1978 Grateful Dead beginning on 4/6/78. Just as film historians often use 1959 as a point at which to divide film history, I look at 2/5/78 as the Grateful Dead's equivalent.

Finally this week, from the aforementioned at-times excellent tour of (mostly) California in January 1978, we have some great music from 1/15/78 in Fresno, California. From a very good audience tape source, we have the second set's big jam featuring Terrapin Station>Playing In The Band. Unfortunately, the entire January 1978 tour of (mostly) California is not in the vault, but fortunately the tapers were out there recording the shows.

Join us next week for more great 1978 Grateful Dead music, as well as a nice piece of music from 1988 and a touch of 1970. Thanks for joining us here this week.

David Lemieux


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broken links

Chances are they will not be fixed anytime soon (though I would love to be proven wrong). PM me if you would like to try a workaround...

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Broken Links?

I've been revisiting some of the taper's section links for some of the uncirculated stuff and it appears that a lot of the old links are broken (a lot from 2009-2011 especially).

As an example, none of the link on this entry work. They open but won't connect. Any way someone can fix them?

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like the audience tapes/early dead

Hey now:
Thanks for the early Dead segment displaying two tunes later developed into show stoppers in a very raw phase. Interesting for the curio value. Kind of like astronomical equivalents of protostars.
I'm also loving the early '78 aud's. The Selland Arena segment is great., relistening now. I got to hear again hear the segment with the alien tone, which Jerry employs subtly during the Terrapin>Playing transition. Jerry's voice a little weak, but to decent effect actually, but one of my favorite renditions of Terrapin and Playing in the Band.
By the way, have you ever posted the 'Close Encounters' space from the MacArthur Court 1-78, DL?
Thanks again for the delectable selections...5 stars from me.

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DoDa Man ;^ )

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thanks David

Love that early primal Dead from '66. Wish more were out there for us on official release, but doesn't seem to be that popular with many of the heads.

Thanks for the early 78, my first show was the Cedar Falls one. Had been wanting to see the band for 6 years. Maybe more on this next week if you play some from it.

Hi again there Jaime, I saw the Stones, the Who and the Dead in the UNI dome.

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Joined: Nov 14 2008

I've never listened from this section before but yesterday morning I couldn't pass up the Estimated/Eyes. . .and then The Other, etc. So great! Made my day for sure.
When I started seeing the Dead in the 80's I loved the music and couldn't get enough but often wished that they still sounded more like some of the tapes I had from the 70's, so intense and beautiful.
I really appreciate the music here - my at one time fairly extensive tape collection is mostly gone and I don't have anything to play the ones I have left so thanks again - looking forward to next week. Enjoying the insights/comments too.

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Garage band Dead!

Thanks for the '66, David. I always enjoy '66 Dead, and it seems that every selection you post from that year overhauls my understanding of what they were doing then. If this is indeed January, then does that make it the earliest known "Viola Lee"? I went through the '66 stuff on the Archive a while back and I seem to remember the 5/19 Avalon "Viola" being the earliest I found (aside from the disputed 3/12 version). But there are some rehearsals of the song on the Archive that sound, from some of the inter-song conversation, like they were recorded just before the move to L.A., so I figured they had to have played the song in L.A.

Not to quibble, though, but McNally places the decampment south in February - he actually gives an exact date, 2/6/66. What does this mean for the identification of the tape you posted? If McNally is right, then these songs could either be from January or from L.A. but not both. But maybe McNally's wrong? I guess what I'm saying is, I'd be curious to read anything you'd care to share about this tape, anything you know about it, what you see as the issues involved in dating it, whatever.

Thanks for the music!

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Sweet music

Selections this week are superb. I'm not so analytical about the music, I just take what I can get! and I love it. Nice Terrapin, Cassidy, Wharf Rat...Thank you. It really whets my appetite to see the Dead. My ticket arrived yesterday! WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!

round and round

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odds & ends

i just finished listening to the audience recordin g of Fresno Jan 78 . Nice .. thinking of the Feb performances , theres a distinct ' style ' of spaciness that is really exclusive to this period . Not seen later that year . or before . Especially in the later passages of the jam in pitb . Nice stuff

In 1988 the Floyd played in Cedar Falls , after cancelling another show in that tour . I too was 13 , and my father , then spanish a teacher at UNI , took me , mom and a lady chilean colleague that was at the time . I recall the enormous sound of Shine on - the synthesizer - playing , as we were finishing supper at a nearby coleagues house on the UNI campus . That night was absolutely fantastic , from my then 13 years of age . I too remember it just Loud , and in a a very good way . Guy Pratt s - bass player - bass was making your whole body , and everything inside your body move , and rattle constantly from his expert playing

That venue , the UNI dome had lots of echo . It was a huge indoor arena - for the UNI football team s games - and seated around 20.000 . The roof / ceiling was - now its metal since 1998 - inflatable nylon , like many in the US for NFL teams .

Didnt see many concerts in Michigan , but these are my favourite 5 venues where i saw shows by gd , or other similar bands

1 .- Riverport Amphitheatre ., Maryland heights MO . - I ve been to a total of 14 outdoor amphitheaters , and 2 more outdoor venues that were not really amphitheatres - Ventura co fairgrnds , and an outdoor park in Iowa city of Widesprad P in 1998 .

2 . - Montage mtn @ scranton PA TOO 1998

3 . - Shoreline Amp . - Furthur 1997
4 . - Irvine meadows . - Furthur 1997 . Loved the sound there , although the lawn area has a very steep grade . Tapes usually sound really good there , microphones
Five . - A three way tie between Deer creek , Soldier field and the meadowlands . The creek s sound is GREAT . At soldier field , the engineers know exactly how to rig the sound accordingly - 94 , 95 . And the Meadowlands , in 1998 TOO was probably my fav indoor arena type setting . Although there are so many excellent theaters , opera houses etc where ' modern ' bands play oftentimes that have very superior sound .

What are your favourite venues where you ve seen this band , or another relevant one ?

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Joined: Aug 22 2007

forgot to mention the year ........

anyway only a few months after that at the same nassau coliseum i saw the dead for the first time can't remember the date but the first song was alabama getaway and i knew instantly that i had stumbled into something

( :: >> )) -- [



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