Grateful Dead

July 8 - July 14, 2013

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers' Section, where this week we have music from three fine years in Grateful Dead history, 1973, 1979 and 1984.

Our first selection is just one song, but it's a mine good version of an excellent song, played particularly well in this year: Playing In The Band from 5/20/73 in Santa Barbara. May of 1973 saw the Grateful Dead play only three shows, all of which were really large-scale shows: 5/13 in Des Moines, 5/20 at UCSB, and 5/26 at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.

From Brent's first tour, we have the encore from 5/12/79 at UMass Amherst, featuring Shakedown Street>One More Saturday Night. By this show, less than 10 shows into Brent's career with the Grateful Dead, he had already integrated his sound into the band to a remarkably appropriate degree.

From five year's later, we have the end of the show on 4/27/84 in Providence, RI, featuring The Wheel>Wharf Rat>Around and Around>Johnny B. Goode, Touch Of Grey. As you've likely noticed here at the Tapers' Section the past little while, there was a lot of really good music played on the Spring Tour of 1984.

Be sure to stop by next week for more tunes from the vault.

David Lemieux


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Joined: Jul 30 2013
New DeadHead

I was a Hippie/Metal Head. The Grateful Dead Came to Merriweather Post Pavillion Summer 1984. Was the most amazing thing a 15 year old could Behold. I Love all you guys, and all the music you guided me to. There is a song for every mood i am feeling. The lyrics are brilliant Hunter,Garcia,Weir,Barlow,Hart,Kreutzman,Lesh,Mydlan,Mc Kernan,Godchaux,any many others. We are blessed to live in this time of phenomenal Music and artists. You all Keep Me Smiling.

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Joined: Apr 14 2013

1984 is a great year.. some of the first bootlegs I heard as I was 13 in 1985 and had started hanging with the older boy next door.. He was into KISS and the grateful dead.. His older brother had bootlegs from previous few tours and some Donna/Keith era... I remember playing the tapes till they broke.....

Joined: Apr 10 2008
maybe you had too much too fast...

...don't worry; happens too us all. Thoroughly stoked on the outtta Sapce > Wheel from 1984, and now, diggin'...

SHAKEDOWN encore '79!

super sick, always enjoy Shakedown.

Have a good weekend. Take the Dead with you!

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Hope you will be un-neglected in
the near future.

Thinking of neglect usually concerns
me, except when I don't give a #$%&.

And that certainly isn't the case with

May you be quenched from the demographic
neglect, immediately.

How ever that may be, I most certainly
do not know, as I would have
un-neglected you already.

Love and light oh and every year the
Grateful Dead played was a great
year, no need for brackets. And...
indeed I have listened to them all.

There was no bad year only bad listeners.
So rock on, it's all good.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Spring '84

Not only have I noticed that there is a lot of great music in the Spring of '84, but there's a lot of great music in the Summer, Fall and Winter of '84 as well.

There's also a lot of great music from '65-'70, '79-'83 and '85-'93.

Neglected Demographic

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I came back
to reload
the repeat function
and found that
Zuckfun was in the
house and kinda- in a
internet way scratching
and rubbing my spine...
sending a well received
load of wild goosebumps
all around me. Ahhhhh,
that-that was true-true
to more fantastic
to me...than it could be
to you.

Love and pure light Zuck,
forever and ever, Amen.

We can Sher-

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The light fantastic

I always enjoy reading sherbear's writing. It takes a great attitude to have positive comments, but it takes talent to translate this into writing. Sherbear has both, Thanks!

Joined: Jun 15 2007

Thank you thank you thank you for the UMASS encore!

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Mmmm, good morning,
still rubbing the sleep
from my eyes and yawning.
My coffee warm and laced
with local honey.

Glad to greet the morning
with the Taper's Section.
It's a ritual act that in
this minute hath no delay's.

My list of things to do
contains items that I am
ever in disbelief that they
are there. Like a second
counter it takes me there.
This sound will join in and
turn the chores into joy's.
But only after a round or two of
coffee and you, all, xo!


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